The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 312: The Pale Princess Is An Ally!

Chapter 312: The Pale Princess Is An Ally!

Realizing that Citalopram didn’t seem to know anything, Boffis frowned in distress and tapped her head, “This is troublesome to explain from the beginning… I can’t seem to remember these things well…

Well, the world’s history will be stored in the ‘dream world’. The dream world is a fragment of the world where only information exists and is closely connected to our world. The so-called ‘nightmare’ is a small piece of history in the dream world. It’s projected with the human soul as the cornerstone with the curse acting as the paint… or rather the filling.

“Curse energy isn’t a good energy source. It uses curse as a medium to extract and save power coming from the depths of the leylines as energy.”

“…In that case, won’t Bone Burying Grandma trouble you?” Citalopram couldn’t help but ask.

Why does this sound vaguely like a mako [1]…?

Do you want to use the planet as a spaceship?

Boffis shook her head, “What we extract is not the earth’s energy, but the “world’s edge” further deep. We first collect the accursed dust through the accursed energy windmill. After special treatment, we pumped the collected accursed dust into the depths of the earth…”

As Boffis explained, she suddenly stopped talking as if she had realized something.

Citalopram had a rough idea of ​​what she meant.

In short, it is an unstable and polluted energy source, right?

“What about specimen storage?” Citalopram spoke gently, changing the topic.

Sure enough, Boffis had replied slowly and earnestly, “The specimen storage is the artificial projection of a historical record… A nightmare that can be preserved for a long time.

“We Osserians used to utilize those energies in bulk. Like you said, Bone Burying Grandma, Silent Lady, and Mr. Ray came to stop us. But when we finally realized the problem, we had absorbed too many curses. Our civilization can no longer survive.

“But we plan to leave something behind. The books can’t last long enough, and the stone tablet and crystal will deteriorate. In the end, we chose this method instead of literature records to preserve our history in batches.

“To create a nightmare that can exist forever, we need a lot of [Silver Soul] as a support…”

Boffis opened her hands slightly.

There was sadness in her eyes.

“…I was supposed to be one of the supports.”

She said softly and quietly, “If it all goes well, I won’t be here alone for more than a thousand years. I should have been sacrificed into the seedbed of nightmares and the cornerstone of history…

“But now I’m the only one left…” Boffis squatted down slowly, hugged her knees, lowered her head, and whispered, “I’m the only one left… being left behind by everyone. I’m lucky and unfortunate.

“—I’m the only one left alive.” Boffis’ voice was soft.

The situation was like everyone had committed suicide, but she was the only one surviving in the end.

As she whispered, Citalopram saw some eerie and indescribable spirit bodies rising from the surrounding ruined azure blue rocks.

Unlike her and Boffis, those spirits had a good-looking soul that closely matched her physical appearance.

Some were like chunks of blueberry-flavored candy or stretched rice cakes.

The blue spirits were slender and long. It had no hands nor feet, but there were many heads and a very long “neck”.

Some had two heads, some had three heads, some had five heads, some had seven heads, and another with eleven heads. Their heights also varied from three to four meters to more than 20 meters high.

Those heads and bodies were connected with translucent blue tentacles.

The taller the “seagrass”, the greater the number of heads.

But the number of heads seemed to be a prime number.

They were like vertically inverted giraffes with many weird legs standing on their heads.

An excellent metaphor popped into Citalopram’s mind.

The heads in each group of “giraffes” whispered to the other heads in the same group, speaking a language that Citalopram didn’t understand.

At this moment, Citalopram suddenly realized a Basic Influence called [Whispers of Grace] imposed on her inexplicably.

Although the wizards can’t see it, are these unique spirit monsters everywhere in this ruin?

These spirits seemed to have floated out from the ground only because of Boffis’ emotions. If she didn’t have the [Pale Body] ability, she could only see blue glimmers on the ground.

Looking at these strange spirit bodies, Citalopram bit her right thumb nervously.

…This is bad.

She didn’t feel any fear from these swaying entities with human heads and seaweed-like spirit bodies. Instead, she found them to be inexplicably cute.

Maybe it’s the issue of filters and color scheme.

If it weren’t for this beautiful, fairyland-like blue-green color scheme and a hazy shimmer, even Citalopram would feel a little scared if the surrounding environment and these “human head seaweeds” were replaced with a black-and-red color scheme.

At this moment, she really wanted to touch it to see if the texture of these “human head seaweed” was bouncy or soft.

If she suddenly went over and touched them, the players would label her as mentally ill.

I want to take these home too. What should I do?

But before that…

“Can you leave with me, Boffis?” Citalopram coughed lightly, squatted down, and whispered to Boffis, who had become depressed.

She had forgotten everything about missions, influences, teammates, etc… As long as she could earn rapports from Boffis and even pack Boffis away, she had possibly achieved all of those.

This is the checkmate move!

Hearing this, Boffis raised her head.

She had a smile on her face, putting away the crying expression, “Of course! After all, you are the Pale Princess’s believer!

“When you get the divine art of [Backup Dancer], you must come back to me! I’m super strong!”

…Will you still cry?

Oops, why does it feel much cuter…?

“…I will definitely be back!” Citalopram followed her desires and answered with great determination.

It turns out that the Pale Princess’s priest could rear ghost-type pets.

Sure enough, I didn’t choose the wrong faith!

This person called the Pale Princess is a woman of culture!

Citalopram had never met the Pale Princess, had never heard the deity’s voice she believed in, and even didn’t know what the Pale Princess looked like. However, she inexplicably found the deity assigned to her at random to be amiable.

It was like the agreeableness when she discussed her R18+ fetish with her netizens.

I always feel that the Pale Princess is an ally!

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