The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

Chapter 7 - A Gift for You

Chapter 7: A Gift for You

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“This is a good proposal.” Su Qiao narrowed his eyes. To him, this was all punishment for his annoying sister. As for which sister it was for, he didn’t care.

Between the evil-minded Su Ren and this silly-looking little girl, he felt it would be more fun to bully Su Ren.

“Fifth Brother, let’s go.” Then, Su Su reached out a small hand to hold Su Qiao.

Before she touched him, Su Qiao pulled his hand back as if he had been electrocuted. At the same time, he scolded, “Don’t touch me! It’s annoying!”

Before finishing his sentence, Su Qiao strode upstairs, completely ignoring Su Su, who had short legs behind him.

Su Su had no choice but to use her short legs to try her best to keep up with Su Qiao’s footsteps.

When they reached the door of Su Ren’s bedroom on the second floor, Su Qiao glared at Su Su again. Su Su quickly walked to the door and knocked on it. “Sister Su Ren, we’re here to give you a birthday present!”

Su Ren was lying on the sofa watching TV. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes and ordered, “Lu Wei, let them in.”

Lu Wei opened the door, and Su Su brought the gift box to Su Su with her short legs.

“Sister Su Ren, this is the present that Brother and I want to give you!” Su Su poked her head out from behind the big gift box. She had a sweet smile, and a pair of cute dimples hung on her pink cheeks.

When Su Ren heard this, she glanced at the attentive Su Su and said sarcastically, “My birthday was yesterday. The other brothers sent their presents on time. Yet, you only remembered to come and give me a present today.”

Su Qiao was not angry after being ridiculed by Su Ren. Instead, he only smiled mysteriously and said, “I’m giving you your birthday present now, but you don’t even dare to open it. Are you that afraid of me?”

“Tsk, I’m not afraid!” Su Ren snorted coldly and looked at Su Su, who was smiling and holding the gift in front of her.

Su Qiao’s ability was nothing more than that. This little b*tch could still smile now because he had not taught her a lesson.

As she was thinking, Su Ren opened the gift box that Su Su was holding and was about to mock her. “What kind of lousy gift is this…?”

When the gift box was opened, twenty to thirty spiders of all sizes jumped over Su Ren’s entire body, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, jumped over Su Ren’s entire body.

Two of them even pounced on Su Ren’s face.

“Ah!” Su Ren’s scream almost pierced through everyone’s eardrums. She subconsciously pulled Su Su in front of her to block it, but unexpectedly, Su Su, who was prepared in advance, took a step back and dodged.

After Su Su dodged Su Ren’s hand, she was also frightened and screamed, “Ah ah ah! Spiders!”

As she said this, Su Su pretended to be tripped by something. Then, her body tilted, and she pounced toward Su Ren, who was sitting on the sofa.

Su Su stretched out her hand and pressed a big black spider on Su Ren’s face.

Instantly, the big spider was crushed by Su Su. Then, yellowish-green liquid splashed out, and some of it even went into Su Ren’s mouth.

“Miss! Miss!” Lu Wei, who was at the side, was so scared that her face turned pale. She quickly went forward to save Su Ren but didn’t know how to do so with spiders all over the place.

“Bah, Bah! You two b*tches! The members of the Su family are evil! You just want to gang up and bully me!” Su Ren spat out the spider’s body fluid in her mouth and cursed angrily.

When Su Qiao saw this scene, he immediately laughed and covered his stomach. “I’m dying of laughter, you two id*ots!”

“What are you talking about?”

Su Jun suddenly appeared from behind the door. His face was already darkened when he heard the words “the Su family.” Then, he strode in, and his face turned even more darkened. He quickly scooped up Su Su, who was lying on top of Su Ren. Then, he picked up Su Ren, whose body was covered in spider plasma.

Who would have known that his house would be in such a mess when he returned to get a document? He was just out for a short while, and all this happened

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