The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 343: Delicious Wind Goose’s Special Encounter

Chapter 343: Delicious Wind Goose’s Special Encounter

“Luckily, we still have Citalopram around.” Delicious Wind Goose took a deep breath.

Now that he was locked in the prison, only Jiu Er could execute the plan Annan laid out previously.

The remaining two players on the team (Van Helsing & Yokai Sensei) were Silver Sire’s priests. Just yesterday, they had successfully entered the church.

According to them, the typical procedure for the priest of another diocese to enter the Royal Capital would require at least five years of excellent performance before submitting the application.

However, when Yokai Sensei and Van Helsing came to report in, there wasn’t any obstacle to changing their diocese to the Noah Capital.

They were granted 20 silver coins per month even during their probationary period!

The other players were jealous about it.

However, Yokai Sensei and Van Helsing immediately explained it to the players.

The [Priest] profession wasn’t that great, but the Silver Sire treated the players preferentially. The reason seemed to be pointing at Annan.

Silver Sire had issued the Noah Capital’s cardinals in helping out “the people from the Freezing Water Port and Roseburg”.

This was undoubtedly in Annan’s favor.

The Silver Sire even gave Annan the silver robe already, and thus He might as well help Annan to get the players into the royal capital. At the same time, the silver robe represented a certain level of authority which would prove helpful for Annan.

Silver Sire told Annan it was a piece of cake, but it had saved Annan a lot of trouble.

Judging from this, the Silver Sire was sincere in befriending Annan. Otherwise, He wouldn’t need to trouble Himself so much at all, given his status as an upright deity.

However, although Yokai Sensei and Van Helsing had obtained legitimate identities and official jobs, it also meant that they couldn’t traverse the city at will.

Silver Sire Church had been very busy lately.

After Yokai Sensei and Van Helsing swore an oath to the statue of Silver Sire, they learned this piece of important information.

Silver Sire suddenly issued an oracle to arrest all Rotten Man believers in the Noah Kingdom more than a month ago, which amounted to 17,648 people.

Their status could go low as gardeners, grooms, and grave keepers. At the same time, it also encompassed people of high status such as queens, princes, counts, generals, and royal guards.

After receiving the name list, even the pope was shocked, not to mention bishops.

The pope didn’t even know that the Rotten Man’s Church had infiltrated the Noah Kingdom to such an extent.

Including the priests belonging to the Silver Sire in the entire Noah Kingdom, it was still far fewer than 20,000 people.

Their number couldn’t even make up half of the population.

Was the Noah Kingdom following the Silver Sire or the Rotten Man?

The Silver Sire Church had strict recruitment standards, and the Rotten Man did not conduct any assessments at all. The Rotten Man would recruit anyone having faith in Him, thus allowing the widespread of His followers.

This matter involved too many people.

Arresting the queen and the general would inflict severe chaos. If the news of the arrest leaked, the rest might flee in a swarm.

With such a huge list, it was already challenging to lock onto their specific locations.

Therefore, the Silver Sire Church had planned the arrest process.

First of all, they would work on those with the highest status on the arrest list through fundraising, open classes, and public welfare activities. Next, their target would be the “non-transcended” who had higher status and stayed in Noah’s capital.

Immediately afterward, the Silver Sire Church would gradually increase its control over the subway.

As for the Transcended believers in the capital, they would put them on hold for now. As long as the subway entrance was blocked, they would not be able to escape. Driving them out of the capital could also reduce the destruction of the environment during battle.

At present, those “people with higher status” were “invited” to the Silver Sire Church by various means.

Although the Silver Sire Church didn’t know why the Rotten Man didn’t warn his believers, the Silver Sire priests would still do their best to keep their operations a secret.

Their ultimate goal was to isolate the highest and most dangerous Rotten Man believers.

Specifically, they had five targets in this category:

1. Prince Albert’s wife, the mother of Princess Kafni.

2. Prince Philip

3. The eldest son of the crow family.

4. General Ryan

5. Supreme Judge Philip Shelley.

This operation even involved the direct descendants of the royal family, intelligence agencies, the Imperial Army, and the legal system. The targets would definitely realize if the Silver Sire Church followed the typical procedure.

Silver Sire Church did not investigate the people around them to avoid alerting them.

For example, the Silver Sire Church was only certain that the King, Prince Albert, and Philip Shelley’s younger brother, Chief of Police, Stilwell Shelley, were not the Rotten Man’s believers. However, they weren’t sure if these people would leak their operation.

When the time was right, the Silver Sire Church would arrest its targets by force.

It would be a sudden raid that would capture all five of them.

It must be a grand plot.

Players speculated that this plot would be directly connected to the main storyline of Annan’s return to the capital. So Yokai Sensei’s group worked on the prelude mission in dedication. Thus, they didn’t have time or dare to contact Jiu Er.

In the end, the party was only left with the neurotic eighteen-year-old girl stranded alone in the capital of a foreign country.

Besides getting Jiu Er to take care of herself, she also had to inquire about the intelligence of local organizations and infiltrate them. It might be a little difficult for her.

Delicious Wind Goose was also very helpless with the circumstances.

They wouldn’t have anticipated that the party was only left with one person after the four of them entered the capital.

“I hope Citalopram can remotely micro-manage Jiu Er.” It was best to tell Jiu Er what she should do first, what to do next, how to speak when she met people, and how to answer when others ask questions.

It was best to direct her as a first-person role-playing game (RPG).

After all, Delicious Wind Goose had also launched another mission to get a more detailed intelligence.

Delicious Wind Goose fooled Klaus Cass for a while before getting the “designated leakable information” that Dove sent him.

Delicious Wind Goose was busy with another matter before the questioning came again.

He wanted to learn as much information as possible.

“Do you get that?” A low, hoarse voice sounded in front of Delicious Wind Goose.

A petite old man squatted in front of Delicious Wind Goose. He was being held in the cell opposite Delicious Wind Goose.

He was struggling to open his eyes as he hunched, seemingly going to pass out anytime soon.

Delicious Wind Goose only had his coat, equipment, and curse vessel taken away.

On the other hand, the old man was wearing only a pair of shorts. Besides that, he only had half a tattered bowl in his prison cell.

At this moment, the old man shattered the tattered bowl.

He took a piece of soil and drew many patterns on the ground.

Delicious Wind Goose squatted in front of the cell, trying his best to stare at the ground of the cell opposite in the thin sunlight.

“…I remember it.” He observed it in silence for about thirty seconds before replying respectfully.

The old man didn’t say much.

He just continued to doodle on the ground, and the squeaking sound of rock scratching against the floor came, “Then, remember this literal. 11 is the number that belongs to fire and creation, such as the eleven-pointed star. In the magic circle, the easiest way to distinguish the element of fire and the element of creation is to use the material to draw the magic circle.

“If you use a thermal material, such as cinnabar, copper, or ruby ​​powder, it can be directly regarded as the magic circle of the fire domain. Likewise, neutral materials such as crystal and silver, plus the symbols of the sun, moon, and stars, can be used as a magic circle for the domain of creation…”

These were all taboo knowledge involving the ritualist.

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