The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 314: Boffis’ Mother

Chapter 314: Boffis’ Mother

After discussing the topic of Wind Dancer, the conversation gradually returned to normal.

Or… at least on the surface, it didn’t continue to get weird.

Suddenly, the Child blurted out, “Speaking of which, I envy those who can fly.”

Boffis’ cheeks blushed.

“I’m fine with that…” she whispered.

As if feeling a little cold, she hugged her slender left arm tightly with her right hand scratching her left shoulder nervously, feeling the coolness of her fingertips.

Her response was like the city’s architectural layout, filled with asymmetry. To put it into perspective, the city seemed to be designed in a manner to identify each other’s location.

Boffis had a strong sense of asymmetry too.

She did not put on accessories at all. He could vaguely see the left shoulder and left arm of the armpit from the side and the right arm that was tightly wrapped, even covering half of the palm. Her skirt was short, which emphasized her figure. Her white dress and heavy metal boots reaching to the knees showed an immense sense of asymmetry.

The Child had a harsh comment on her, but he too was similar.

Only at this time did the Child look at himself.

The most conspicuous thing was the strange boots that were short on the left and long on the right.

His trousers and tunic with two color tones appeared as if being cut right in the middle. It was purple on the left and dark blue on the right. The purple side looked like formal attire with some gold floral decorations and sharp-looking shoulder pads. On the dark blue side, it looked like everyday clothes, supple and lacking in decoration… and black squares.

It gave off a vibe of being “fashionable”.

The hidden meaning would be you don’t usually wear that on outings.

“…Wait, what did you say?” The Child raised his head and looked at Boffis in confusion.

He was thinking about the aesthetic style of elves in this era, and he ignored what Boffis said. In other words, it was because Boffis kept talking that the Child reacted when she was suddenly silent.

But seeing the Child’s reaction, Boffis just stomped her feet a little embarrassedly and raised her voice a little, “No way, no way!

“I won’t fly with you again!”

“Wait…” The Child was a little flustered but then immediately stopped.

Seeing his reaction, Boffis looked even more annoyed.

He wasn’t stupid.

When he blurted out, he realized what Boffis had just said.

Maybe it was something about her planning to fly with me.

It’s my fault for saying something so untimely just now. I guess what I said hinted to her like saying, “I want to watch a movie” or something.

The Child could tell that Boffis liked Julian.

This should be a great chance to get close to her.

After all, if she were to fly with him, she wouldn’t be holding his neck up or installing a Take-copter [1] on him. Instead, she would hold him in her arms and fly together.

But that can’t work… It’s not me that Boffis likes. Instead, it’s the elf youth named “Julian” who looks like a 14- or 15-year-old human.

Although no one (players) will see it, I shouldn’t take advantage of her.

This is wrong because I’m just a child.

At this time, the Child was stubborn and innocent.

Luckily, the awkward pause didn’t last for long. An alluring but somewhat majestic female voice sounded afar, “Julian! Boffis—”

The Child looked up.

His pupils contracted slightly for a moment.

What a stunning beauty.

The figure in the sky had a plump but solid figure. Her waist wasn’t slender, but her chest muscles and thighs were thicc. Under the sunlight, her exposed neck was fair. She had long silky silver hair tied into a ponytail that she draped on her left chest.

She wore something resembling a trench coat with a stand-up collar, and her pants looked like modern slacks.

There were asymmetrical holes presented in different weird geometries on the white trench coat, and her black sweater was exposed under those holes.

For some reason, the Child felt dizzy just staring at the geometric patterns. Like drinking too much alcohol, the world in front of him was fuzzy.

The only similarity the woman in front of him shared with Boffis was the heavy metal boots.

The lady was like a crane with an elegant coat that appeared like wings as she descended on the ground. Her boots were heavy, but that didn’t bother her, and they didn’t even make any noise as she landed.

“Mom!” Boffis exclaimed happily, opening her arms.

But the woman just glared at Boffis. She glanced at the two of them and then asked indifferently, “Did you quarrel?”

“No…” Boffis grumbled disapprovingly.

The woman frowned slightly, “That’s a yes to me.

“—Did you bully Julian again?”

“I just said no…” Under the lady’s stare, Boffis’ voice grew softer and faded away.

This is not good.

She has the air of a female president of the office. Why does she look like this nightmare’s boss monster?

The Child gritted his teeth and politely greeted her, “Teacher.”

This was the information he just got from Boffis. His teacher was Boffis’ mother.

Although the Child didn’t know her name, he was aware that she should be at least in the Gold Rank.

The woman turned her gaze to the Child.

Only then did the child finally see her pupils clearly.

…That’s definitely not a human pupil.

Bright golden pupils were shining brilliantly. But, in those pupils, a faint blue pattern was spinning rapidly.

Her skin exuded faint blue particles. These particles become more visible and even easier to detect with the naked eye at her eyes and fingertips.

Are you a Gundam?

A question arose in the Child’s mind quickly.

Shit, I almost blurted it out.

If it weren’t for the sudden tension when the Child saw her eyes.

He had never experienced this feeling before. The fear and the oppressive feeling made his heart thump violently.

To put it into words, it was like a pet dog encountering a wild wolf. He felt that he had almost screamed out loud.

…Or rather, it was like Pichu [2] meeting Raichu [3]?

But what surprised the Child was that the woman just nodded to the child with satisfaction, “You dare to look into my eyes… Great, it seems you have become braver.

“How’s [Vine Strike] practice going? Show me.”

Yes… The Child replied quietly in his heart without speaking out.

He raised the glaive, threw it out like a boomerang, and held it firmly when it returned. It was like pen spinning [4] during the school days.

Then, he pointed it to the big tree not far away.

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