The Queen of Everything

Chapter 445 - Willing to Die

Chapter 445: Willing to Die

The director spoke again. “Su Cha, how can you say such things?”

Li Miyi was still dumbfounded. Su Cha added, “You’re a boy and I’m a girl. How can you let me take care of you? Also, you must be polite and not be so rude. Li Miyi, I’m hungry now. Can you help me peel an apple?”

The production crew: “…”

Li Miyi was speechless.

Are you crazy?

After all, Li Miyi was just a six-year-old. He was dumbfounded.

What happens after you become dumb?

Of course he would throw a tantrum!

Seeing that his request was not fulfilled, Li Miyi lay down on the ground without hesitation. He kicked his leg and cried, “I want apples, I want apples!”

The director kept urging Su Cha to coax him, but Su Cha did not even move on the sofa. She just lifted her eyelids slightly. “He’s already six years old, yet he only knows how to roll around on the ground. What a baby.”

After saying this, she sneered.

Her expression was full of mockery.

It was very lethal.

Seeing Su Cha’s expression, Li Miyi felt nervous and could not cry. He got up from the ground and pointed at Su Cha with tears in his eyes. “I am going to tell Xian Zi that you bullied me the moment she left!”

Su Cha smiled sarcastically and did not speak.

Li Miyi stomped his feet in anger and went into the kitchen. He took out an apple from the fridge and went to get a fruit knife.

Su Cha stood up and walked into the kitchen. She took the fruit knife before Li Miyi did.

Li Miyi glared at her. “What are you doing?”

Su Cha ignored him and took out an apple from the fridge. She washed it slowly and started peeling it.

Li Miyi was dumbfounded. “Didn’t you say you don’t know how to peel them?!”

He put down the apple in his hand. He had thought that Su Cha would give hers to him after she finished peeling it. Unexpectedly, Su Cha gave Li Miyi a provocative look, bit the peeled apple, and placed the fruit knife somewhere Li Miyi could not get it.

Everyone in the production crew was stunned.

Li Miyi was on the verge of losing his mind. Tears welled up in his eyes as he said, “I want to eat, I want to eat, but you won’t let me peel some myself!”

When he said that he was angry, a fierce expression appeared on his face. He reached out, wanting to hit Su Cha.

Su Cha dodged immediately. Seeing that Li Miyi was about to rush over, she said coldly, “If you dare to hit me today, I’ll beat you up! Li Miyi, I’m not your relative!”

There was an inexplicable dominance in her tone as she spoke. As she stood there, Li Miyi was stunned. He suddenly did not dare to go over.

However, he felt angry and ashamed. He felt that he had been humiliated by Su Cha. He was a little scared and subconsciously cried louder to hide his embarrassment.

Su Cha took the apple and said in a cold voice, “If you want to eat an apple, speak nicely. Just say ‘please’ and I will peel it for you.”

Li Miyi was dumbfounded. He would rather die than submit. He bit his lips and shed tears.

He looked so pitiful.

Her maternal instinct was seeping out.

However, Su Cha knew how vicious his angel-like appearance really was.

Li Miyi refused to beg for mercy, and Su Cha refused to give in. She was completely different from the people who came before. He went to the female director for help.

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