The Queen of Everything

Chapter 440 - The Most Difficult Child

Chapter 440: The Most Difficult Child

The show was currently popular, and the seven children involved were also very famous.

It took a lot of time to hire celebrities, so most celebrities had to record a few episodes of them taking care of the children. As guests, Su Cha and the others would only record one episode, so of course they could not directly take care of the children. They would follow the hired celebrities to help out and show their faces.

The seven children were taken care of separately. The recordings were held in their own homes. Only their parents had become celebrities, but they themselves were basically small-time internet celebrities. Despite their young age, most of them had a certain degree of performance ability in front of the camera. Some of them even performed better than celebrities.

Su Cha felt a headache coming on as she was not very enthusiastic about children.

Should she try to be as amiable as possible?

Unexpectedly, her guess came true the next day.

The variety show announced by the production crew was indeed “Who Will Be the Parent Today?”

As for the ten contestants, they would be divided into groups to take care of the children with the respective celebrities. Some of the contestants would definitely be alone. Not only was Su Cha alone, but she also got assigned the most difficult child.

Li Miyi’s nickname was Q Ball. He was six years old and had a bad temper. He liked to lose his temper and was disobedient.

He was also very good-looking. Anyone who saw him would want to take him home.

But because he was good-looking, he had been doted on since he was young. His family background was good, and he had always been spoiled when being raised by others. His temper was very bad, and he’d lose his temper whenever he was unhappy.

The celebrities who had him would often have a headache. Li Miyi was still the most popular celebrity, but there were many people who disliked him.

Due to his bad temper, he had suffered a lot of attacks on the Internet. Many viewers said that Li Miyi’s personality would become hopeless when he grew up.

Whether the audience was a parenting expert or not, they thought it was not easy to take care of Li Miyi. Although he was popular and had a lot of cameras on him, it was hard for celebrities to take care of him at the same time. They could beat him up or scold him, but Li Miyi might not listen.

Su Cha had watched two episodes of the show last night. It was obvious that the celebrities who had taken care of Li Miyi were badly battered.

When she picked Li Miyi, she could clearly see the sympathy in everyone’s eyes.

The director consoled her, “Just take care of him for one episode. It will only take two days. Also, there’s still Xian Zi helping you. It won’t be that troublesome‚Ķ”

When Su Cha looked at him with a faint smile, he felt a little guilty.

Xian Zi was the female celebrity who had been taking care of Li Miyi for the past few episodes. She had a soft personality. Whether it was an act or not, she was often aggrieved by Li Miyi. She had cried a few times in the show, and she often wiped her tears in secret. People with discerning eyes could tell that she was very tired of taking care of this child, but there were many netizens who scolded her for putting on an act. Li Miyi’s fans even said that she treated Li Miyi poorly.

Xian Zi was as unlucky as Su Cha. She got Li Miyi, but it did not mean that she liked to take care of him.

However, Su Cha had already thought it through. If the kid dared to provoke her, she would beat him up.

After all, she saw that Li Miyi was so hot-tempered that he even knew how to hit people. Although children usually pretended to hit people, these were six-year-olds. Sometimes, it was very painful when they hit people when they were angry.

Some of the celebrities whom he had beaten up in the show frowned.

Could Su Cha stand it?

She would not be able to take it.

Li Miyi would be the only one who would feel wronged.

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