The Queen of Everything

Chapter 444 - Did You Hear Me?

Chapter 444: Did You Hear Me?

It was obvious that something had happened to Xian Zi. It was the production crew’s arrangement.

They asked Xian Zi to leave temporarily and to ask Su Cha to take care of Li Miyi.

Although Su Cha was reluctant, she raised her eyebrows and said lightly, “Okay.”

It was just a child—how could it not be handled?

“That’s great. Q Ball is actually quite easy to take care of. There are dishes in the fridge for lunch. If you really don’t know how to cook, you can bring Q Ball out for lunch. The snacks he wants are basically already in the fridge. Just give them to him when he wants them.”

After cleaning up the kitchen, Xian Zi told Su Cha about Li Miyi. Su Cha listened to her casually.

When they arrived in the living room, Xian Zi said gently, “Q Ball, I have to go out for a day but will come back tonight. Is it okay for Sister Su Cha to take care of you today?”


Li Miyi probably did not expect that she’d leave a stranger to take care of him. He turned his face away unhappily. “Where are you going?”

Xian Zi went over and touched Li Miyi’s head. “I have something to do.”

Li Miyi grunted unhappily.

Xian Zi turned around and looked at Su Cha helplessly. Su Cha only hugged her arms and smiled lightly, saying nothing.

She spoken with him quickly. After packing her things, she went out with her bag.

Su Cha wanted to send her off, but Xian Zi did not let her. She took the elevator and left.

After she left, the director reminded Su Cha through the earpiece, “Su Cha, go and buy some food for Li Miyi this afternoon.”


Su Cha rejected him directly.

She had not done it for Bo Muyi yet. If he saw her cooking for someone else, even if it was a child, Su Cha did not doubt that Bo Muyi would blow up.

As soon as Xian Zi left, Li Miyi completely ignored Su Cha. Su Cha did not care about him and just sat on the sofa leisurely scrolling through Weibo on her phone. It was a rare free time. Although she was recording a show, she could also empty her mind.

The production crew was a little anxious. They looked at the female contestants from other groups. All of them were trying their best to please the children. Besides, the other children had good tempers. Soon, they got along well with each other. On the other hand, Li Miyi was playing with a toy while Su Cha was sitting on the sofa and scrolling through Weibo. The two had nothing to do with each other. It was f**king harmonious!

It was useless to remind Su Cha. In the end, the production crew did not care about it anymore. Anyway, the edited footage would be like this. If Su Cha was bashed for it, it would not be their fault.

But the harmonious scene did not last long. Li Miyi could not take it anymore.

He stood up and said in a fierce and cute voice, “I’m hungry. Go and peel an apple for me to eat.”

The production crew tensed up. Li Miyi was starting to lose his temper. If Su Cha did not go, he would probably throw a tantrum.

Unexpectedly, Su Cha glanced at Li Miyi and answered decisively, “I don’t know how to.”

Li Miyi: “???”

The production crew: “…”

“You don’t even know how to peel an apple. Are you really here to take care of me?”

Li Miyi was still confident and shocked by the fact that Su Cha could not even cut an apple.

Su Cha was more confident than him. She raised her eyebrows and sneered, “When did I say I’m here to take care of you?”

Li Miyi was dumbfounded. He shouted, “Xian Zi just went out and asked you to take care of me!”

Su Cha: “Did you hear that I agreed?”

Li Miyi was speechless.

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