The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 317: Dove’s Jealousy Over Chocolate’s Skill

Chapter 317: Dove’s Jealousy Over Chocolate’s Skill

Dove quickly calmed down after surrendering to the feeling of embarrassment initially.

Sure enough, part of the reason she calmed down was that she realized that she didn’t lose anything.

Instead, she had gained some benefits.

So on their way to find Citalopram’s body, Dove concentrated on the hands-on teaching for Chocolate through the exchange of consciousness.

Well, it was really hands-on training. She personally controlled her own body remotely to teach Chocolate.

She had a pessimistic view of it. If she couldn’t swap back to her main body in the future, she would at least have Chocolate take good care of her reputation.

It was still a trivial matter for Chocolate to nibble on someone every now and then with the human body. Anyway, the human teeth were flat. It wouldn’t inflict an injury on someone so easily, plus having a pretty girl do it was excusable. Instead, the act of nibbling seemed flirty.

What Dove focused on was to stop Chocolate from making a mess on the floor, urinating randomly, and licking acquaintances.

Even though Chocolate was a female cat, she was pretty clever.

With this hands-on teaching, Chocolate quickly corrected some of the habits she used to have as a cat.

For example, the first habit that Chocolate corrected was squatting on the ground. Human bones were not suited for them to maintain such a pose.

The serval had a habit of sneaking and stalking prey with its head held high in the grass.

After having her pet possess her body, she corrected its habit and changed it to standing upright and looking into the distance with her feet on tiptoe.

It still looked weird, but it was better than squatting on the ground or someone else’s shoe.

After that, Dove quickly corrected the habit of licking her hands and cleaning her face with saliva.

On the other hand, Dove started to have a vague desire to lick her paws.

“—Suuankou, I saw it!” Dove let out a meow. After attracting Suuankou’s attention, she wrote on the forum, “I see Citalopram’s body. It’s right ahead.”

Oh, then let’s hurry up…” Suuankou nodded, his footsteps hurried.

Without Dove distracted from controlling it, Chocolat followed Suuankou’s pace obediently.

Although unwilling, Dove had to admit that Chocolate’s body was handy.

The night vision ability alone made her a little jealous.

Although [Animal Companion] was structured based on animals, they were not completely wild animals. Instead, they were “living vessels” that gradually integrated their life with the hunter.

Not only would the living vessels have their lifespan adjusted with the human, but their shortcomings that were inferior to human attributes would gradually be overcome along with the attribute points increment brought by their human.

But even so, the average [Hunter] would not nurture their profession in the direction of becoming a [Beast Hunter].

The reason was simple. The animal companion that was easier to move about would be weaker than humans. Those stronger animals would be bigger in size, like brown bears or big cats, which were inconvenient to bring around. Worse still, they could be poisoned easily because of their lack of intelligence.

The more practical problem was that the average hunter simply couldn’t communicate with powerful animals.

Strong hunters didn’t need animal companions. All they did was hunt and get more curses; for weaker hunters, they couldn’t even fulfill the ritual for an animal companion.

Taming a wild animal required one’s own effort and power, especially when they were unlike pets. In the effort of taming an animal companion, he couldn’t allow the target to be exposed to another human. On this basis, he had to feed his blood to his animal continuously every day until the blood volume fed was equal to his total blood volume.

At that time, the soul of this wild animal would be bound by the Oath Power, and the souls of the two would be intertwined with each other.

Like the curse, the oath was also a part of the power of this world.

As the animal gradually became stronger, the compatibility between humans and animals would rise progressively.

But there was a problem.

Compared with ordinary hunters, the hunters who focused on nurturing their animal companion could hardly improve themselves. Once their animal companion was killed, their strength would immediately plummet.

But these two problems did not apply to Dove.

In Salvatore’s evaluation, her archery skill was regarded as the top in the world.

Moreover, Chocolate enjoyed the privilege of respawning.

When Chocolate died, there would be no dead body left behind.

It would turn to black ashes like the player and then immediately rematerialize not far away.

The death of Chocolate would also cause Dove to lose experience. But probably it was because the cost of rematerializing Chocolate’s body was relatively cheap or because of its small size… Every time Chocolate died, it would only cause Dove to drop about ⅒ of her experience points.

Dove couldn’t help but feel a little happy about it.

If the animal companion she chose at the beginning was a brown bear, she lost more than 1 level after it died once.

No matter from the perspective of combat power, size, or weight, the experience consumed by a brown bear in one death should be more than her.

With the improvement of Dove’s level, many problems coming from Chocolate’s physique would be alleviated.

For example, the increment of strength, the relief of short-sightedness, and so on.

The serval was outstanding in its dynamic vision, and its vision could reach relatively far in the cat family. However, this vision range was still considered close compared to humans, not to mention Dove’s visionary function at the elite level among humans.

The good news was that the serval still retained a remarkable dynamic vision.

Coupled with the “Transcended” ability that Dove chose initially, she unexpectedly discovered that she could see everything clearly within a radius of about 60 meters.

Everything was clear, just like during the day.

As a matter of fact, this place was dark.

“Chocolate is a stupid cat.” Dove complained in the forum, “Isn’t this body much better than mine?

“I haven’t seen Chocolate utilize [Sneak] before. Look here, Brother Koutsu—” After losing the ability to speak in human language, Dove became a little talkative.

After Suuankou looked over, he saw that Dove’s cat body was slightly lowered. Under some light distortion, it gradually lost its color and became transparent.

Even though there were still traces when it moved, it was only visible under Suuankou’s [Eagle Eye] property under his skill called [Skillful Hands].

It seemed Dove’s [Sneak] would be unchallenged against ordinary Transcended.

“Chocolate seems quite strong.” Suuankou praised, “I hardly notice it.”

“—Isn’t that so? It has such a great skill, but this stupid cat didn’t use it.”

Dove complained, “It also didn’t leverage on [Silent Steps]. It’s annoying. I should have picked a passive skill that increases movement speed.”

She suddenly didn’t want to change back to herself.

“It’s normal. Like when I play games, I rarely use shortcut keys and items in the inventory…” Suuankou defended the cat.

Soon, they walked up to Citalopram’s body.

Looking at Citalopram, who was curled up on the ground as if she had lost her soul, Dove couldn’t help but let out a meow (laughter).

She looks so funny, helpless like a doll… She can’t wake up and has no consciousness. No matter how we play with her, she won’t wake up.

She walked gracefully to Citalopram, opening her mouth as if to bite her throat.

Then, she changed consciousness back to her human body and took a screenshot.

She walked up to Citalopram again and licked her lips with the cat’s body.

Then, she took another screenshot under the human vision again.

Just when Dove was elated with her pose, Citalopram sent a reply on the forum: “—Do you think it’s quite erotic? I think so too.”

Dove: “What?”

Citalopram: “I’m talking about myself. Look at my body lying on the ground like this without any consciousness…”

Dove: “Huh?

Dove was a little dumbfounded.

Is this something that can be posted on the forum?

I have a shameful photo of you being kissed by a cat. Aren’t you going to be embarrassed?

Dove tried her best to contain her shame and raised her tail subconsciously.

Then, she looked back at Suuankou.

But Suuankou also looked down at her blankly, “What are you doing?”

Dove was speechless.

What’s going on with these young people?

Am I out of date?

Or… am I being too conservative…?

Dove, a seventeen-year-old and two-month-old girl, finally realized that she didn’t seem to be young and wild anymore.

At this moment, the time in the zone with the fogged gate reached 9 p.m.

The players had spent one hour within the Fogged Gate.

A mystical but somewhat pleasant hymn came to Dove, Citalopram, and Suuankou’s ears simultaneously without warning.

In this ruin, the rubble scattered everywhere and constantly emitting the azure blue light had started to change.

The brilliance on the stone fluctuated as if it was breathing along with the hymn.

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