The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 310: Citalopram’s Fetish

Chapter 310: Citalopram’s Fetish

Is this a nightmare?

Can I just enter a nightmare simply by walking through a door?

When the Child saw the prompts, he suddenly felt his right hand empty — Citalopram had disappeared.

The Child was in a trance.

When he finally woke up, he found himself standing in front of a giant tree.

The warm sunset brilliance sprinkled on his face, giving off a heart-warming feeling.

Only at this time did the Child realize that his body had shrunk.

To be more precise, his consciousness entered the body of another young elf.

It was completely different from any nightmare he had experienced before.

Not only that he didn’t get any main mission…

Moreover, he still felt the power of nature from the [Forest Walker] profession boiling in his body… His physical attributes were quite similar to his original body too.

What differed was the weapon in his right hand.

It was no longer a rapier but a slender and light glaive similar to what Maiev Shadowsong [1] owned.

“Julian? Julian~” A pleasant voice sounded behind him.

He turned around following the voice and saw a teenage-looking elf girl with silver hair. She wore a white dress with only her left shoulder and left arm exposed, which extended to the length of 10 cm about her knees.

She put her hands behind her back and looked at him curiously, “What are you thinking, Julian?

“Mom is coming back soon? Or… have you mastered Vine Strike?” The Child was stunned by the elf girl.

It wasn’t the “elf’s soul” he knew before.

It was real… a living being like the girl next door!

He could even smell the fragrance from the girl vividly.

The place where he stood wasn’t a ruin.

Then, his pupils shrank slightly.

At the place not far away behind the girl…

There was an enormous building more than 100 meters high, composed of azure blue luminous rocks, shining with iridescent brilliance and making a strange humming sound. It seemed like a windmill and like a snail shell at the same time, constantly extracting something from the ground.

The part connecting the building with the earth was 100 meters in diameter. The surrounding ground collapsed and cracked as if the water had been drained.

The perimeter of the extraction port was vast and empty until the Child’s location. The trees there were chopped with a big open area remained.

Not far away from the Child was a prosperous city.

The giant tree man strolled on the street.

White stags the Child had never seen before gleamed and trotted on the empty air.

There was little traffic on the streets, but delicate vines were entwined around every building and bridge. The patterns on the vines were like art too.

Those “elves” were not what the children imagined; they were not slender primitive people who wore leaf clothes or animal skins that covered a small portion of their bodies and held bows and arrows.

Instead, they dressed pretty modernly… What the Child meant was modern times of his original earth.

There were signs that elves seemed ahead of his era.

The elves weren’t wearing the casual clothes he would wear on the street but outfits that gave off the vibe of Paris Fashion Week.

What surprised the Child even further was the airship floating in the distance. In addition, there were billboards in the cyberpunk fashion hung on the giant buildings in the city.

What the hell is this?


What is going on in your world?

How can this high-tech tree grow upside down?

The Child had many complaints stuffed in his throat, which he couldn’t speak out nor swallow down.

It took a long time for the Child to recover himself from the feeling that “he had entered the wrong game”.

He looked at the girl in white who seemed to have the word “innocence” written on her face beside him and decided to fool her first, “Ah, I mean… you.”

He pretended to be a little arrogant, raised his head, and made a crisp youth voice, “When will your mother come back?”

“Boffis!” The girl shook her head unhappily and responded earnestly, “My name is Boffis!”

She smacked her hair on the Child’s face, making him feel like someone had whipped him.

…But they smell nice.

Fine, at least I have acquired her name for the time being.

The Child secretly rejoiced in his heart.

Since the elf girl’s clothes were a little revealing no matter if it was the top or the bottom. The Child, who didn’t interact much with the lady, did not dare to look at her for too long.

He touched the tip of his nose nervously, thinking about the following topic in silence.

What should I say…?

“…Ah, the weather is nice today.” After a long silence, the Child said nonchalantly.

On the other side…

After Citalopram stepped into the fog door, she felt the familiar sense of touching the floor with a slight dizziness.

She also found out that her stream was still working fine.

The only problem was…

“…I seem to have lost our captain.” She accepted this reality almost immediately and calmly said to the two waiting outside through the stream, “Don’t panic. As the captain said, I’m your new captain now.

“Also, I didn’t mean to rob away his leadership. He disappears on his own, and I shall respect his decision.” Citalopram casually chatted with the bullet text while looking up.

Undoubtedly, I’m in a ruin.

However, it’s still a euphemism to describe it as a ruin.

The buildings here were even more dilapidated than Ishgard [2], destroyed by the dragon.

[TN: A location in Final Fantasy XIV.]

Even Citalopram couldn’t understand what the ruin was originally like or what the place was used for. There were many potholes with smooth surfaces on the ground.

It didn’t look like it was blown up by something, but it looked like it was dug up by something.

Soon, she stopped walking.

Citalopram saw a silver-white, translucent ghost of a young girl wandering on the street not far away… It should be a street.

The ghost was wearing a white dress with only the left shoulder and left arm exposed, and the dress extended to the length of ten centimeters above the knee.

The delicate and lovely smiling face attracted Citalopram. First, she was slightly startled, and then she couldn’t help but take a closer look.

The ghost had slender and straight legs, clean knees, small and delicate white boots, and cute sleeves covering half of the right palm. Her looming figure because of her exposed left shoulder had even enchanted Citalopram.

Citalopram’s breathing grew a little quicker, and her gaze towards the ghost girl was a little more aggressive.

I want to take her home…

—Indeed, Citalopram was someone who would go into a frenzy because of cute and handsome faces.

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