The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 453: Annan’s Avatar

Chapter 453: Annan’s Avatar

In just a split second, Annan was already approaching Bernardino.

The moment he swung his sword, the surrounding sky gave off an illusion of being lit up.

When Annan was less than five meters away from Bernardino, he suddenly felt an unprecedented resistance.

He rushed forward for two steps with the help of his inertia. However, the invisible resistance became stronger and stronger.

It was like being swallowed up by transparent glue.

Annan felt pressure coming from his chest. In just a moment, his body went to a complete halt, and even breathing became difficult.

His movements became extremely slow… Annan even felt the bones of his right arm creaking and breaking.

Annan realized this seemed to be some kind of defensive barrier, or the restriction and imprisonment magic afflicted toward one single individual.

It did not seem to be from the Energy Falteration School, but more like the Edict School or Idol School.

But the next moment, Annan noticed something.

While the invisible force restrained his movements, the boning knife thrown from behind him passed through Annan’s armpit with unabated speed and pierced straight into Bernardino’s right shoulder!

It only restrained me but not the bonding knife?

Annan squinted slightly, noticing this detail.

After the boning knife pierced into Bernardino’s body, it shattered into pieces of nothingness. As it exploded, the wound tore further. A vicious and hot liquid with an unusually bright red color immediately flowed down Bernardino’s injury.

The massive impact made Bernardino sway and stagger, almost falling over.

“Annan?” Bernardino did not respond in pain. It was like the pain sensation was void from his body. He frowned and looked back with a complicated expression, “You actually came at this timing…”

He did not attack Annan right away.

At this time, Annan gave up the idea of ​​continuing to move forward.

He could not recognize what spell he was bound by.

At this point, the best thing to do was to get out first.

Annan sprung his legs and jumped back against the ground.

During the confrontation just now, the bones of his right arm were afflicted with tiny cracks. His muscles were also strained heavily, and his entire right arm swelled abnormally at a rapid pace.

Annan immediately checked his health.



Although his right arm was injured, his health value did not drop significantly.

As Annan retreated quickly, he took a powerful healing reagent out of his bag, bit off the stopper, and chugged it into his mouth.

In addition, he also took out Sage’s Stone at the same time.

In the end, I still have to use Sage’s Stone. Otherwise, I won’t even have the power to fight Bernardino.

I can’t even see where and when the Gold Rank spirit bodies guarding Bernardino are attacking me without attaining the Gold Rank.

Annan injected Sage’s Stone into his heart without hesitation.

He planned to drag it out and wait for the player to come over.

However, it seemed that this plan was invalid.

“It’s actually Sage’s Stone.” Seeing Annan’s actions, Bernardino smiled slightly and said in a pretentious tone, “You actually want to use Sage’s Stone to defeat me—”

“You are wrong.” Annan denied it.

“I didn’t intend to use Sage’s Stone to defeat you.”

“Then you—”

“I’m going to use the power of Sage’s Stone to give us a fair fight.” Annan said slowly, word by word, “Then…

“I will kill you with my power.”

He felt a strong heartbeat.

Even the eardrums were pumping to the rhythm of the heartbeat.

A strange power boiled his blood.

There was a burning sensation surging in his blood circulatory system.

However, it shouldn’t be confused with pain.

The sensation was like being huddled in a warm bed on a winter night. It was so warm that it put him sleepy.

Runes, shining with golden light, flowed from his heart and quickly spread throughout his body.

Wrists, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, cheeks, forehead, legs…

[Your level is rising. The current level is LV 26.]

[Level continues to rise. Your current level is LV 31,]

The texts flowed through rapidly and eventually slowed to a halt:

[Your level has increased. Your current level is LV 48.]

[Extracting elements—]

[Bloodline element(s): Frost (100%)]

[Soul element(s): Brilliance (100%), Wisdom (45%), Glory (10%), Beauty (13%), Strict (6%)]

The information flashed past in seconds.

His level and the extraction of his elements were much better compared to the last time.

Level 48… Isn’t the limit of the Truth Rank Level 50?

Does Sage’s Stone really have this kind of power?

Or, is it just me that I’m special?

Such doubts flashed through Annan’s mind.

An intense glow rose from his brain. In Annan’s eyes, the whole world became brighter.

[Element Manifestation: Frost, Brilliance]

[Perfect manifestation.]

[The Truth is manifesting—]

[Book of Divine Transporter 3/6]

[Available truths: the Undying, the Way to Rise and Change, the Beasts Number]

Annan exhaled suddenly.

This time, his clothes were not entirely torn by that power.

However, there were still tattered “tears”.

Behind Annan, a pair of wings was pierced from his shoulders and waist each.

One pointed to the sky proudly while the other pair draped.

Those runes had also “opened their eyes”.

This time, there was a subtle difference from the previous transformation.

Not only had the number of eyes doubled to eighty, but all eyes had also become silver vertical pupils.

There were more traces of silver connecting them.

Even the rapier in Annan’s hand had an extra eye on the sword.

Ah, I see. Annan blurted.

No matter if it was Danton’s spirit or the man he had never seen before…

Or the black clay figurine in the void that was madly slaughtering, or the monster with half of its body ablaze with crimson flames, hands like canine, heads like eagles, and straight backs…

—They were avatars.

Everything became clear.

The relationship between the two, the remaining power, the nature of Black Tower, the nature of the elements of both parties…

Even if Annan had not opened his eyes… He “saw” it.

Although it was still vague and the information was incomplete, Annan did receive the actual data with the help of his eyes.

Three minutes is enough.

There is a chance to win.

The moment Annan opened his eyes again, the sky was entirely obscured by the dark clouds summoned out of thin air.

Whether it was sunlight, moonlight, or starlight…

It all darkened in front of Annan.

Even the blazing fire above the Black Tower had dimmed at least three folds.

The only bright light source between the sky and earth was Annan.

Annan’s vertical pupils had turned entirely silver and emotionless.

His silver hair fluttered backward even without wind.

“Bernardino…” However, Annan’s mouth didn’t move. “So, you want to escape your fate?”

An ethereal voice sounded out of thin air between sky and earth.

The black, oil-like half-body monster tried to retreat from the frontline as if instinctively felt threatened.

Annan’s avatar was much better than the last time he saw it.

It was no longer a blurred, half-human silhouette.

The outline of the facial features and the muscles on the body was faintly visible. Annan’s avatar was superior to the half-human, half-eagle, half-dog monster burning with the flames belonging to Tower Master Hugo.

Suddenly, Hugo’s avatar suddenly hugged Bernardino’s avatar as if he had realized something.

The next moment, the pouring freezing rain fell!

The white ice mist, condensed above the burning Black Tower, formed many dense thorns. It enshrouded Bernardino’s body.

The white ice fog built with countless sharp ice crystals covered the sky above the Black Tower.

Then, behind Annan…

A dragon head that shone from the inside out and was composed of ice, like a work of art, was silently generated in the ice fog.

It flew in the fog and bit Bernardino!

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