The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 311: Miss Boffis

Chapter 311: Miss Boffis

Citalopram was deeply fascinated by the ghost girl’s pure and light figure.

Her usually indifferent and calm face was dyed with a red hue due to her strong wish to conquer her. She even felt her breathing a little faster, and her eyes grew sharp.

It was like seeing a cat that she liked very much in a cat cafe. Her mind was in the mood of “I want to pet the cat and bring it back home”.

Seemingly aware of Citalopram’s gaze, the ghost girl who was silently walking down the street threw her gaze over curiously.

The ghost seemed to have noticed her.

After the ghost took a step toward Citalopram, she floated over quickly. She circled Citalopram curiously, sniffing the air.

Like a balloon, she moved agilely and floated like a swimming fish. But it didn’t give off a clumsy vibe — She swung her skirt and swam in circles to assess Citalopram.

After circling Citalopram for a couple of laps, she landed lightly on the ground.

It occurred that she was shorter than Citalopram by about 20 centimeters. At this moment, she held her skirt, raised her head, and showed a carefree smile to Citalopram as she curtsied, “Hello, the Pale Princess’s follower!

“The name is Boffis! My full name is Boffis Cecilia, and I don’t have an honorary title yet. I’m a Wind Dancer!”

Miss Boffis was happy and elated to meet Citalopram, “I haven’t met someone who can see me for a long time!”

“My name is Citalopram.” Citalopram responded politely, “However, don’t wizards come here often?”

“I’m not an ordinary spirit, so they can’t see me…” Boffis pursed her lips with her energy being low-spirited, “Only the Pale Princess’s believers can see me…”

Her emotional fluctuations seemed ridiculous.

In the blink of an eye, she became excited again, reached out to Citalopram, and said expectantly, “Can you touch me? Do you feel it?

“What do you want here? Just talk to me, and I can help you find it!” Boffis was like a puppy that sees its owner coming home, jumping around in excitement.

On the other hand, Citalopram was like the smiling parents.

She narrowed her eyes slightly and murmured subconsciously, “…I really feel like taking her away with me.”

From the live stream window, her words were crystal clear. The spectators became wild in the bullet texts:

“—Fuck, someone here is abducting an innocent ghost girl!”

“—Stop, she isn’t a “girl” anymore, considering the typical age of the elves and the duration of the ghost’s existence…”

“—Stop the nonsense. She is a girl as long as she is pretty.”

“—I thought you were the most normal among the female players in our group, but I didn’t expect…”

“—Sister Wen, be normal…”

[TN: Her real name is Wen Xue.]

“—I seem to have heard the hungry drooling voice just now. Is it a hallucination?”

Citalopram completely ignores these impolite bullet texts.

She just gave a gentle smile and reached out to Boffis’ hand.

At the next moment, she felt her soul tremble.

As if she had used the [Pale Body] ability, Boffis had dragged her soul out from her body.

Citalopram looked back and found her body falling forward, kneeling on the ground with the head lowered and then slowly falling to the side.

In those half-open eyes, there was no spirit in it. After blinking weakly, her body had its eyes shut. If it weren’t for the faint fluctuations on her chest, she would even think she had already died.

Should I safe keep my unused body somewhere? This thought popped into Citalopram’s mind for a moment, but she vetoed it quickly.

Compared with her body, it felt more important for her to accompany cute girls.

After all, no strangers should come to this place.

Hello, the Child and Dove? Are you watching the stream?

“—Can you hear me? I’ll leave my body to you…” Citalopram lowered her voice and said softly.

Boffis asked curiously, “What did you say?”

“I’m just talking to myself. Don’t worry about it.”

With a gentle attitude that Jiu Er had never seen before, Citalopram reached out and hugged Boffis directly. She said with a smile, “I’m really happy to meet such a lovely ghost like you.”

“…Me too.” Boffis blushed and whispered.

She was immediately started after having a stranger hugging her from behind.

But this faint discomfort and tension was nothing compared to finally seeing a “companion” who could respond to her words and touch her.

The feeling of being hugged again even made her tear up.

Although the embrace was equally cold, those words were enough to warm her heart.

“Are you going anywhere? Are you looking for something? Or some “Influence” to collect? I can take you there!” Boffis looked with those pitiful cat eyes.

She was much more proficient in moving her ethereal body than Citalopram — even without wings, she could fly as she pleases. On the other hand, Citalopram couldn’t do that yet.

But once she just dragged Citalopram along with her, she could fly along with her newly acquainted stranger.

The scene was like the golden retriever biting the leash, pulling his master, and trying to walk to the door.

“I’m here to collect some [Influences].” Citalopram said warmly, “Speaking of which… Boffis, what is this place? I want to understand this place from the beginning.”

“If you are asking about the original name of this land, then it is called the Nuosheng River Valley, at least that was its name in the Third Age.

“And if you want to ask, what do we call this area… You may call it the ‘specimen storage’, the ‘nightmare foundation’, or the ‘sealed record tape’. I don’t know whatever it is called now…”

“…specimen storage?” Citalopram had a wild idea in her heart and asked curiously, “What does it do specifically?”

“…It does what it says literally.”

Hearing Citalopram’s words, Boffis gestured somewhat confused and clumsily, “It’s… the foundation of nightmares.”

Then, Citalopram came to a realization, “You mean… there is a nightmare here?”

“It’s a public nightmare, not just a nightmare.” Boffis corrected, “The specimen storage is a technology we used back then… Since it uses curse energy technology, your people may have abandoned it.

“…Well, do you know the nature of nightmares?”

Hearing this, Citalopram shook her head decisively.

“What about the curse energy?”

Citalopram shook her head again

“Then, do you know about the dream world?”

Citalopram shook her head again.

“—What a clueless streamer. I’m going to follow your stream.”

“—Did you just reply I don’t know to all her questions…?”

“—You don’t know because you know. That’s so philosophical.”

…Assholes, you’re talking like you know the answer. Citalopram couldn’t help but mutter in her heart.

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