The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]


LUO YAN woke up because of the ringing of the alarm on his bedside table. He sleepily turned it off and when he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the face of the big plush bear he was hugging. He hugged it tightly. He really liked this big bear that Luo Jin gave him. It's soft, fluffy, and comfortable to hug. Making it easier for him to fall asleep at night. After giving it one last squeeze, he finally sat up and looked around his huge room.

The walls were painted with the lightest blue. When you looked at it, you couldn't help but feel calm. There were two doors inside, one leading to a walk-in closet, the other one leading to the bathroom. Both could be compared to the size of an already big room in an ordinary household. The bed was also king sized with a dark blue bedding that had cute rabbit designs on them. There was a study table and on top of it was the latest MacBook.

But the one thing that Luo Yan absolutely loved about this room was the floor to ceiling window. He stood up and walked towards the said window. He parted the cerulean blue curtain to one side, revealing the floor to ceiling window. Luo Yan opened it and the morning sun immediately hit his body. He smiled when he saw the beautiful rose garden in front of him.

His room was on the first floor and directly facing the back garden. Whenever he saw this place, there's a soft feeling inside his chest. Despite not remembering much, Luo Yan could feel that the original owner had a lot of good memories in this garden. That's why he also couldn't help but feel good whenever he saw it.

After having his morning fill of the garden, he went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.

It had been five days since Luo Yan came home. During those five days, he thoroughly understood just how rich his new family was. It's not just this big house or all the expensive things inside it, it was more on the things that Luo Yan found on the internet. That's the first thing he did when he saw the MacBook inside his room.

He found a lot of articles about his father on Baidu. The more he read, the more amazed he became. Their family was not only rich, they're one of the richest people in S City or probably even the country. His father - Luo Wei Tian - was the founder, president, and CEO of Tianhua Group. It was a company that dealt with real estate and land development. A lot of malls, resorts, subdivision, and apartment complex in the country were developed by Tianhua Group. Just by that, one could easily tell just how rich the Luo family was.

Luo Yan was a bit overwhelmed at first. Because he thought he would be just a run-of-the-mill rich second generation. He didn't realize he would really be a bonafied young master.

Maybe this was God's compensation to him for killing him before he could even harvest the fruits of his labor. So He gave him a loving family who would spoil him to no end and they were even super rich to boot. Something he never had in his last life. If that was the case, then he would more than gladly accept this compensation.

Luo Yan went out of the bathroom then he went to his walk-in closet and took his yoga mat outside. He placed it in front of his floor to ceiling window. Then he started his morning exercise.


"Good morning!" Luo Yan greeted when he went to the dining room. His father and two brothers were already there, waiting for him to eat breakfast.

Since his arrival five days ago, all of them had breakfast and dinner together. Even though his father and older brother were both busy, they still made sure that they would eat together with him and Lou Jin.

After knowing that his father was the president of Tianhua Group, Luo Yan truly understood just how important he was to him. After all, he's willing to sacrifice his important time just so he could accompany him when he was still in the hospital. That's already plenty enough proof. He was truly thankful that this was the family that God gave him. Now, he no longer felt like he was the unluckiest person on Earth.

The three greeted him back. Luo Yan sat beside Lou Jin and they all started to eat.

"Dad, I think you should start hiring tutors for Yan," Luo Jin suddenly said. "He has to make up seven years of lost education. Since his health is pretty much back to normal now, I think it's time we focus on his education."

All three suddenly looked at Luo Jin as if they were seeing an alien.

"Xiao Jin, did you eat something bad? Or did you just hit your head?" Luo Ren asked.

Luo Jin blushed profusely. "What? I just don't want our brother to turn stupid, okay?"

Luo Yan expected that either his father or older brother would open the topic of him having a tutor. Who would have thought that Luo Jin would mention it first? Luo Yan secretly smiled. This younger brother of his was really a big tsundere.

"I'm just teasing you," Luo Ren said with a small grin on his face.

"Xiao Jin is right. I've been negligent," their father suddenly said. Luo Wei Tian was so immersed in the happiness of having his son back at their home that he almost neglected the matter of his education. "Don't worry, Xiao Yan. I will hire the best tutors for you."

Thinking that he had to force himself to 'learn' everything again, he held himself back from grimacing. He couldn't possibly tell them that he already had a college diploma and there's absolutely no need for tutors at all. So Luo Yan had no choice but to just smile and agree. "Okay, Dad."

"Then, Dad, can I teach Yan while you're still looking? Since I'm pretty free and has nothing else to do," Luo Jin volunteered.

Luo Yan looked at his younger brother. "Does Ah Jin know how to teach?" he asked, disbelief written on his pretty face. Because, honestly, he really couldn't believe that Luo Jin had the patience to teach other people.

Their father and older brother both suddenly burst into laughter. While Luo Jin's face turned red again.

"If you don't want to, then forget it!" Luo Jin snorted.

"Yan Yan, Xiao Jin is the number one student in his year. So you can rest assured that he can teach you," Luo Ren said.

Now, that's something Luo Yan truly didn't expect. Who could blame him? It's all because this younger brother looked like he's got the stereotypical delinquent role from a teen idol drama. Those types didn't usually know how to study, right?

Luo Yan smiled brightly at Luo Jin, his big peach blossom eyes shining. "Wow, Ah Jin you're so powerful! Then you have to teach your brother well."

"Hmp! Of course I would," Luo Jin said. Despite the annoyed tone, everyone in that table could see that he was clearly happy.

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