The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 331: An Advanced Service Attitude

Chapter 331: An Advanced Service Attitude

Delicious Wind Goose sat in the creaking carriage.

The carriage was a bigger model that offered a lot of space. It was capable of housing eight people while allowing them to sit opposite and face one another.

Yet, Delicious Wind Goose was now alone in the carriage.

The sofa seat opposite him was removed, replaced by three columns of wooden boxes stacked in two layers; there was also a large wooden box on his left and right sides each.

Inside each crate were twenty-four “Honeylip” mead imitations — two dozens.

The real “Honeylip” was a medicinal mead made by the Alteration Wizards of Black Tower. It not only had a mellow taste, sweet but not greasy but also had an aphrodisiac effect and beauty effect.

So its price kept increasing because of the demand.

Of course, like all delicious foods that claim to have “some kind of curative effect,” it wasn’t as effective as it proclaimed either.

The reason why the price inflated was mainly because of its rarity.

There was also prestige and status attributed to those capable of getting this mead.

As for the fake mead Caravan Master made, he definitely didn’t make it with a wizard. Thus, those effects couldn’t be found in the drink.

But it was still a top-grade mead, and it had been carefully blended. Unless the person got to taste the real and fake mead at the same time, it was hard to tell the difference.

The counterfeit goods had a lower concentration than the genuine Honeylip, but they were pretty identical in taste, so much so that the counterfeit mead gave a stronger aftertaste.

As for the reason why the flavor was stronger, and the concentration was mild, it all boiled down to Delicious Wind Goose’s job.

Suddenly, someone opened the door.

“Tate Caravan of the Alfonso Chamber of Commerce?” A deep voice came, “You are from Freezing Water Port…”

Delicious Wind Goose looked up and found two men standing at the carriage door.

One was a young city guard with brown curly hair holding a jade plaque and looked a bit rash; the other was a middle-aged man with a beard in his forties. The middle-aged city guard wore the more formal captain’s leather armor. He opened the carriage door and gave Delicious Wind Goose a subtle nod.

He is probably the person whom Caravan Master Tate had mentioned. Delicious Wind Goose noticed the hint.

“Delicious Wind Goose.” Old Goose replied politely, “I’m a tourist from Freezing Water Port, and the identification is with the consul.”

As Old Goose pronounced his name, the jade plaque sent out green glows, proving that Old Goose said his real name.

“Alright, great. There seems to be no problem here.” The middle-aged man nodded and patted the young man in front of him on the shoulder, “Pick a crate.”

“How about this?” The young man casually pointed to the crate on the right-hand side of Delicious Wind Goose, which was the closest to them. It was also the only black crate.

This crate was for the convenience of Delicious Wind Goose so that he could remain in the carriage without the need to free out more space. Also, he didn’t have to move the crate every time he wanted to leave the carriage so as to not damage the goods inside.

The middle-aged city guard captain nodded and gave a simple order, “Open it up.”

The young man responded, hugged the wooden crate, and lifted it with a squeak, carefully placing it on the ground.

Then, he took out a long-handled crowbar and pried open the wooden crate.

Hey… it’s really the Honeylip!” The young man couldn’t help but sigh, “I heard the Honeylip’s price increased by another pound recently. You’re going to make a fortune.”

“Let’s inspect the goods first.” The middle-aged man ordered impatiently.

Standing by the side, shaking his legs, he casually asked Delicious Wind Goose, “Who is the mayor of your Freezing Water Port… is it still the Salvatore?”

“The person in the office has shifted for a while. It’s the Geraint family now.” Delicious Wind Goose replied cautiously, trying not to reveal any flaws. He did his best pretending as a Freezing Water Port dweller.

But he was keenly aware that when he said the word “Geraint”, the middle-aged man shaking his legs suddenly stopped for a moment.

He noted it down and temporarily gave up his previous plan to use the name “Don Juan Geraint” to increase his persuasiveness.

Delicious Wind Goose calmly altered his statement, “But I haven’t gone back for a while, and I’m not quite sure. But it’s still Mayor Salvatoremay at least a month ago.”

Oh.” The middle-aged man replied casually.

At this time, the young city guard had already taken out all the 24 mead bottles to check whether they were properly sealed up. Then, he verified the “trademark” on each bottle, took out a notebook to record the quantity count, and put them back one by one.

He then closed the crate and brought it back to Delicious Wind Goose.

To avoid crushing himself, Delicious Wind Goose clung to the wooden crate on the other side.

“It’s all for the sake of safety. Please forgive me. I humbly apologize if I have offended you.” The young city guard quickly spoke to Delicious Wind Goose.

The middle-aged man behind him patted his shoulder hard and said in annoyance, “Speak it out seriously!”

“Yes, Captain!” The young man replied helplessly, stood up, and said honestly, “I checked these items for everyone’s safety. Please forgive me. I’m very sorry if I offended you. The inspection fee will be imposed on the caravan leader at 5% of the total value of the goods. I am Dexter Lowy with 42 days of service experience. This is my supervisor, Klaus Cass. My Inspector ID is E112. If you have any comments on my service, you can go to the Silver Sire Church in the capital to complain about me.”

What the fuck? Old Goose was shocked.

Is your service attitude so advanced?

Although I have long known that “Silver Sire is the deity with the best attitude towards ordinary people”, this is just too… overwhelming.

If it weren’t for Silver Sire’s complete ignorance of which world the player came from, Old Goose would have thought that the Silver Sire or the Silver Sire’s popes were transmigrators, those kinds with a lot of strange ideas.

After the two city guards closed the door and left, Delicious Wind Goose let out a subtly relieved expression.

The last conversation shocked him for a moment and almost revealed himself.

But fortunately, those who came to the capital for the first time would be shocked. The guards were used to this scene. They didn’t say much and left politely.

After that, some time passed.

Delicious Wind Goose reached out and locked the carriage door.

Then, he opened the wooden crates that had been pried open. The ones the guards chose were exactly the crates that Delicious Wind Goose was going to poison.

He reached under his jacket.

Twenty-four metal pieces the size of lighters were tied to the position close to the underwear, like chainmail. They were in the formation of 3 X 8.

He took out a metal piece and took out the mead glass that had already been prepared. All twenty-four bottles of Honeylip were removed from the black crate.

Then, he opened the cork of the first bottle; the fragrance poured out and filled the carriage.

He poured himself mead at the height reaching two fingers and twisted the first metal piece open like opening a perfume bottle.

The moment Delicious Wind Goose uncapped the [Demon Blood], a “chi” sound came. He almost thought it was Coca-cola in a perfume bottle.

After opening it up, the liquid inside that looked like Coke sent out a fizzy sound, but there were no obvious white bubbles.

Delicious Wind Goose carefully poured the liquid into the bottle. Even though the carriage was still shaking, his hand was so steady that nothing leaked out.

He repeated this twenty-four times, putting back all the “Honeylip” that had been prepared and carefully closing the lid.

I shall get ready to deliver them later. Delicious Wind Goose thought leisurely.

But at this moment, the voice of Caravan Master Tate came from outside, “Delicious Wind Goose? Can you come down for a while? I have business with you.”

Oh well. Delicious Wind Goose raised an eyebrow.

Then, he calmly posted on the forum: “I Think I’m Getting Capture Soon, Brothers & Sisters.”

“—Come here, let’s set the table up. Those who think I will be captured post “1” in the comment. Those who think I will be fine post “2”. Let’s set the stake as barbecue meals and skewers. Anyone interested?”

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