The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 340: Advancement to Silver Rank

Chapter 340: Advancement to Silver Rank

After fully absorbing the curse’s power, Annan had a rainbow-colored illusory light looming in his soul.

His spiritual body had attained a clear and transparent state.

Until this shining curse was branded on his soul, his spirit body emitted brilliance.

It was like shining a flashlight at fluorite.

When Transcended advanced into the Silver Rank, they would condense their soul and remove excess impurities in it. After this, their bodies became much healthier with better longevity.

But why is this light iridescent? Such a thought flashed through Annan’s mind.

Then, his vision went out again, returning to the real world.

At this time, the long-overdue performance report of the nightmare finally appeared.

[Nightmare has been purified.]

[You have purified the nightmare with the designated character. Evaluation rating increased.]

[You have witnessed and completed all cycles. Evaluation ratings increased significantly.]

[Elle acknowledged your quality. Evaluation ratings increased significantly.]

[Completed a powerful purification. Evaluation ratings increased significantly.]

[Comprehensive Evaluation—S]

[Get 10,000 Shared Experience points. Perception + 1.]

[Dungeon instance reward: Increase the profession of your choice by 2 levels.]

[The current purification progress is 350/350. The nightmare has ended.]

[Based on the region where the nightmare was born, you’re granted Silver Sire’s holy light engravings.]

[Current total engravings: 308 (Silver Sire)]

What the hell?! Annan was shocked.

There’s so much experience that it can even directly promote [Silver Knight] to LV 20.

What is the situation of these holy light engravings?

Does money grow on trees now?

No, no, it’s more like having gold ingots drop from the sky!

“…What’s the rationale for this?” Annan murmured in a low voice with a doubtful expression on his face while sitting on the bed.

Could it be because the player was considered my summoned creature in the system?

So Silver Sire had included the holy light engravings accumulated by the player when they cleared the dungeon.

What a pleasant surprise!

I get to pick those expensive divine art directly!

If the system works that way…

After the players left this country and challenged the nightmare on the territory of different deities, Annan would have the engravings of various upright deities and false deities.

Seeing so many holy light engravings, Annan suddenly thought of Bread Daryl.

[TN: The Chinese Raw Text for Daryl has the same name as this bread brand [1]. ]

He still remembered that when Bishop Daryl explained “holy light engravings” to him, the bishop had shown him the holy light engraving that spread from the back of his right hand to his right cheek, just like Risei Kotomine [2].

There were at least two hundred engravings.

Those were the “deposit” that had not been used yet. If the bishop were to use the holy light engravings to buy divine art, the corresponding holy light engravings would be gone.

Because of this, Annan only had 3 of the Silver Sire’s holy light engravings before he cleared this nightmare.

He also thought that he would buy a slightly stronger defensive divine art when he slowly saved up to ten engravings.

Now it seems that I can achieve my goal immediately.

After counting my merit in, I can basically be considered a bishop, right?

An image came to Annan’s mind.

He wore the silver robe bestowed by Silver Sire and summoned the holy light engravings. These engravings crawled from the back of his right hand to his face. He would act cool, just like what the Old Bread had done in which he would hold his palms up in a dignified manner with the palms facing downwards.

Will the passers-by think I am a genuine bishop but only with a very young face?

They may even mistake me as a cardinal bishop.

Wait, I’m thinking too far ahead of myself. Let’s buy some divine art first.

For this, Annan had to consult Grandpa Daryl about how to purchase divine art. Even if he became rich, he couldn’t simply waste them, not to mention that 300 wasn’t a lot. After all, not all divine art was cheap.

The slightly stronger divine art already had a higher price.

In the usual standard, a typical priest would purify one level of a nightmare every three days if the nightmare wasn’t too difficult.

In other words, Annan had seemingly acquired the fruits of hard work amounted to three years.

As players travel around to conquer various nightmares, Annan was allowed to collect benefits while staying idle from it.

Hmm, I have to adjust the experience multiplier for the players.

I should increase the experience they gain a little and then give them more event missions and weekly missions. Otherwise, I will be uneasy for my conscience.

Don’t You like Weekly Mission A Lot?.jpg

Then, you have to challenge at least one nightmare every week!

Before that, Annan used the experience gained to raise the [Silver Knight] profession to Level 20. Although he was told that the path to attain Silver Rank was guaranteed as a Silver Knight, he was not in a hurry to train [Silver Knight] up immediately.

If Annan discovered other ways of advancement that were much better during a nightmare, he would have the option to switch to another type of melee Silver Rank profession.

At this state, the [Silver Knight] profession had contributed 14 points of Constitution, 3 points of Strength, and 4 points of Agility.

Thus, Annan’s Strength and Agility attributes reached 14 points, while the Constitution increased to 25 points. In addition, his Perception was raised to 45 points from the nightmares, while his Will remained at 15 points.

Immediately afterward, Annan added the levels obtained from those two nightmares to the “Frostwhisper” profession, intending to observe how it would increase attribute points.

So, Annan’s panel ended up like this.

Annan. Human. Male.

Elite Rare (Gold), Challenge Rating 34

Title: Frostwhisper

Rank: Silver

Health: 100%

Erosion Rate: 2%

Attributes: Strength 14, Agility 14, Constitution 25, Perception 49, Will 19

Shared Experience: 540

Unique Trait: Winter Heart (Evolving) [Reverse Inscription]

Profession Overview:

Silver Knight LV20: [Austere-Winter Swordsmanship LV10 (Max)], [Frost Sword LV10 (Max)], [Parallel Comprehension LV1], [Silver Hand LV1], Available Attribute Point 1

Frostwhisper LV22: [Instant Spell LV4 (Chilling Touch, Slothful Eye, Frost’s Word, N/A)], [Guided Spell LV4 (Impeding Wall, Frost Arena, Notion Rain, Denial of Life)], [Chant Spell LV4 (Frost Wheel, Frost Tower), N/A, N/A)], [Ritual Spell LV1 (N/A)]

Priest (Silver Sire 308): Clanging Object, Sharp Object, Eternal Youth.

It was as expected.

In the Silver Rank, the “Will” attribute would be increased in level-ups.

Each level of “Frostwhisper” would improve about 2 points of Perception and 2 points of Will.

Although the attributes were easy to upgrade, Annan was still pleased to enjoy the benefits.

The Will attributes had always been his weakness.

Annan still remembered the humiliation of being under Rotten Man’s psychic manipulation last time.

As his Will attribute rose to more than forty, or even more than fifty, he would try to find a way to seek revenge.

After changing his profession to Frostwhisper, Annan acquired a new instant spell [Frost Lingual].

[Frost Lingual (Instant): You get a brand new language ability. When you speak in this language, you inflict constant, unavoidable frost damage to everything around you. The way to be immune to this damage is to master this language or to have draconic blood. Since this spell has no spellcasting difficulty, it is not regarded as a guided spell. However, you will still be affected by effects such as silence and mute.]

After [Frostwhisper] level was raised to LV22, Annan was finally given a Chant Spell, which somewhat made up for his shortcomings.

[Frost Tower (Chant Spell): This spell requires the ability of “Frost Lingual”. Frostwisper shall chant the ancient prayers, using his blood as a medium to command the frost curse to form a tower-shaped cage. The more mana you put in, the stronger and taller the tower will be. Minimum order mana value of fifty points is required.]

[The summoned tower is tenacious. It can resist internal or external damage. At the same time, the host doesn’t need to maintain it forcibly with his own mana value. It also causes a continuous freezing effect on the beings trapped inside.]

[Only one “tower” can exist at one time. Using this spell again will immediately dispel the previous tower.]

[When the tower is actively dispelled, it will consume the same amount of order mana when summoning the tower. After an external force destroys the tower, it is necessary to carry out the relevant ritual to regain this spell.]

[Chants: “The blood of Frostborn, the tower to the sky—”]

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