The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 342: My Capability Is Limited

Chapter 342: My Capability Is Limited

In Dove’s view, Citalopram was still quite reliable up to this point.

Dove could be regarded as Jiu Er’s elder. Naturally, it would be the same for Citalopram.

Citalopram’s father was Jiu Er’s father’s brother.

Dove had seen him several times back then. He was an elegant and calm man. However, he somehow had a daughter who went with the label of “erotic” on the Internet every day.

Dove was speechless with her encounter with Citalopram giving weird speeches.

Mainly, she didn’t know whether it was because she was outdated or whether Citalopram had a problem.

But at least in the case of Jiu Er, Citalopram was still reliable.

At this moment, Dove suddenly noticed that Citalopram had sent a private message to herself. A mail icon was flashing in the upper right corner of her vision.

When it came to the “private message” function, Dove had a lot of complaints about it already.

In this epoch-making, high-tech “game” that could traverse the world, the UI design seemed amateur.

Dove calmly tapped on the mail.

Citalopram: “Any more pictures? Take a few more. Annan isn’t wary of you while you’re a cat now. Can you get a few pictures of him changing clothes?”

Dove was stupefied.

Dove: “???”

Dove: “What’s up?”

Citalopram: “Don’t get me wrong! I’m using it to appease Jiu Er. Also, if Jiu Er wants you to send it to her, don’t send it.”

“Even if you say so…” Dove was still hesitant.

In the end, Dove agreed to Citalopram’s request.

Meow…” So Dove jumped off the sofa, rubbed against Annan’s bed, and let out a light meow.

She stood up, paws on the edge of Annan’s bed, and stretched.

“What’s wrong?” Annan asked softly, “Do you want me to carry you up? Wait a minute, can you help me get my earrings? Wait, get me the necklace instead.”

He hesitated for a moment on whether to use earrings or necklace as the curse vessel of Silver Rank.

After Annan advanced to silver, he finally knew why those Silver Rank Wizards unleashed their curse vessel in “Nightmare: White Tower” during the battle.

No matter if it was “Frost Tower” or “Frost Lingual”, Annan could only use it after unleashing the curse.

Besides that, Annan had not yet sealed his curse into the vessel.

He could feel his thinking becoming clearer and the curse in his body being abnormally reactive. It appeared as if he could utilize any spell and materialize any transcended abilities as he will. Moreover, the consumption of energy seemed significantly reduced as well.

At the same time, his body was still continuously consuming the curse, replenishing his physical strength and energy.

Annan had just woken up from a nightmare and coughed up a lot of impurities in his soul. Thus, he was already mentally exhausted. However, he had almost recovered fully at this moment.

Undoubtedly, Annan was in the Transcended exclusive “battle readied state”.

In the gamer’s eye, it was a superb buff that continuously consumed the “power of the curse” to enhance all of his ability checks, increase his speed, and continuously restore vitality and physical strength.

The most precious thing about it was the quick recovery. Only the Transcended in the [Hunter] profession and the Transcended of other professions, that were unable to consume and use the native power of “curse directly”, could not achieve that.

It was only useful for those professions in improving the ritual success rate. And, it was pretty effective in the rituals to harm a target or peep into the future.

Other than that, those professions wouldn’t enjoy many benefits.

The resistance to transcended abilities came from the [Oath Power] and the [Soul Rank]. It had nothing to do with the power of the curse.

Only the hunter-type Transcended with many curses could activate more than ten curses in a short period, quickly depleting the curse’s power.

For the Transcended of other professions, it would take more than two hours of an intense fight to deplete the curse power by activating their respective curse.

Before that, other combat resources would have long been exhausted.

Of course, if the curse’s power were exhausted, it would bring adverse effects.

Firstly, all the positive abilities brought by the curse would be invalidated, and then the transcended abilities above Silver Rank would be temporarily unavailable. However, the normal swordsmanship, archery, divine art, and spells below Silver Rank and special swordsmanship were unaffected.

Moreover, when Annan looked down at his hand, he could vaguely see a faint rainbow-colored halo penetrating his skin.

That was the color of Annan’s soul.

It had already revealed itself through his skin and was exposed. His palm was seemingly illuminated with a flashlight. Transcended of the same rank could vaguely see this brilliance.

In other words, it was the color brought by the curse [Angel’s Left Eye].

In Silver Rank, Transcended couldn’t “dye” his soul directly.

That was to say, the Transcended’s souls were transparent at this stage. Only when their Silver Rank curse was activated would their soul light up.

Of course, it was pretty recognizable.

“So, the Transcended above Silver Rank see through other’s identity quickly during the battle state.” Annan thought.

This was a very crucial piece of information.

This meant that he couldn’t go all out if he wanted to retain “anonymity” in the combat state. Otherwise, he would easily reveal his identity.

Thus, Gerald didn’t activate his curse immediately at that time.

It was possible to pinpoint the Silver Rank Transcended curse based on the shape, color, and where it was attached. When the soul’s color was hidden, the Transcended below Bronze Rank might not be able to see it. However, there was still a chance of the curse location being exposed.

Annan was lucky.

His curse was in the eyeball of his left eye.

If he wore a blindfold and activated the curse as soon as possible before the fight, it would be difficult for others to tell where his curse was.

So Annan gave up the “ring” that was far away from the eyes.

Considering that he still had to unleash the curse [Butcher’s Knife] from time to time, he had also prepared a couple of possible vessels like earrings and a monocle. However, he chose the necklace in the end because the other accessories were quite far from his right hand.

It was a silver necklace with a hollow space in the middle, seemingly reserving a place for gemstone engraving.

Through the baptism of ritual, gems would gain extraordinary buffs.

The same goes for other accessories like studs, earrings, rings, and belts. For financial reasons, he did not install gems into them yet.

It would be better to buy and inlay the gems after he finalized his pick.

After all, the size and number of gemstones used in earrings and belts would be different.

After taking the necklace Dove brought over, Annan picked up the cat and placed it on his lap.

Then, he put the necklace on, took off the ring, and put the bronze ring on the necklace.

The ring trembled slightly, and then a tiny crack suddenly appeared.

Black mud poured out of the ring and slowly infiltrated the necklace.

The rainbow-colored brilliance in Annan’s eyes also flowed out of his eyes. They were like tears and even like slugs; they smeared across Annan’s cheeks without leaving any traces and entered the necklace.

After the black mud and iridescent and transparent goo submerged into the necklace, it began to shrink, and its weight began to decrease. It didn’t stop until Annan felt it was just right.

Although Annan lost his eyesight, his eye socket didn’t seem empty.

Annan probingly felt his left eye through his eyelid.

He found the entity laid within to be exceptionally hard.

So he boldly opened his eyelids and touched it again but only felt the strange textile sensation of gems.

Annan’s vision wasn’t affected by the touch, nor did he feel any pain.

Although his Perception attribute had enabled him to attack and dodge with his eyes closed within a few dozen meters, the sudden loss of vision from his left eye still threw him a little out of balance.

“I have to train myself a little bit before going to the capital…” Annan muttered.

The training was the same just like the last time he trained himself to sense his surroundings by utilizing his Perception attribute.

Since my capability is limited, it should be two hours of training.

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