The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]


LUO YAN was sitting inside the library. It was a huge library with dozens of shelves full of books. One even needed to climb a ladder in order to get some of the books. The books were separated between educational and literature. The educational books were further separated from different arts and sciences. While the literature were differentiated by genres.

When Luo Yan first entered this place, he was truly shocked and amazed. He didn't think that a house could have a library this big. According to his older brother, their father loved reading that's why their mother didn't hesitate to include a library this big when she was designing the house. That only further proved just how much their parents loved each other.

After the family's conversation during breakfast, Luo Jin immediately announced that he would start teaching him today. Now, Luo Yan was waiting for him in the library. He wondered first why they couldn't just study in Luo Jin's room, and then he remembered that his brother's room was in the second floor. Luo Jin was probably worried that he'd be tired if they studied there. After all, the house's stairs was quite high and long. With his current condition, he might stumble and fall if he wasn't careful enough.

When Luo Yan realized that, he only smiled. This younger brother of his was really just a big ball of fluff inside.

After a while, the door of the library opened and Luo Jin entered. He was holding a stack of papers. He walked towards Luo Yan and sat beside his chair. He put the papers on the table in front of them, chose one and put it in front of Luo Yan. He also opened a pencil case with a mechanical pen and eraser inside.

"First, I want you to answer the questions in this paper. It's okay if you don't know the answer. Just leave it as blank and just answer what you can. I will check your answers after," Luo Jin unceremoniously said.

He wanted to know first the current level of understanding his second brother had. If it stayed in the fourth grade level or if it regressed. After finding the result, then he would coordinate with the tutors that his father hired. He didn't want his brother to be called stupid by others. He could but others couldn't. He wanted his second brother to be the best in the eyes of others. No one was allowed to insult him.

"Okay, Ah Jin," Luo Yan said.

He looked down at the paper in front of him and his face immediately turned black when he saw the questions on it. It was a Math paper. A first grade Math paper! 10+1... 8+5... 7+9... The more he saw, the blacker his face became. He literally could feel his brain hurting. It's like this paper was physically attacking his IQ.

He glanced sideways at Luo Jin. He was looking at him, his eyes full of silent encouragement. Luo Yan forced himself to calm down. His brother was not deliberate. Most probably, Luo Jin just wanted to test his level of understanding. But still.

In the end, he only sighed and answered all the question on the paper.

"I'm done, Ah Jin," he said and pushed the paper to Luo Jin.

Luo Jin took it and checked the answer. He nodded in satisfaction when he saw that his second brother answered it all correctly. "Very good. This one's next."

The next one was actually a second grade Math test paper! Luo Yan still endured and tried his best not to gnash his teeth. But when the next paper came and it was still a third grade Math test paper, he couldn't do it anymore. Because at that point, not only was his brain hurting, even his stomach and liver were complaining to him.

He breathed deeply before turning to Luo Jin, his face already the mask of innocence. "Ah Jin, these questions are too easy. Are there anything more difficult? Can I pick the next test?"

Before Luo Jin could answer, Luo Yan already picked the stack of papers in front of his brother. He quickly looked through it and his face blackened again when he discovered that the highest level of questions in every subjects was in sixth grade. He sighed and just picked a sixth grade Math test paper. He answered it easily then gave it back to Luo Jin.

Luo Jin was a little bit doubtful when he saw his brother picking a sixth grade Math test paper. But when he checked the paper and found that his brother managed to answer everything correctly, he was amazed. He suddenly remembered that before the accident, his brother had always been the top of his class. Just like their older brother. That's why Luo Jin also started to study hard. Because he wanted to be like his brothers.

Luo Jin was happy to know that not only his brother's intelligence did not regress, he was still as smart as before. With the best tutors, his brother would definitely be able to catch up to high school level in no time. Maybe he could even go to the same high school as him this coming new shool year.

"Well, this is good. At least with this, I could confidently tell Dad and Older Brother that you didn't turn stupid."

Luo Yan almost resisted the urge to smack this brother. He swore, when those tutors came, he would show them how smart he was. At first, he wanted to act low-key and just showed gradual progress. There's no need for him to work hard after all. Even if he chose to be a salted fish all his life, this family would certainly support him. But with this experience, he found out that he couldn't take being treated like his IQ was on the same level as that of a child. Then it's better to be treated like a genius.

He wouldn't allow his IQ to be attacked again. Because seriously, it might really caused long-term damage to his brain.

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