The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 315: Dove Had Really Turned Into Chocolate

Chapter 315: Dove Had Really Turned Into Chocolate

Even though it was the Child’s first time using such a peculiar weapon, he did not find it unfamiliar.

After all, the [Elven Swordsmanship] encompassed this weapon.

This glaive, in Boffis words, seemed to be called a ‘ring blade’.

It had the appearance of a bladed hula hoop, a grip on the back, and an opening on the front. Since it was circular, it could easily block and parry enemy attacks. Those highly skilled could even utilize it to hook the enemy’s weapon and then disarm them.

The blades on the sides were firm for blocking, while the blades on the inside were sharper and thinner. While approaching the enemy from behind, there was the option to hook the enemy’s neck in and then exert pressure on the right hand to decapitate the enemy through the sharp blade at the front part of the inner ring.

There was no doubt that this weapon required great mastery and a balanced attribute distribution.

It was a prerequisite to have enough strength in utilizing its capability to block, disarm and dismember the enemy. Moreover, agility played a role for the user to maneuver this weapon flexibly and grab the handle while it was spinning. Of course, its unique shape drained stamina quicker than wielding the typical sword.

The glaive was clearly a weapon only suitable for the Transcended with a balance attribute distribution.

However, since there was a higher requirement on attributes, it was much stronger than a standard sword, given the comparison was under the same amount of strength.

After all, the weapon had made use of the three primary attributes.

Also, the weapon was much handier than a rapier.

The Child had the confidence for melee combat with this weapon.

After exiting the nightmare, I should ask Annan for help to get a weapon like this. This thought surfaced in the Child’s mind.

While many thoughts crossed his mind, he didn’t stop what he was doing with his hands.

He raised the glaive and waved it around.

The glaive in his hand spun rapidly in the air.

The tree in front of him, with a diameter of nearly two meters, was covered with dark green vines in the blink of an eye. In less than two seconds, these vines entangled the tree layer by layer, and even the branches were bound inward by it, making a crunching wooden sound.

At the same time, the Child felt the mysterious power in his body was draining rapidly. The overall cost efficiency was like he was activating three [Vine Strikes] at the same time.

How is it so costly?

Even the Child was startled.

Soon, he quickly realized the situation. If the glaive was Forest Walker’s designated weapon, he should be able to complete the vertical or horizontal “swing” required by the skill [Vine Strike] with the glaive.

For each rotation, its cost was similar to swinging the sword two or three times.

A thought suddenly popped into the Child’s mind.

If I had a glaive in my hand instead of a rapier against Jude, I would be able to hold on for a longer time.

Of course, my stamina will be exhausted at a faster rate.

“It’s fine now, Julian.” The woman nodded with satisfaction, “It seems like you’re working hard.”

After she finished speaking, she glared at Boffis again, “It’s just you being lazy every day!”

“I didn’t…” Boffis retorted in a low volume.

The Child was quite familiar with this scene.

…Oh my God.

One day, I want to be someone’s child too…

The woman reprimanded Boffis for a few words and then said to the Child, “Julian, you have mastered [Geo Strike], [Hydro Strike], and [Vine Strike], right?

“Then, it’s time to teach you the next stage of swordsmanship. After all, you still have to promote your profession into [Wind Dancer] after attaining soul condensation. Let’s try to communicate with the power of the atmosphere first.

“Here’s the swordsmanship I invented, [Aero Strike].”

“—Damn, this Child…”

Annan, who was on his journey, was affected by the Child’s awkward chatter. He couldn’t help but feel nervous while watching the stream.

This fellow is really talented.

Although the stream posted on the forum was interrupted after the Child entered the nightmare, Annan could still spectate the situation with the system’s backend interface.

Then, Annan was shocked.

He was stunned by how the Child chatted with Boffis.

After dealing with the “how’s the weather” deck, the Child asked “Do you have a favorite weather?”, then there came the questions “What did you eat this morning”, “What’s your favorite thing to do”, and suddenly pushed the topic to “Have you heard of Frostwhisperian?”

Annan thought the Child was interrogating her.

The Child seemed to be using an interrogation technique by asking many questions to distract the target before surprising the target with a critical question.

“He isn’t just a normal virgin. Does he suffer from social anxiety or phobia of women?”

But why don’t you get nervous when talking to Boffis’ mother?

So, you’re lusting for Boffis, aren’t you?

Or do you think her mother is not good-looking?

Compared to the Child, Miss Boffis was as gentle as an angel.

Faced with such a strange topic that was provocative, she wasn’t angry but was trying to find a topic so that the Child would not appear too embarrassed.

This kindness was not for the Child but the “Julian” whom the Child enacted. However, she still appeared to be a kind soul.

“In this case, it is indeed possible to guide Citalopram to learn the divine art of the [Backup Dancer of Death Howl].” Annan thought for a moment and nodded.

Boffis should be able to bring information on ways to acquire the Silver Rank profession [Wind Dancer], which would allow the user to step on thin air and fly freely.

With this information, the rest of the players had more options for advancement.

Is this profession an ancient version of “Windrunner”?

Or is it still the same profession, but the name is different because of different times?

On the other side, Dove and Suuankou finally entered the fogged door.

The two of them, like Citalopram, did not enter the nightmare but successfully reached the ruins.

But at this time, something strange happened on Dove’s side.

“…Meow?” Dove raised her claws and scratched blankly at the empty air.

She could see a young girl sitting beside her, who came over to smell her and licked her forehead.

Suuankou, on the side, looked over in confusion, “Dove, what are you doing?”

Before finishing his words, “Dove” suddenly stood up from the ground, leaned against his chest, and sniffed.

The overly intimate action made Suuankou silent for a moment.

He wanted to push “Dove” away gently but was bitten by “Dove”.

Suuankou was speechless.


Dove meowed again, jumped over, and grabbed Suuankou. Then, Suuankou was bombarded with notifications in the forum.

After a while, Suuankou finally realized that someone had tagged him.

“—Help, I have switched body with the cat!”

Dove complained loudly, “Is this a Bug? This is a Bug, right!? How do I change back!?”

After passing through this fogged door, Dove wondered if some abnormal condition had been triggered.

After a strong sense of dizziness, she swapped bodies with her animal companion, the serval she named “Chocolate” without warning.

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