The Queen of Everything

Chapter 438 - Really?

Chapter 438: Really?

The beautiful misunderstanding formed without Su Cha’s detailed explanation.

When it came to the Top 10, almost all the production crew knew that Su Cha had signed with an agency, but it was not Xinhua Entertainment.

Of course, the news spread that this agency was registered by the Zuo family for Su Cha.

After all, they had looked up the information. It was true that Chayi had only been established for less than two days, but they had gathered all the information. Although the legal representative was unknown, its Wiki page was still very impressive. There was only one signed artist written on it, and that was Su Cha.

Other contestants were green with envy, but without Su Cha’s qualities, they could only sigh and think, how rich and willful.

However, there was also a problem with the new company. Its resources were definitely not as good as the big companies’ resources. People had to take care of their connections. Su Cha might have gained a higher profit, but without the care of professionals, she might not be better off than the artists signed by Xinhua Entertainment.

Unless she could become popular.

Everything depends on fate.

The manager’s matter was still in discussion. On Su Cha’s side, Yu Chuai’s matter was almost settled.

Su Cha did not show mercy at all. The Imperial Mu’s legal team was not to be trifled with. In order to not attract anyone’s attention, Bo Muyi had especially arranged for an intern group under the legal team to enter Chayi Entertainment. After all, the Imperial Mu’s legal team was more powerful than the others. Just to deal with a bully, hiring them to fight a reputation infringement lawsuit for Su Cha would easily attract the attention of others.

Even the intern lawyers who studied under them were not simple characters. They were elites who graduated from world-class universities.

Although they were confused about being transferred to Chayi Entertainment, they had to obey the boss’s order.

Once they made a move, Yu Chuai had to pay the price she deserved.

Although she was still in the trial, the results were already determined. At the very least, Yu Chuai would have to apologize, and she would have to bring this reputation along her entire life. Her personal file would be tainted forever, and all her personal credit records would be greatly affected. Although she could not see any impact now, she would know in the future that she had been hindered in all aspects.

This matter seemed to have taken place over a long time, but it had only been two days, and the competition for the Top 10 was still ongoing. Su Cha’s popularity had almost dropped.

After this incident, Su Cha’s mentality was not affected and she continued to perform steadily.

And despite this matter, Su Cha’s popularity was not affected. In the live competition, Su Cha was still number one in the national Top 10.

Getting into the top 10 in the country was no longer a hypothetical.

She was quite famous now, and the production crew would also let the Top 10 in the country participate in various variety shows to promote the competition.

As soon as the episode shoot ended, the production crew said that the contestants were going to participate in the recording of a variety show this weekend. They did not reveal which variety show it was, but said that it had something to do with children.

Su Cha planned to go back and check on the variety shows related to children.

But at this time, Bai Kun told her that Tan Jinsui had agreed.

Su Cha was completely dumbfounded.

She never thought that Tan Jinsui would agree to it. She’d almost forgotten about her manager issue.

Now that Bai Kun had told her that Tan Jinsui had agreed, Su Cha asked subconsciously, “Is he sincere?”

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