The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 455: The Death Of Bernardino

Chapter 455: The Death Of Bernardino

Annan’s ferocious sword slashed a wound in Bernardino’s neck as another eye of his closed.

The wound instantly frosted, and the chill eroded into his body.

Still, Bernardino was unfazed.

This sword was considered a mortal item, after all.

It did not carry the same weight as the Frost Wheel, which had witnessed the beginning of the world.

Bernardino retorted with a slash, attempting to behead Annan directly.

On the hand, Annan maintained a strict offense disregarding his safety.

That displayer the Truth of the [the Undying]!

Bernardino glanced over.

Although there were 80 eyes on Annan, only 45 eyes were opened. At this moment, there were 44 eyes left.

This meant he had to kill Annan 44 more times!

He faintly noticed that Annan’s other elements were too far from awakening. [Way to Rise and Change] was temporarily unavailable; [Number of Beasts] required the support of the players to keep running.

The only thing Annan could utilize was the truth of [Undying]!

With one eye closed and the wound on his body healed, Annan pointed the blade at Bernardino’s chest again, leaving a scar deep into the bone!

Neither of them committed any probing attempts.

Except for the first blow, there was no parry or dodge.

Every slash was a deadly attack.

Every time the sword was swung, the opponent did not die.

The two wizards finally chose to fight each other with swords.

It was a literal “life-and-death battle”.

Annan would die once every second.

But his fierce onslaught made Bernardino’s movements more and more sluggish.

Even though the sword in Annan’s hand was only a mortal weapon, the elemental power left by the Frost Sword was substantial!

Annan had long ignored the damage Frost Sword would inflict on himself. Under the Sage’s Stone state, Frost Sword could hardly cause any harm to him, and he had already stacked ten stacks of the [Frost Blood] buff.

This was almost the strongest state Annan could have before becoming a deity!

Even if the opponent had a body approaching immortals because of the Sage’s Stone, he could not last too long under Annan’s fanatic assault!

The more Annan attacked, the more timid Bernardino became.

Does he put no value in his life?

I don’t have any grudge against him—

His body became increasingly rigid, and his reaction gradually slowed.

At first, he could kill Annan once per second, but later, he couldn’t even attack Annan. Instead, Annan would frantically slash him dozens of times in a row.

Even the black mud on the ground was gradually frozen and hardened.

His Exalted Avatar was also covered with a layer of frost marks, like a frozen corpse. It became highly stiff.

Bernardino felt an unprecedented fear of death.

Until 3 minutes passed where the Sage’s Stone’s time limit expired, he couldn’t kill all of Annan’s 45 lives.

28 eyes were still open.

Bernardino couldn’t even help but laugh when Annan lost his brilliance and became mortal again.

It was a sorry laughter for feeling relief after a troubled state.

His Exalted Avatar had been frozen into an ice sculpture.

The black mud turned into a hardened black slate, and no more surging souls could rise from it.

All his souls were exhausted, and he had no more tricks left.

The Sage’s Stone coming from converting the wizards of Swamp’s Black Tower, had almost exhausted with the “bloodshed”.

Bernardino would really die if he were to sustain a few more attacks.

“Finally, finally… I won!” Bernardino’s eyes widened, staring at Annan almost frantically with his voice cracked.

It was ecstasy for he who had won his battle against his fate.

He was not a mirror of another person. He should never be.

All the destined fate should end at this time.

He roared and thrust the blade into Annan’s chest.

“Die! Annan!”


Annan did not retaliate.

He slowly raised his head and looked at Bernardino.

There was an incomparable brilliance in Annan’s eyes.

That was the light that could sear even the soul, which only came from those who dared to burn everything!

Annan clenched the Frost Sword that was already on its limit, and his hand was already frostbitten.

However, Annan still slashed the sword firmly and with great strength at Bernardino!

His right hand holding the sword was torn off in the process.

The fracture was splendid — like dead pork that had been frozen for a long time.

“Wait! No!” Bernardino finally lost his composure.

With the complete exhaustion of Sage’s Stone power, the rejuvenated Spiritual Monk had his skin begin to wither and age again.

“Why aren’t you dead yet?!” He was in a sorry state and desperate cries. He wanted to avoid Annan’s attack, but he couldn’t.

His body had also been filled with frost elements.

“Fate is like a cobweb, the more you struggle… the tighter it gets.” Annan just grinned, even a little sour about it.

“Grandma really gave me too much, and I don’t need them at all.” He still had the two more cards he hadn’t unleashed.

Bernardino had fallen in Annan’s third trump card.

Annan took a deep breath, “I won’t give you a chance to resurrect.”

He whispered, “Face your end.”

Then, he blew out a frigid gust of wind that enveloped Bernardino entirely.

Bernardino had wholly turned into an ice sculpture, and it then cracked.

The enemies killed by Chill of the Winter Sun would be led to the end of all things by the power of “Austere-Winter”, and there would be no chance of resurrection.

[You have defeated a Gold Rank enemy in battle and given 12800 Shared Experience points.]

However, Bernardino’s Exalted Avatar and the frozen black mud on the ground did not disappear.

“Your Royal Highness Annan…” Hugo’s voice sounded tired, “It’s not over yet. His Exalted Avatar must also be destroyed.”

“Got it.” Annan nodded.

For Gold Rank enemies, just destroying their bodies was far from over.

Learning from Danton’s lesson previously, Annan took a few steps back and came to the Exalted Avatar, which was frozen into an ice sculpture and still folded his hands like a black Buddha statue.

“The pain of killing me so many times… I will return the favor to you here.” Annan’s heart was still bleeding.

However, he raised his rapier solemnly.

This was the first time he had used this skill.

Even he did not know how powerful the ability would be.

—[Brilliant Sword].

It was an ability that unleashed all the absorbed damage to form a splendid ray of slash; the lower the user’s health, the more robust the ray slash would be. It would reach its maximum state when Health Point was lower than 30%. It was a great comeback mechanic.

Indeed, an ability effective for a turnaround.

It was just that Bernardino had died before experiencing its might.

“Let it be your funeral, the last Spiritual Monk of the world,” Annan murmured in a low voice.

The skill was then blessed with [Victory Will]—

A dazzling brilliance spewed out from Annan’s hands.

Then, the attack was delivered!

There was no whistling noise or explosions.

Only the bright and brilliant surging light quietly spewed out from the blade’s tip, destroying everything in front of Annan.

Bernardino’s Exalted Avatar finally fell apart after lasting about six seconds in the basking of the brilliance.

Then, a beam of light tilted towards the sky, breaking through the obstacles of the white fog and flames and reaching the sky!

Until the beam of light dissipated, a white page with a jade-like textile was quietly suspended in the air.

The mirror finally ushered in its end—

Ushered in its fate.

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