The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 316: Chocolate Or Dove?

Chapter 316: Chocolate Or Dove?

“—Fuck, she has changed!”

“—Come on, it’s Chocolate who has changed!”

“—Fuck off. It’s Chocolate is using my body!”

Dove screamed in exasperation and fought with the players watching the mess on the forum.

She was infuriated because she usually wouldn’t suffer a bitter end like this at all.

She couldn’t believe it. How is this happening?

“Sister Dove?” Suuankou squatted down cautiously and looked at the panicking serval, “Think of the good news, at least you won’t be too tired… Should I carry you away in my arms? Or you can have Chocolate (the pet possessing Dove’s body) to carry you…”

Then, the wild cat immediately went for Suuankou’s face with sharp claws.

“Meow—” Dove looked up and growled sharply.

On the forum, the “meows” were translated at the same time, “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch Chocolate either!”

Suuankou felt wronged.

Before that, he had no problem with physical contact with Dove and Chocolate. Dove was like an elder sister, and her attitude was gentle to him; Chocolate had always been close to him. That was why it leaned over to sniff him.

How come no physical touch is allowed after the person and the cat swapped bodies?

After watching this scene unfold, the forum went crazy.

No matter whether they were busy or not… except for the Child who was temporarily disconnected from the system, their friends had summoned them online to watch Dove changing into a cat.

This had further embarrassed Dove, especially when her student — Delicious Wind Goose, couldn’t help but say, “To be honest… I think you’re cuter as a cat.”

“—What the hell!” Citalopram, “Don’t you think Chocolate is cuter now, Dove?”

“—You wait for me!”

“—Can you take care of my body?”

“—Hehehehe, I will take care of it…”

“Alright, alright……”

Suuankou quickly stopped the crowd, “Let’s not get engrossed with the forum. We should hurry. Citalopram is still lying on the street.

“I won’t touch you for now. Why don’t you let the Chocolate take you? Since you just swapped bodies, maybe you’re not quite used to it? How about you get into the backpack? That way, we can go faster.”

Suuankou said so, but the corner of his mouth raised slightly.

I can’t help it. It’s a little funny to see Dove in this state.

But I can’t laugh, or else the cat will scratch me.

Dove was silent for a while and found that she couldn’t communicate without the forum. So she had to use the translation, “No, I’ll use this body. Chocolate sprints quite fast.

“I can also direct Chocolate to move forward. Don’t bother!” She couldn’t help but meow.

Chocolate imitated Dove’s usual movements, squatted down, and touched Dove.

Dove raised her head in astonishment and looked at Chocolate.

This scene almost made Suuankou laugh out loud.

Suuankou coughed lightly, tried his best to suppress the almost uncontrollable laughter, and said with a serious face, “Maybe this will be resolved once we get out of here. Dove, look at the bright side. Maybe it’s your chance to transfer to a rare profession?”

“… A Meow Druid? Or the Serval [1]?”

[TN: Kemono Friends reference.]

Dove lowered her head pessimistically and sighed, “I’m obviously a beast hunter…”

Of course, it wasn’t that much different now.

Dove added all the experience gained from killing Jude to the [Hunter] profession and put all the skill points she obtained onto the [Shared Perception] skill, successfully raising it to Level 7.

[Shared Perception LV 7: You can communicate seamlessly with your animal companion within 350 meters and exchange visual inputs after a short delay.]

[Effect after acquiring LV4: There is no longer a delay in switching visual input, and the function is further complemented with the sense of smell and hearing.]

[Effect after acquiring LV7: You can exchange your sense of touch at the same time when you switch visual perspective with your animal companion. No stamina is consumed when you activate this skill.]

After raising the skill to Level 7, Dove could switch between her senses with Chocolate at any time.

Although the skill could be activated without consumption, maintaining the effect would still consume her energy.

However, if the perspective switching was frequent enough, she had barely switched back to her real body in a sense.

Simply put, it was multitasking.

However, the exchange of consciousness required a certain level of authority.

So, it wasn’t entirely accurate to say it was an exchange of consciousness but its projection.

Chocolate couldn’t control her body at will, and it could only complete the previous action. On the other hand, Dove could control Chocolate’s body and plan 1 action before swapping out her consciousness.

For example, Dove could maintain a specific movement before switching her consciousness back. After she deactivated the skill, Chocolate would continue the action with her intelligence and instinct until the purpose of the action was completed or Dove issued a new command again.

If there were no other commands after that, Chocolate would move freely.

Dove initially used this skill to control the Chocolate’s cat body, locate the enemy, distract the enemy’s attention, or simply launch a sneak attack independently.

She also frequently practiced “controlling” Chocolate’s body movements in previous training.

At that time, Dove still found the experience quite new. Therefore, she also dedicated her practice to enhancing the utilization of the serval’s body for sneaking and launching attacks.

Given Dove’s intelligence and judgment, the attacks she issued while controlling Chocolate were far more cunning and unpredictable than the attacks Chocolate launched.

She muttered at that time if only she could become a cat.

But, she didn’t expect her words were the flag that made this event happen.

Her training on using the cat’s body was committed out of sheer fun. However, it was put into good use for her at this stage.

“Dove” was still a beast hunter.

The only difference was that she changed from a range shooter to a melee hunter.

Before the two-person and the one cat set off, Dove put a nearby tree as a target and did an experiment.

What surprised her was that her cooperation and Chocolate improved her combat power a little.

Her shooting skills were instinctive.

Her senses on the bow and arrow seemed to have been inherited from her previous world.

Even if Dove didn’t project her consciousness, Chocolate could use her body to shoot like a regular archer without aiming.

It was like Dove’s level when she shot only with her senses and when she didn’t aim.

Simply put, Chocolate just didn’t aim.

Compared with Chocolate, Dove used the serval’s body much more efficiently.

As an animal companion, the attributes of Chocolate also increased alongside Dove’s level. It was just that it wouldn’t acquire a new skill without special training and ritual.

—But the stupid Chocolate didn’t make use of its three abilities, [Nightvision], [Silent Steps], and [Stealth Proficiency].

After Dove utilized the cat’s body, it was almost equivalent to an additional rogue character added to the team.

The price was only that the original Dove had changed from a longbow sniper and an excellent short-range archer to a pure and excellent short-range archer.

All she lost was the ability to shoot at a distance of 100 meters, but the serval’s control did seem better than the typical “AI”.

What’s going on? Why do I suddenly feel like everything is so great? A strange thought popped up in Dove’s mind.

Speaking of it…

Under the current circumstances, was the trigger Chocolate or Dove for the curse that she newly obtained?

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