The Queen of Everything

Chapter 436 - Rich People Can Do Whatever They Want

Chapter 436: Rich People Can Do Whatever They Want

“You’ll just register an agency for me and sign me up?”

Su Cha raised her eyebrows. She recalled Bo Muyi mentioning this before.

Ever since Dayu Entertainment, there had been other agencies who’d tried to sign with Su Cha. However, Su Cha felt that the conditions they offered were not feasible.

It was mainly because of her current status. After all, she was a talent show singer, so the treatment she received was not high.

However, Su Cha’s popularity would get higher and higher. She was not in a hurry to sign with an agency before the competition ended.

The benefits she could get could still be maximized.

However, Bo Muyi had suggested registering a management agency for her. To be honest, Su Cha did not want to reject him.

“If you sign with me, who will my manager be?”

“Bai Kun will be responsible…”

At this point, Bo Muyi paused and suddenly smiled ambiguously. “I don’t mind being your manager.”


Su Cha laughed in disbelief. “Let’s find someone else. I don’t have high expectations for my manager. You can just be my boss.”

“I’ll be your boss?”

Bo Muyi was quite happy when he thought about this. He suddenly pinched Su Cha’s chin and asked, “What would happen if I become your boss?”

Su Cha glanced at Bo Muyi. Seeing the man’s ambiguous and meaningful smile, she said directly, “If there’s no benefit, you can choose not to sign with me.”


Bo Muyi rubbed the tip of Su Cha’s nose and said in a pampering voice, “I will leave this matter to Bai Kun. I will also ask him to pick a suitable manager for you.”

If Bo Muyi had anything to say about it, that person would be the best.

Bo Muyi said that he would deal with the management agency, and Su Cha would be contacted soon.

The next day, Su Cha received a call from Bai Kun, who said that the agency had been established. It was called “Chayi Entertainment.”

Su Cha: “…”

Bai Kun could deeply understand the helplessness in Su Cha’s heart. “That’s what the young master instructed us to do. We can’t do anything about it. Miss Su, you don’t have to sign any other contracts. When the time comes, all the company’s resources will be yours. You can film whatever you want. You can sing whatever you want, and we will provide you with the best resources. What do you think?”

Su Cha: “…”

She pondered for a moment. “I’ll consider this after participating in the competition, okay?”

Bai Kun: “Alright, I’ll take care of the rest. The public relations team will hire the best talent in the industry. Assistants and other things will be found within three days, makeup artists and stylists…”

Su Cha had a headache. “I know, but let nature take its course. I’m just a contestant at the moment, I don’t need these for now. Let’s talk about it in the future. I will look for you if anything happens.”

“Yes, Miss Su. Regarding your manager, we are currently contacting each other. If nothing goes wrong, we should be able to get it finalized soon…”

Su Cha frowned slightly. “Who are you seeking out as manager?”

Su Cha had an indescribable feeling when she heard that there was a back and forth going on.

“Tan Jinsui, the personal manager of the top star, Zou Manni.”

Su Cha: “…I remember this Tan Jinsui said that he only serves Zou Manni.”

Even Su Cha, who had not heard much about the industry before, knew who Zou Manni and Tan Jinsui were.

They were at the top of the entertainment circle in China.

Bai Kun smiled and said, “You can do whatever you want with money.”

Su Cha: “…”

It was awesome.

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