The Queen of Everything

Chapter 439 - Variety Show

Chapter 439: Variety Show

“Miss Su, of course he is sincere!”

Bai Kun said directly, “When we talked to him, we did not use any means to threaten him. He made the decision after reading your information. However, he has some matters in the United Kingdom right now. He will come back in two days. He will discuss your future plans with you. Of course, he only needs to be in charge of your daily needs. I will be in charge of all the entertainment industry and fashion industry resources. Young Master said that the choosing of all the big brands’ shows and film resources will be taken care of by Miss Su. You can choose whatever you like.”


What was this?

Even Su Cha felt like laughing.

It was like a fairytale on television was now happening in reality. Bo Muyi was clearly telling her that as long as she liked it, she could do whatever she wanted.

Although going through the back door was giving her pause, Su Cha was clearly pleased.

Who didn’t like to be spoiled by her boyfriend like this?

It would be a lie if she said that she did not like it. Su Cha was happy and satisfied that she did not do anything against her conscience, but it did not mean that she wouldn’t agree to it. “It’s fine. I like things that are difficult. If Tan Jinsui is willing to be my manager, that would be a success. I will fight for the resources on my own. It’s good to take it step by step.”

A manager would affect Su Cha’s activities in the entertainment industry. Naturally, the more capable the person was, the better. Su Cha would not reject what’s given, but even if the resources were given to her, she still had to have the ability to hold them. Although Su Cha was confident in herself, she did not want others to think too much about it. As long as Tan Jinsui was willing to be her manager, the entertainment industry would probably be bombarded with news about it for a long time.

Bai Kun paused for a moment before saying, “Okay, it’s up to you, Miss Su.”

Actually, he could probably understand her thoughts. She did not seem to be willing to rely on the young master for the rest of her life.

After that, Bai Kun gave Su Cha the contact details of Tan Jinsui’s agency. Nowadays, people liked WeChat, and Tan Jinsui was no exception. Since Su Cha had taken the initiative to send him a WeChat message, he naturally did not accept her invite at once. After all, he was likely not monitoring his messages at all. Su Cha did not care and started to check on the variety show the production crew had mentioned.

The competition had just ended and they had to start recording this weekend. It showed that they were in a hurry. If they wanted to be popular, the variety show would definitely have to be a popular one. In the end, Su Cha found a variety show about children.

“Who Will Be the Parent Today?”

Nowadays, reality shows and variety shows were everywhere. All kinds of reality shows were everywhere. In order to produce a good-looking and innovative show, all the major television stations were willing to tear out their hair. Among what they came up with, children’s reality shows were considered to have opened a whole new world.

And “Who Will Be the Parent Today” was also very popular.

The main concept of this show was to select a few children from ordinary families. However, they were actually all famous online celebrities. They had to be cute and obedient. Otherwise, if the children were not good-looking, it would affect the audience’s minds. The important thing to be considered was that the audience nowadays had a lot of malicious intent. Sometimes, they would speak ill of children. If the children were not good-looking, they would be attacked even before the broadcast.

And this show was about inviting a few celebrities to take care of these children and film their daily interactions to show the audience.

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