The Queen of Everything

Chapter 435 - I'll Sign You. What Do You Think?

Chapter 435: I’ll Sign You. What Do You Think?

When Bo Muyi returned, Su Cha took the initiative to talk about the matter on Weibo. “Muyi, don’t believe what I said about my first love on Weibo. It’s all fake.”

Bo Muyi took off his coat. When he heard Su Cha’s words, he deliberately did not look at her. His voice was strangely calm. “Yes, what’s the matter?”

Su Cha smiled. “When I clarified, I told people about my… ex-boyfriend.”

Speaking of this, she was not too happy. “I have nothing to do with him. I don’t want you to overthink.”

She spoke fast, but the man was already letting his imagination run wild.

Hearing this, he could not help but turn around. Looking at the girl’s exquisite and beautiful face, he pinched her chin, his eyes deep and charming. “Is what you said true? Was it innocent and beautiful?”

Su Cha could not help but smile. “I knew you saw it. I was just talking nonsense.”

Perhaps she had thought that way before, but for the current Su Cha, it was enough that she did not feel disgusted by it.

She took the initiative to hug Bo Muyi’s waist. “I like only you.”

People might like many people in their lives, but Su Cha only had Bo Muyi.

Now that she had made herself clear, Su Cha said her thoughts, “When I saw you in the past… I thought you were too good. It was because you were too perfect, I felt that I was not worthy of you. I was terrified and did not dare to get close to you.”

Different people had different worlds. At that time, Su Cha knew herself too well. How could a person like her match up to someone as perfect as Bo Muyi?

She felt that it was unreal.

“I think it’s so fake. It’s like a dream. If I really got together with you, I might wake up from my dream.”

As she spoke, she recalled the past. At that time, she avoided Bo Muyi because of this fear.

Sometimes, she also thought about why Bo Muyi approached her.

How could she match Bo Muyi’s liking?


Bo Muyi could not help but kiss the girl’s lips and said intimately, “How can Cha Cha not match up to me? Cha Cha is the most suitable person in the world for me. Only Cha Cha is suited.”

When he’d heard the girl’s words, he felt a little heartache, but at the same time, he felt a strange sense of joy.

So at that time, it wasn’t that Su Cha did not have feelings for him?

It was because she felt too insecure that she dared not approach?

Bo Muyi’s eyes lit up.

If it’s like that, he could forgive Cha Cha’s blindness. After all, such a person was not worthy of being compared to him.

“Yes, so I thought it through.”

The girl could not help but smile. Actually, when she hugged him now, she felt very happy. She felt much more at ease.

“Good girl.”

With just a few words, the knot was successfully removed from Bo Muyi’s heart. It turned out that Su Cha liked him.

He automatically explained to himself that Zhai Yao was just a substitute.

This substitute was not high-quality.

Bo Muyi’s eyes darkened as he decided on a time to settle that business.

Since Su Cha said that she liked only him, why would others matter?

Touching the top of Su Cha’s head, Bo Muyi kissed her forehead and carried her in his arms. He asked, “Cha Cha, I’ve registered a management agency for you. I’ll sign you. What do you think?”

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