The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 341: Jiu Er: I’m Going Back To Freezing Water Port!

Chapter 341: Jiu Er: I’m Going Back To Freezing Water Port!

Dove had curled up in a ball, squinting, snuggling on the sofa by the fireplace to keep warm.

But when she heard the movement behind her, she immediately raised her head alertly, turned her neck back 180 degrees, put her head on the sofa’s armrest, and looked at Annan on the bed, “Meow?”

Oh, you came out of a nightmare? Dove let out a curious meow and asked silently.

She craned her neck, trying to see what the curse was on Annan.

But when her eyes met Annan, who had just woken up, she was shocked.


What the hell?

Annan’s left eye turned into a pure aquamarine.

It was like the emerald, seemingly radiating light from within.

It was not just a metaphor.

At first glance, it seemed to be an alluring pupil with a color different from the other eye. She realized that Annan’s left eye did not have a disc-shaped pupil upon a closer look.

Dove could even vaguely see some tiny white runes inside, forming several light bands.

But the green eye was really enchanting!

Even if Dove wasn’t having a crush on Annan like Jiu Er and Yiyi, she was still amazed by this spectacular scene.

Dove couldn’t help but take a screenshot and publish a post on the forum.

“Guess what treasure I saw?! @Jiu Er @Yiyi.”

The Child seemed to be active on the forum at the same moment. Even when Dove didn’t tag him, he was the first to comment: “I guess you saw Annan get up from bed?”

Citalopram: “Don’t you think it’s lewd to say that?”

Yiyi: “Did you take a candid photo of Cutie Annan getting up and changing clothes? Send it to me quickly!”

Jiu Er: “Me too +1.”

“You all have guessed it wrongly!” Dove happily sat up Annan from the bed, opened his eyes, and posted a screenshot.

Yiyi: “What the hell?”

Jiu Er: “What the hell?”

Citalopram: “Ok, this is a little interesting (Annan calm down.jpg”

Yiyi: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Delicious Wind Goose: “What’s the matter, Sister Hyphen? Such a loud noise all of a sudden? (alert)”

Jiu Er: “Okay, I’m going back to the Freezing Water Port now!”

Delicious Wind Goose: “Calm down! I’m in prison now, so I can’t do the mission. You should do my part too!”

Jiu Er: “Tsk…”

Jiu Er: “Indifferent eyes (Kafni Limited Edition.jpg)”

Citalopram: “Don’t be like this, be obedient. Annan is also going to the capital. Once you have completed the mission he gave you, wouldn’t it be nice to earn a lot of affection ratings?”

Jiu Er: “Ugh…”

She let out a groan and stopped going mad.

Sure enough, there is a solution to everything. Dove sighed.

As expected, Citalopram calmed Jiu Er down again.

This was the fifth time that Citalopram had stopped Jiu Er’s rampage since she entered the game.

After all, Jiu Er was a real eldest lady of a prominent family, about the same level as Longjing Tea. She was usually well-behaved and cute, easygoing and humorous. The only issue was she would turn crazy for what she wanted.

For example, Annan.

Lin Yiyi’s role in this context might have just been her inclination to join the fun.

To put it more accurately, she didn’t just like Annan.

She was just enchanted by the cute and good-looking faces.

She firmly acknowledged herself as someone who liked a pretty face.

For example, Lin Yiyi stuck closely to Kafni and Jiu Er in addition to Annan.

But, that wouldn’t work for Citalopram.

Although Sister Wen was good-looking and had an elegant aura, she was in adult size. Lin Yiyi didn’t like her that much.

Of course, Dove wouldn’t fit into Lin Yiyi’s equation too.

Although Dove’s age wasn’t yet at the level of Yiyi’s mother, she was indeed filled with the majestic aura of Yiyi’s mother. In addition, Dove was a genius. She was an all-rounder in fighting, archery, rock climbing, and swimming. Moreover, she was a senior in the field of live streaming.

Lin Yiyi felt like she was the game enthusiast Otakus in the house, speaking softly in front of Dove and not daring to have an overly intimate physical contact.

Jiu Er was different from Lin Yiyi.

She might be the first player to fall in love with someone from another world.

Aside from the Child’s unrequited love for Miss Boffis, her feeling for “Annan·Austere-Winter” was one of its kind among the current players.

Jiu Er’s unabashed love for Annan also made Dove, the oldest “elder” among the players, worried about her.

This invitation code mechanism was equivalent to pulling people in from their contact list.

All players knew each other.

For example, Dove’s and Jiu Er’s parents have been close friends for a long time. This friendship could be traced back to the classmate relationship between Dove’s father and Jiu Er’s grandfather.

On the other hand, Dove knew Jiu Er’s parents because they were both in a band when they were young.

Jiu Er’s father was a vocalist, her mother was a guitarist, and Dove was the drummer.

Rock and roll were quite popular in their days. Dove still retained her unique and instinctive talent on the drums.

Of course, Dove didn’t know that Jiu Er’s father was a noble son who could only go back to inherit the family wealth if he couldn’t play music; Jiu Er’s father didn’t know either that Dove only learned archery for half a year, and she could trounce a monster.

Besides, Jiu Er’s father and Delicious Wind Goose were alumni of the same university.

Dove had a deep impression of Delicious Wind Goose because the Goose was her young self.

He could learn anything and master it quickly, allowing him to flourish in any field he was interested in.

However, there was only one difference.

Dove was better than Delicious Wind Goose in all aspects.

She knew very well long ago that she could not maintain her grades while studying and mastering many skills.

Therefore, she did not take the college entrance examination directly but participated in the computer training class that was emerging at that time. After quickly mastering this skill, she started taking jobs in cybersecurity.

At the same time, she started learning drums and met Jiu Er’s father.

After she mastered the drum, she learned combat skills and wrestling. Then, the small band disbanded after Jiu Er’s mother took the postgraduate entrance examination. Dove used the money she saved to go abroad to learn Jiu-Jitsu. In the process, she saw the program “The Secret Techniques of Wilderness Survival” which would be on air soon, and thus became interested in the survival of the wilderness.

So she went to teach young people archery and wrestling, saving money while learning swimming, rock climbing, and survival skills in the wild.

Delicious Wind Goose met her at this time.

At this time, Jiu Er was just born.

Her parents gave birth to her too early.

Her grandfather was in poor health, so his father gradually took over the company’s affairs. Her mother was a strong and independent woman until she studied for two doctorates simultaneously. But as a result, the two weren’t at home almost all year round.

In Jiu Er’s childhood, the people accompanied were the deceased grandmother and Wen Xue (Citalopram).

As Jiu Er’s cousin, Wen Xue watched Jiu Er growing up. Her words worked better than Jiu Er’s biological mother’s.

At the same time, Wen Xue developed Jiu Er into an Otaku who played games and streamed.

Wen Xue’s original goal was simple. She wanted to help the active Jiu Er develop some hobbies to make it easier for Jiu Er to make friends.

However, the outcome seemed a little overboard.

Jiu Er had just grown to adulthood, but she had already become a game addict.

In contrast to this, she still had not many friends in reality.

This guilt turned Wen Xue into the most strict supervisor. She always checked on Jiu Er’s academic performance and tutored her when she fell behind.

Even when the popularity of Jiu Er’s live stream declined, Wen Xue would play a role in planning the next step.

In comparison, Lin Yiyi had brought in a younger brother, and Xiang Tiange brought an old friend into the game.

Jiu Er was much more straightforward.

She grabbed her “mom” into the game.

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