The Queen of Everything

Chapter 434 - Persuade Him to Be a Stupid King

Chapter 434: Persuade Him to Be a Stupid King

“First love?”

It was as if he came straight from hell. His devilish voice was accompanied by a creepy smile.

“A beautiful first love?”

Bai Kun felt goosebumps all over his body. He braced himself and explained on Su Cha’s behalf, “Young Master, Miss Su said this to make the netizens think that it’s a normal thing. After all, it was an early relationship in high school, and she had the wishful feelings of an innocent and beautiful girl. The truth is not what the netizens liked to guess…”

Before he could finish, he saw the man put his phone away. His deep and cold eyes landed on him, blocking all his words.

Bai Kun swallowed his saliva and heard the man say casually, “An innocent and beautiful girl? Hmm, continue?”


Can you not get angry?

Bai Kun felt like his scalp was about to explode. He did not dare to say anything more. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead. At this moment, he could not wait to call Miss Su and ask her to help him.

Luckily, someone else successfully attracted his attention.

“Speaking of which…”

The noble and arrogant man placed his phone on the table elegantly. He looked out of the transparent glass building and gazed at the night sky. He murmured, “I was worried that Cha Cha would get angry, so I did not deal with that person. Now it seems that this relationship left a good impression in her heart. Has she not considered my feelings?”

Bai Kun braced himself and advised sincerely, “Young Master, Miss Su will say that you are being unreasonable.”

It had been a long time since Miss Su had broken up with Zhai Yao. It was obvious that she was unhappy with him. It was just timely for her to say otherwise.

If she wasn’t unhappy, how could the young master have taken advantage of her?

He did not dare to say these words. Bo Muyi was obviously unhappy whenever he heard his reasonable words.

However, his unhappiness was different from his usual anger. He snorted. Bai Kun understood that the young master was just throwing a tantrum.

He was unhappy to see her call it her “innocent and beautiful first love.”

Bai Kun: “Young Master, if you are really unhappy, let’s get rid of that person, shall we?”


Bo Muyi frowned. This was what he thought, but he was worried. “Cha Cha will be unhappy.”

Bai Kun: “…” Why does he think Miss Su will be unhappy?

The main thing was that the young master was too arrogant! He was worried that Miss Su would be angry. He really wanted to do it, but he did not dare to explain it clearly to Miss Su. He could only vent his anger in front of his subordinates.

He could not say it out loud.

Faced with such a situation, Bai Kun thought for a while and quickly came up with a way to distract the young master. “Young Master, Miss Su is currently lacking a management agency. I think several big companies want to sign with Miss Su, but their conditions are really bad. Do you want to sign a management agency under Imperial Mu? That way, Miss Su will be able to cut off many troubles under your watch.”

This troublesome matter meant something.

After all, Bai Kun knew how dirty the entertainment industry was.

Bo Muyi thought about it.

As soon as he heard anything involving Su Cha, he could not help but think about it, so Bai Kun successfully changed the topic. “Um… I’ll talk to her when I get back.”

Although Imperial Mu did not have a management agency, it was not difficult to create one for his girlfriend.

Without the approval of the board of directors, Bai Kun suddenly launched a new business development. He felt that he was simply trying to persuade the king to become a stupid king.

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