The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 332: Silver Sire Church’s Tipping System

Chapter 332: Silver Sire Church’s Tipping System

Delicious Wind Goose opened the carriage’s window and glanced around.

He soon realized that he was in front of an alley with many passersby. Still, the alley wasn’t congested, and it wasn’t an isolated area either.

At the very least, the civilians here wouldn’t need to worry about being kidnapped in this place during their idle chatter.

Delicious Wind Goose was somewhat reassured of his safety.

At the very least, I wouldn’t be murdered immediately after bringing the goods in.

In that case, the validity of the contract should still exist.

After all, it was a contract under the Silver Sire Church. This contract fell under the category of “transaction,” which was under the Silver Sire’s surveillance.

So, everything will be smooth until the contract is completed?

Delicious Wind Goose got out of the carriage and asked, “Do I bring the goods in?”

“No need. I’ll have you come back here very soon.” Caravan Master Tate, who had the same hairstyle as Old Goose (bald), smiled and reached out to support Delicious Wind Goose in getting out of the carriage, lest he accidentally fell to the ground.

Then, Caravan Master Tate patted Delicious Wind Goose’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “Keep your voice down and stay low. Our goods are counterfeit, after all. Don’t let anyone know.

“Remember to state my name when you head there for the delivery. If anyone asks, keep insisting it’s the real mead. Got it, friend?”

The caravan master raised an eyebrow and looked back at Delicious Wind Goose.

Delicious Wind Goose knew what Tate was hinting at.

They didn’t mention “Demon Blood” at all.

At the moment when their eyes met, Delicious Wind Goose immediately understood.

So, we’re currently being watched, or possibly under surveillance…

It’s fine to let the third party know that it’s a “fake mead”, but not the [Demon Blood].

So is the person watching the scene Stilwell Shelley? Is he the patron of Caravan Master Tate to sell fake alcohol in the capital?

This shows that the Shelley brothers shouldn’t be involved in the royalties infighting.

Or, at least they weren’t someone the Third Prince could trust.

Delicious Wind Goose quickly analyzed Tate’s words and acquired a couple of useful pieces of information.

He was now secretly grateful that it was him who took on this mission.

No other players were suitable to carry out this mission, not even Dove.

It wasn’t because they weren’t smart enough, but because they were all too young and not sharp enough.

Delicious Wind Goose thought calmly in his heart, but he followed the instruction without hesitation, pretending to be the caravan master’s follower.

All of these were an act they put up for those who were spying on them.

Tate also sensed Delicious Wind Goose’s goal.

He was neither anxious nor angry, just throwing Old Goose a glance and leading him into the deserted alley.

The carriage stopped at the entrance of the alley. The carriage itself blocked the entrance while shielding off the line of sight.

Tetra walked to the innermost part of the alley with Delicious Wind Goose before stopping.

Afterward, Tate took off his belt and that of Delicious Wind Goose.

Then, they exchanged their belts.

Since Caravan Master Tate arranged Delicious Wind Goose’s clothes beforehand, it felt reasonable that they were using similar designs of belts.

At first, Delicious Wind Goose was a little surprised when Caravan Master Tate took away his belt.

However, Old Goose soon realized what was happening when Tate handed over his belt.

Sure enough, Delicious Wind Goose felt that the belt was much heavier than his own as soon as he got his hands on it.

Delicious Wind Goose reached out and touched the inside of the belt. Then, he felt the familiar metal pieces’ texture.

They were the metal bottles the size of a lighter that stored the Demon Blood.

“As promised, we will split the rewards into ten packages.” Tate watched Delicious Wind Goose re-buckled his belt at a distance away from him and said in a low voice, “I gave you the things, and you have to help me deliver the goods.”

“No problem. When?”

“Right now.” Tate replied briefly, “I’ll drop you two blocks away from the Third Prince’s mansion. Access to the street one block away from the mansion is restricted. You won’t be able to enter until they verify your identity. “

“How shall I answer them?”

“Tell them your real name. I’ve made an appointment for you. You are now a merchant from the Freezing Water Port, and you want to give the Third Prince a generous gift in exchange for a trading permit. Your ultimate goal is to join my caravan. Got it?”

Ya, no problem.” Delicious Wind Goose replied calmly, “I have noted them down.”

Tate glanced at Old Goose carefully, nodded slowly, and patted his shoulder, “Okay, then I’ll be leaving soon.

“I won’t come forward again. No matter what problem you have, it has nothing to do with me, understand?”

“Got it.” Delicious Wind Goose nodded.

He followed Tate back to the carriage and climbed up again.

After closing the door, he slowly felt around the black box and narrowed his eyes slightly, seemingly occupied in thoughts.

After that, Tate put Delicious Wind Goose two blocks away as planned.

This was Delicious Wind Goose’s first time seeing the scenery of the royal capital.

The capital of the Noah Kingdom was also called Noah.

As a large city with a population of more than four million, Delicious Wind Goose was located in the “St. Charles District”, which was the closest to the city gate of the royal capital.

In the hundreds of years since the establishment of the Noah Kingdom, the capital had been renovated at least four times. The most recent one was thirty years ago when the capital was officially divided into six districts, named after the seven popes of the Silver Sire.

Delicious Wind Goose noticed that the roads in the capital were at least twice as wide as those in Roseburg, and the streets were paved with marble with lanes and sidewalks specially demarcated.

It wasn’t nighttime yet. The intricately decorated street lamps on both sides remained off. There was a newspaper rack at the crossroad where Delicious Wind Goose stopped.

Next to the newspaper rack, there was also a donation box.

The donation box had a line with a prominent font written on it, “This donation box only accepts silver coins”. The holy symbol of Silver Sire was branded in the middle, and the following were two lines of words in smaller font-size: “All donations from this donation box will be sent to Teacher Emory Mawson of [St. Charles Third Mission School] next month as a subsidy. If you don’t donate, please put the newspaper back after reading the newspaper here.”

There were even additional lines at the bottom: “Mission school does not charge tuition fees. It provides free catering and accommodation. All living expenses of teachers, staff, and their families are paid and reimbursed by the Silver Sire Church, and no other fixed salary is paid. If you’re concerned with their income or think this teacher speaks well, please give them some support!”

Delicious Wind Goose was taken aback for a moment.


This Silver Sire Church is a talented place.

What is this? Tipping system?

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