The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]


LUO YAN and Luo Jin were sitting in the back of a black luxury car. They were on their way to F University to attend their older brother's graduation ceremony. Their older brother was already there. He needed to prepare since he's chosen to give the graduation speech. Probably because he's the top graduate of the Business Department. And being the son of the president of Tianhua Group was also an added factor. Their father would come later so Luo Yan and Luo Jin went there first.

Luo Yan looked outside the window of the car. Tomorrow, the tutors his father hired would come to their house to teach him. He already had a plan on how he would deal with them. He would show his great ability to learn. He would let them teach him, of course. He couldn't just suddenly learn everything after all. Then he would act like he understood what they were teaching with just them explaining it to him once. That would show that he's the type who can easily absorb everything that's being taught to him. It would certainly make him appear like some kind of genius. But that's definitely better than being labeled as stupid.

When Luo Yan found out that his family was rich, the first thought he had was if he could just live his life as a salted fish. Doing nothing and just relying on the wealth of their family. But after slowly getting to know his father and two brothers, he realized just how much he didn't want to bring shame to them. So, he would graduate, bring them honor, and then do all the things he wanted to do but couldn't in his last life.

Soon, they arrived at the gate of F University. There were crowds of people going in, showing that it was definitely graduation season. The driver stopped the car and went out. Then he opened the door of the backseat for the two young masters. When the two got off the car, they immediately attracted a lot of attention. One was a handsome, tall teenager while the other was a beautiful, petite boy.

Luo Jin was wearing a blue denim jacket, which he folded up to his elbows, over a white shirt and a black jeans. Which he paired up with a pair of white Nike rubber shoes. His black hair was swept back, clearly showing his smooth forehead. He was also wearing a silver cross earrings. Completely showing his wild charm.

Lou Yan on the other hand was the complete opposite. He was wearing a purple wool sweater that's a tad bit oversized and a white bermuda shorts. He paired those with a purple high top converse. His soft black hair was under a white mariner's cap. With his big peach blossom eyes and delicate white skin, he looked absolutely lovely.

Luo Yan, of course, noticed the attention the crowd was giving them. He didn't mind. He's not the shy or introverted type. He even dressed himself in a way that would maximize his cuteness. With this fairy face, it would be a shame if he wouldn't.

"Young Masters, the bouquet," the driver reminded them, handing them a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses.

Luo Yan immediately took it. "Thank you, Uncle," he sweetly said. Then he turned to Luo Jin. "Ah Jin, let's go."

Luo Jin looked at the dense crowd and frowned. "Make sure to stay near me. I can't have you going off somewhere and getting lost."

"Yes, Ah Jin," Luo Yan only said. He's already used to Luo Jin's annoyed tone. He didn't mind it since he knew he's just a tsundere who couldn't express his feelings properly.

When they entered the gate, Luo Yan couldn't help but looked around. This lively atmosphere reminded him of his own graduation. He also graduated the top of his class. But no family member came to congratulate him. He thought he was already numb to that kind of pain. But when he saw others with their families, laughing and crying, he still felt a little bit sad.

He shook his head. This was not the time to think about that. That was no longer his life. This time he was sure that once he graduated from university, his father and brothers would be there for him.

No longer thinking about that, he turned to his side and realized that Luo Jin was not there. There weren't even many people around. He completely wandered off without even realizing it! Luo Jin would definitely scold him later. He tried to take his phone from his pocket but immediately noticed that it was not there. He probably left it in the car. Yup. It's official. Luo Jin would definitely skin him alive.

"Little brother, are you lost? Do you want big brother to help you?" a voice in front suddenly said.

Luo Yan looked up and saw a young man in front of him. He didn't really have time to observe him because the first thing he noticed was the perverted way he was looking at him. Luo Yan immediately got goosebumps. Did this bastard not notice that he's a guy?

Instead of answering, he just turned around. But when he was about to leave, the damn guy suddenly held his wrist.

Feeling the soft skin he was touching, the guy became even more excited. "Hey, little brother, don't ignore me."

Luo Yan tried to pull his hand back but he couldn't. He just simply lacked the strenght to successfully do it. Thinking if he should just kick this guy's 'little brother' or scream to attract other people's attention, a voice suddenly spoke from above them.

"You're noisy," a cold voice said.

Then a tall man suddenly jumped down from the tree near them. Luo Yan almost caught his breath when he saw the man's face. Because the guy was just simply gorgeous. His hair was so black that it almost had a blue sheen to it, just like a raven's feather. His skin was white but not the kind of unhealthy white. He had a high nose and thin red lips. But the most attractive part of his face was his eyes.

It was electric blue. Gazing into it just felt like he was looking at the brightest sky.

Luo Yan still didn't know at that time that that encounter would completely change his life forever.

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