The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 333: Getting Caught In The End

Chapter 333: Getting Caught In The End

“Is this your first time visiting the Noah’s capital city?” An old man with a top hat smiled and asked gently behind Delicious Wind Goose.

Delicious Wind Goose raised his eyebrows, put down the wooden crate in his hand, and politely bowed to the old man, “Yes, old man. Is there anything I have done wrong?”

After all, this was the capital.

He didn’t know if this passerby was some sort of a big shot who came out for a stroll.

“You’re surprised about this donation box, right?” said the old man casually. He took out a silver coin and put it in habitually.

He picked up a newspaper next to him, flipped through it carefully, and replied casually, “This is Noah’s custom. After all, the Silver Sire is the Trade Deity, and He usually stays in Noah. Therefore, this place is considered under His watchful eyes.

“No matter how arrogant these businessmen are, they have to be humble and polite when they come to this place. No one dares to make a fuss here. Everyone is well-disciplined. After all, Silver Sire will roam around when He is free, going shopping or buying something. Everyone believes that the store that the Silver Sire visited will have good fortune.

“The Old Noahs have basically met Silver Sire once or twice. So they can recognize Him easily. However, the business people from other places can’t recognize Him at the first moment. So it is better for them to be respectful to everyone. After all, the Silver Sire stays in this place, and his subordinate deities come back occasionally.”

So, I see. Delicious Wind Goose nodded.

So, it’s precisely because they’re running businesses that they have to be wary.

The bosses might not be religious, but they were more or less superstitious. If they were to pass by and meet deities, they would pay their respect if they weren’t in a hurry.

As far as Delicious Wind Goose was concerned, Longjing Tea had a Buddha statue and an ancestral hall in his home, and his grandfather would pay tribute frequently.

Seeing how pious Longjing Tea could be, he could empathize with those businessmen.

Moreover, Silver Sire was a living deity controlling wealth in this city, who might appear anywhere and anytime. Sure enough, the people in business would follow the law and orders lest they irritate the deity.

The old man pointed to the newspaper rack and said, “About forty years ago, newspapers were still sold for one silver coin each. The profit was also used to maintain the operation of the mission school. However, the pope of this generation is brilliant.

“To cater to businessmen who want to flatter the church, but it isn’t convenient to take their money blatantly, he installed donation boxes in the city.

“The donation boxes placed in front of the newspapers are donated to mission schools; the donation boxes on the subway are donated to families facing difficulties; the donation boxes at the entrance of concert halls and theaters are used to raise orphans. “

“The Respectful Pope is a kind man.” Delicious Wind Goose couldn’t help but commentate.

“Yes, indeed.” The old man sighed and handed the newspaper to Delicious Wind Goose, “I’ve finished reading. Here, take the newspaper. After reading it, you may put it back or even take it away. I have already paid. The standard price is one silver coin.”

The old man smiled kindly and pulled his top hat, “Welcome to Noah, young man.”

Delicious Wind Goose was stunned for a while, and the old man had already left.

He hurriedly shouted from behind, “Thank you!”

Then, he saw the old man wave his hand and leave swiftly.

Old Goose was surprised by this encounter.

This old man’s legs are too quick. Could he be some sort of a big shot?

He shook his head, flipping through the newspaper while picking up the crate and walking forward.

En, the second increase in the food tax within these ten years? The last time it happened was half a year ago. Is there going to be a war?

“The wool’s price has risen for the third time. The latest clothing style of the fashion master… Oh, it’s not ugly, but there’s nothing special. Hey, why don’t I find someone who learns fashion design to join this game?

“The famous painter Nigel Elliott claims that the Paper Princess has recently arrived at the Noah Kingdom? Huh, the Paper Princess is a deity? Really, can the matter of the deities be written directly in the newspaper?

“—Fuck, the Paper Princess is so pretty! I’m falling in love!” Delicious Wind Goose couldn’t help but exclaim.

The Paper Princess portrait was published in the newspaper, even though it was black and white. There was also a note below the drawing, “Courtesy to Nigel Elliott”.

The painter’s perspective was cast from the side.

He seemed to have summoned “the Paper Princess”, who frowned slightly and turned around in confusion. The painter even perfectly painted the clothes that were taut when the Paper Princess turned back.

The Paper Princess put Her right hand in her pocket while Her left hand held a pen inversely like a dagger.

She had a soft yet indifferent face that gave a sense of distance, light-colored long straight hair draped to the waist, two dragon horns protruding upward like lightning on the forehead, and the slender collarbone vaguely covered with dragon scales. Furthermore, She seemed like a 17 years old girl.

However, Her mature and indifferent temperament and Her voluptuous breasts made Her look like a mature adult woman. She exuded the air of art due to the drawing board behind Her and the 17 pens of different kinds and sizes inserted into Her waist like a sword. At the same time, it made Her stand out.

Her vibe was different from how he first met Silver Sire.

Silver Sire looked more like a cheerful young man. Although He was handsome, He didn’t stand out from the crowd. The Paper Princess was the type that could be noticed at a glance no matter how many people there were, and it was difficult to avert the gaze laid on Her.

Her beauty struck the heart. Whoever looking straight at Her would be mesmerized.

When the Delicious Wind Goose was carefully admiring the Paper Princess’s portrait, he had already walked down a street and arrived at an intersection. Eight people were guarding this place.

He could already see the manor that was across the street.

This should be the Third Prince’s mansion.

Seeing Delicious Wind Goose passing by, two people walked over immediately, and the remaining six people lowered the muzzle of their rifles slightly.

“Did you make an appointment?” One of them asked politely.

The two of them each held a jade plaque. The person who asked the question also had a booklet in his hand.

“Delicious Wind Goose.” The Old Goose paused and replied, “My name is Delicious Wind Goose, from the Freezing Water Port. There should be an appointment.”

But after the jade plaque flashed, the two looked at each other.

This gave Delicious Wind Goose a bad hunch.

Four of the six guards came over and pointed guns at him.

“Please don’t act rashly, sir.” The person who asked was still polite.

But as the only security guard without firearms, he stepped back cautiously and continued, “Our records show that you entered the city illegally and did not register properly when you entered the city.

“Please go with them and temporarily stay in a safe room for three days. We will also temporarily detain your belongings and ask the professionals to test them. We will provide you with free food and hot water during this period.

“If we confirm your innocence after checking you with the ‘One-Eyed Crow’, these items will be returned in full.

The security guard smiled gently, “Please have faith in His Highness Philip’s credibility. We won’t steal or check your personal belongings.”

So, this is what is going to happen.

Delicious Wind Goose glanced at the guards silently, put down the crate silently, and turned to the right from the intersection under the close supervision of the four guards.

He noticed something from the guard’s tone.

Thus, I have made my delivery?

No wonder they put me down two blocks away.

They can’t let me enter His Royal Highness Philip’s mansion and tarnish his reputation. So the goods would be handed over in this manner.

I should be careful.


Delicious Wind Goose narrowed his eyes slightly.

They didn’t tell me such an important part but handed me the [Demon Blood], which will cause me trouble if I’m found out.

I’m still getting caught in the end.

After that, Delicious Wind Goose was sent into a villa the size of a city lord’s residence.

But instead of letting him live in this villa, the officials continued to escort him down silently. But after entering the villa, the others were less polite. They confiscated his weapon. After taking off his coat, shoes, and curse vessel, they shoved him into the dungeon cell.

Shortly after the door was closed, a somewhat familiar person whom he had met not long ago walked in.

It was the middle-aged city guard captain whom the Old Goose saw at the capital city’s entrance previously.

There was a long sword with a silver hilt and a scabbard at his waist.

“We meet again, Delicious Wind Goose.” The middle-aged man moved a stool over, sat outside the cell, and spoke slowly.

This middle-aged man with a beard asked the Old Goose calmly in a thick voice, “You said, you are from Freezing Water Port, right? And your mayor is called Don Juan Geraint?”

As Dexter Lowy said, the man’s name was Klaus Cass. The Silver Rank Transcended, whom the Third Prince Philip sent over to infiltrate the city guard’s forces.

The real Don Juan Geraint used to be the guard captain.

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