The Queen of Everything

Chapter 443 - You Take Care of Q Ball Today

Chapter 443: You Take Care of Q Ball Today

No matter what, this was a recording, but Su Cha did not follow the routine.

Xian Zi was a little embarrassed and did not know what to say. For a moment, the production crew wondered if Su Cha had low emotional intelligence.

Even if she did not like this child, she had to put on an act. Otherwise, when it was broadcasted, even if she tried her best to make a good cut, her performance would be too different from Li Miyi’s. Wouldn’t Li Miyi’s fans greet Su Cha with wrath?

No matter how naughty this child was, he had many fans because he was too good-looking.

Even if some scolded him, it was just an online attack. Who would bear to say such harsh words in real life?

That was why Li Miyi was so spoiled.

After a short silence, everyone started to eat breakfast quietly.

In order not to be bored, Xian Zi took the time to ask about Su Cha’s basic situation. She asked about what she was doing, so that she could find a topic for Su Cha to avoid being screened.

This female star looked pretty good. Su Cha knew that she was not pretending.

Moreover, she seemed to really be as easy to bully as she appeared on the surface. She was too weak and could not help but want to be bullied by others.

Of course, it was just a superficial feeling. Su Cha was not such a person.

But it was obvious that Li Miyi had taken advantage of her.

After breakfast, Li Miyi stopped eating halfway. Xian Zi was a little worried. “Q Ball, are you not hungry? You will be hungry again soon. Do you want to eat something else?”

However, Li Miyi got off the stool and went to play with his toy. She spoke so softly that she was no threat at all.

Xian Zi was already used to this situation.

She looked at Su Cha who had finished her sandwich and asked, “Su Cha, are you full?”

“…” Actually, she was not, but Su Cha did not say much during the recording. She just nodded.

Without needing Xian Zi to say anything, she quietly helped Xian Zi bring the plates of sandwiches into the kitchen.

Of course, Xian Zi would not let her wash the dishes. Seeing her take the initiative to do these, she became more fond of her and said softly, “Let me wash it. Go to the living room and play with Q Ball for a while. Get familiar with him.”

She had already tried her best to take care of Su Cha.

Su Cha nodded and went to the living room.

The director reminded Su Cha through the earpiece, “Okay, now. You can talk to Li Miyi and find a topic to talk about. You can ask him about his studies.”

Su Cha: “…”

She stood there and suddenly took out her phone to search for Xian Zi’s information.

After researching Xian Zi’s most recent drama, Su Cha turned around and returned to the kitchen. She asked with interest, “Sister Xian Zi, you even acted in the show ‘Ming Palace’ before? I watched it when I was young and forgot who the main character was.”

Although Xian Zi did not know why she came in again, she smiled gently as she listened to the question. “Hey, don’t say that you watched my television show grow up. I can’t stand the excitement when I’m old.”

She was just joking. Su Cha chuckled softly and heard Xian Zi suddenly say, “Su Cha, I have something to do in the afternoon. I can only come back at night. Can you take care of Q Ball today?”

Su Cha: “…”

Her smile suddenly stiffened.

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