The Queen of Everything

Chapter 437 - The Zuo Family

Chapter 437: The Zuo Family

Tan Jinsui and Zou Manni were the best in the entertainment industry.

Zou Manni was now the number one sister of the Chinese entertainment industry. She was once famous in the country. Even though she had disappeared from the entertainment industry, as long as there was news about her, she would definitely be the number one headline of the entertainment industry.

She lived a carefree life. She married her current husband at the height of her popularity. Occasionally, she would come out to film a movie or come on a show. Basically, wherever she went, she would become the hottest topic.

Her national status in China was hard to replicate.

Tan Jinsui was similar to Zou Manni. He was half in the shadows.

He had made Zou Manni famous with one hand. He had also said that she was the only person he wanted to protect in his life, so it was basically impossible for him to bring up other newcomers.

Not to mention a newbie like Su Cha. To put it bluntly, Su Cha was completely different from Zou Manni.

Even if Su Cha had a promising future, she would not be able to withstand the current difficulties.

Although Bai Kun had said that he wanted to contact Tan Jinsui, Su Cha did not believe that he would agree. She just said casually, “It’s fine if he doesn’t agree. There’s no need to force others. I don’t care who becomes my manager.”

Otherwise, with Bo Muyi’s personality, he might have used some method to force Tan Jinsui to agree. Su Cha did not want him to be forced to become her manager.

Bai Kun said righteously, “Miss Su, we will never use such a method. Don’t you understand the young master? The young master is not such a person!”

Su Cha: “…”

Bai Kun had said it without blushing.

Do you really not know who your young master is?

However, he was her boyfriend after all. Su Cha had given him enough face as she complained in her heart.

The management company’s matters were in full swing. When Su Cha went to continue participating in the competition, the program’s director asked which company Su Cha had found so they could deal with them quickly.

Su Cha thought about it and said directly, “I have an agency.”

The director was a little surprised. “You signed with an agency?”

Last time, Su Cha did not sign with Dayu Entertainment. Why did Su Cha suddenly sign with an agency?

Most importantly, Xinhua Entertainment, which was backing the production crew, had long taken a fancy to Su Cha. If nothing went wrong, they would officially sign with Su Cha and the rest if she entered the Top 10. Now that Su Cha had directly said that she had signed a contract, the director found it unexpected.


Su Cha thought for a while. “I’ve signed a contract.”

In fact, the company had been registered for her. It did not matter if she signed or not.

The director was shocked. “Which company did you sign with?”

It could be seen that Su Cha was quite a proud person. If it was just an ordinary agency, she might not be willing to sign with them. To have been able to move Su Cha’s heart, what conditions did they set?

“Chayi Entertainment.”

Su Cha only mentioned the name of the company and did not elaborate on the details. “It’s a new company.”

The director was a little surprised. Why was the name Chayi Entertainment so strange?

He immediately thought of Su Cha’s words.

Her name was similar to theirs, and it was a new company. The director suddenly recalled that Su Cha was related to the Zuo family in the upper-class society.

Could it be that the Zuo family had given Su Cha an agency?

Oh, the people of the big families were indeed different. If they could simply open a management company, they did not need to sign other contracts.

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