The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 454: Fight

Chapter 454: Fight

Bernardino’s pupils contract suddenly.

Annan, how could he have an avatar?

The most basic avatar can only be awakened when the elements are perfectly extracted. It isn’t a power that can be obtained by merely holding a page fragment of the Book of Truth!

Even if there was a complete Sage’s Stone, it was impossible for Annan to immediately grasp the power of the elements and attain full awakening upon them!

Due to the surprise factor, Bernardino could only control Isaac Flamel to use [Atmospheric Aegis], condensing the air into a solid magic crystal. Then, he borrowed Danton to cast the Soul Snatch magic of [Forbid Attack] on Annan.

Just now, the ray of [Forbid Attack] struck Annan while he could not see Danton at all.

His will to follow through with the desire to attack caused his arm to be injured.

However, Annan could see it all in the current state.

When Annan’s awakening of the “Brilliance” element had reached 100%, the ray didn’t even get close to Annan and was deflected straight out.

Even the brilliance of the Sun, Moon, and Star became dim in front of Annan.

Unauthorized light could not get close to Annan at all.

That shield, which was strong enough to resist the blow of the Gold Rank Destruction Wizard, was gnawed on by Annan’s [Exalted Avatar]. It shattered in the end!

[TN: Previously, Exalted Avatar was translated as Sublimed Avatar in Chapter 399.]

After the dragon’s head bit, it continued to slam forward and knocked Bernardino straight out!

The spirit body had no elemental power to speak of.

Although the elemental power was obtained by burning the soul, it needed to be stored in the brain. Without having both the soul and the body, it was difficult to use the power of the elements.

Without the spiritual body, the extraction of the element would be halted; without the physical body, the end product could not be stored.

The elemental power that Issac could extract was deadly enough for mortals.

However, it could withstand a single blow from the dragon’s head composed of elements of light and ice.

Exalted Avatars could only be in the environment of their relevant element and could only move within its related elements. That was why Bernardino had to start setting up his surroundings before releasing his Exalted Avatar. Likewise, that was why Hugo could only call out his Exalted Avatar after setting the Swamp’s Black Tower ablaze.

Fundamentally, they could only move on the ground — especially on their “own” territory.

Therefore, although they were entirely made up of elemental power, they could hardly be stopped by any spells and abilities. However, they could not directly attack enemies with the same power.

But Annan was different.

With the transcended power of Chill of the Winter Sun, he sprinkled ice crystals in the air. With this as its track, he could let his dragon head fly freely in the air.

Just then, Annan felt a sudden sharp pain in his head as if his soul was being torn apart—

Danton must be looking at me.

Annan’s pupils shone in eerie azure blue.

“… Lily Wreath… Azoth’s Power….” At this time, Issac uttered his chant swiftly.

The surrounding air turned poisonous.

That was the [Hermetic Poison Dust]!

Using the pure-hearted Fallen as the raw material, it was a fatal poison dedicated to otherworldly beings!

The ancient formula that “Hermes II” was trying to reproduce and improve. It was easily generated out of thin air by his mentor using “air” as a raw material in his alteration magic.

However, Hugo’s voice sounded at the same time:

“Love of Dianthus. Noose of Orchids. Azoth’s Power. Resurrection of God. Face of the Sun… Lily Wreath…”

Although he finished the chant a little later than Issac, it didn’t delay too much since he reacted fast enough.

“Hermetic Poison Dust”, which had just been brought over by Issac’s alteration magic, was returned to its original state; it did not last long!

“You are familiar with my spells… On the other way round, I am familiar with your spells too.” Hugo sneered, “The times are different, old man.

“And now our situation is different!” Two Alteration Wizards with similar strengths and levels were hostile to each other. In the end, no one could complete their Alteration spell that took a long chant.

Hugo completed a few Alterations relying on the advantages of the Exalted Avatar. However, after being entangled, Issac reverted everything.

After Annan arrived, there were two Exalted Avatars on this side.

Issac, the only one who could effectively damage Annan, could not do anything under Hugo’s intervention!

The dragon head that knocked Bernardino out had already flown back at this moment.

The dragon bit toward Danton’s spirit body again from the back.

However, Danton, who looked directly at Annan, remained unfazed.

That was not the confusion of the spirit after being manipulated by Bernardino.

It was a complex expression.

Pleasure, jealousy, stunned, lost… and finally turned into gentleness.

From the very beginning, Danton was not fully controlled!

It was just that he managed to interfere with Bernardino’s memory, allowing him to ignore this part of the dissonance.

After seeing Annan’s curse, Danton seemed to understand something.

Thus, he did not follow Bernardino’s control.

He did not run away but just stared at Annan.

It was bitten by the dragon head that came from behind!

[You have killed a Gold Rank spirit in battle. 6800 Shared Experience points are granted.]

A prompt appeared in Annan’s eyes.

He raised his right hand, and the dagger with an eye floated in the air.

The Frost Wheel came about in his hand.

It was unlike a regular Falteration Wizard, which summoned an illusory light wheel composed of energy. Instead, it was an actual “wheel” that was somewhat rustic and slightly worn.

Annan threw it like a boomerang.

The wheel ignored Issac’s spirit body and attacked Bernardino directly!

There was light in Bernardino’s jeweled eyes.

The swarming spirit bodies quickly poured out of his eyes to fend off the wheel!

—The spiritual body swarm that attacked the player previously was not all the tricks he had left!

“How many people did you kill?” Annan sighed deeply.

There was no anger and no compassion.

The tone was condescending, like the deity-like indifference.

In the freezing rain, Annan’s body became illusory.

He held his rapier.

It was the same attack as before.

Annan activated [Victory Will] once again for another frontal charge!

If the previous attack could be described as a meteor, it was like a brilliant light stream this time.

Annan dashed toward Bernardino from the other side with his rapier wielded.

At this time, Hugo’s Exalted Avatar had also become tattered.

Its neck was broken, and it shrunk in size.

Bernardino’s Exalted Avatar was finally able to return.

The spinning Frost Wheel and Annan came in person.

Without hesitation, Bernardino controlled the Exalted Avatar to block the Frost Wheel first.

The burly man with the blurred face looked at the plain wheel seriously and solemnly.

It quickly smashed many spiritual bodies, but it was only a little slow compared to the torrent of spiritual bodies.

The Exalted Avatar pushed his hands forward together to firmly clamp the wheel!

But even so, the wheels were spinning fanatically!

It felt more like a chainsaw than a wheel.

However, the Exalted Avatar managed to hold the wheel tightly, restraining it back from returning as well!

The black mud and cold currents rushed violently all around the surroundings.

Hugo’s avatar, composed of “Endless Fire”, slowly recovered. It was about to be resurrected again.

Bernardino inhaled a spirit body in the air into his hand and turned it into a short sword.

He blocked Annan’s surprise attack with exceptionally skilled movements!

That powerful body was not inferior to Annan’s strength during his second-form period. On the contrary, it was the ever-moving body that continuously extracted Sage’s Stone for energy!

Based on his curse, the memories of all those he killed would flow to him from dreams.

Thus, he grew more powerful when there was more death.

At this moment, Bernardino made himself a Gold Rank Swordsman.

Annan had formidable might and a sharp blade.

But it would be meaningless if Annan could not land a hit.

On the other hand, losing Danton was a massive loss for Bernardino.

But at the same time, he regained a lot more mind power.

He controlled the black mud and attacked the head of the ice dragon like a torrent.

On the other hand, his muscles swelled. Instead of retreating, he advanced and fought Annan in close quarters!

This was clearly an opportunity.

The best chance to kill Annan!

Hugo and Issac confront each other;

Hugo’s avatar had not been resurrected;

With the manifestation of the elemental power, he stopped Annan’s avatar;

On the other hand, his avatar halted the Frost Wheel Annan summoned— The wheel was not merely a projection but the actual [Frost Wheel].

Only at this time could he fight Annan fairly.

Annan was so eager for it, so why wasn’t Bernardino so?

Sage’s Stone only lasted for three minutes. He knew it very well.

He just had to hold on, and he could get through it…

However, Annan did not choose to brawl with him.

He had the will to win at all costs—

Annan did not block Bernardino’s attack.


The short sword of spirit bodies sank straight into Annan’s chest!

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