The Queen of Everything

Chapter 441 - Go and Get Close to Him

Chapter 441: Go and Get Close to Him

During the weekend, Su Cha went to record a show and told Bo Muyi that she could not go home that night.

As she had to record for two consecutive days, she could not come back to rest at night.

Although Bo Muyi was unhappy, he reluctantly agreed, knowing that Su Cha was recording a show.

Li Miyi’s home was in the central district of the Imperial Capital.

The show did not mention much about Li Miyi’s family background, but he lived in a well-furnished and high-end apartment in the city center. Moreover, it was a series of apartments. It was obvious that Li Miyi’s family background was excellent.

They were all young masters.

Having a bad temper was natural to them.

When Su Cha arrived, the production crew gave her the house code. They said that both Xian Zi and Li Miyi were at home, so Su Cha could go directly.

From now on, there would be a cameraman who would follow Su Cha.

Entering the elevator, she keyed in the password and went upstairs. There, she saw that there was also a front door.

Su Cha knocked on the door. After a few seconds, the door opened, revealing an extremely gentle and beautiful face. When the woman saw Su Cha, her eyes lit up and she smiled warmly. “Ah, you’re here.”

Her voice was soft and tender. It sounded like she had no temper and was easy to bully.

Su Cha took the initiative to bow politely. “Hello, Sister Xian Zi. I am Su Cha, a contestant from Dreams in Progress.”

“I know you. I’ve heard you sing. You sing well!”

Xian Zi praised her naturally with a smile on her face. Su Cha saw a pretty little boy looking at her with a frown.

Xian Zi turned around and waved at the little boy. “Q Ball, come here. A new sister has arrived. Come and greet her.”

Li Miyi sneered with disdain. He turned around and squatted on the ground to play with his toy, completely ignoring Xian Zi and Su Cha.

Xian Zi was embarrassed and could not say anything in front of the camera. Su Cha smiled and said, “It’s okay, Sister Xian Zi.”

Xian Zi came back to her senses and quickly called her in. “Come in quickly. It’s so early. Have you had breakfast? I made sandwiches for Q Ball. There are some left.”

The production crew must have informed Xian Zi when Su Cha arrived, so Su Cha knew that Xian Zi had especially prepared her breakfast.

Su Cha also smiled, her eyes like crescents. “Okay. Thank you, Sister Xian Zi.”

Su Cha’s smile was extremely beautiful. Xian Zi paused when she saw it. Then, she went into the kitchen to serve her breakfast.

Su Cha entered the room and looked around. It was similar to the scene on TV.

There were cameras all around. Excluding the bathroom and the toilet, the exclusive camera was hidden even in the small tent. This would maximize the reality show and make the interaction between the stars and the kid more realistic.

It was at this time when Xian Zi went in to get breakfast. Su Cha came to the sofa. Li Miyi just glanced at her indifferently.

If not for his childish face, she could not have known that he was a six-year-old.

Since he didn’t say anything, Su Cha didn’t say anything. She didn’t even take the initiative to greet Li Miyi. Instead, she pulled out a chair and sat on the table, looking like she was waiting for dinner.

The director who followed her twitched his eyes and reminded Su Cha, “You have to take the initiative to get close to him and start a conversation with him.”

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