The Queen of Everything

Chapter 433 - Very Angry

Chapter 433: Very Angry

Yu Chuai was destined to pay a huge price.

Not only did Su Cha want to sue the perpetrator, but she wanted to sue Yu Chuai in particular.

Her information was revealed by an “innocent passerby” in a fit of anger. The person who exposed Su Cha’s dirt was Yu Chuai. Her personal information was announced. Although the “passerby” quickly deleted the real information about Yu Chuai, it was too late. Su Cha’s fans had intercepted her information everywhere.

At the same time, Su Cha clarified the rumors online. She also admitted that she had a first love when she was young. However, she thought that it was normal to have your first love at 18 years old. There was no further issue about her, and she gave no such thing as an unreasonably humble statement. Many people liked Su Cha.

At the very least, Su Cha did not deny what had happened in the past. Her words also showed that love back then had made her happy.

The situation was not as chaotic as others had guessed.

Most people had an innocent first love, so Su Cha’s words had impressed many people. It was just an 18-year-old’s relationship, who had not had it before?

Su Cha’s fans reacted and were furious with the original informant.

As soon as Yu Chuai’s personal information was released, Su Cha also showed that she had found out the identity of the informant and would directly pursue her to the end. The person was very serious and would not stop spreading rumors.

With this combination of statements, how could the fans not understand? In an instant, Yu Chuai’s personal circle was taken down and she became the target of everyone.

At the same time, Su Cha’s court pass arrived. It was either a lawyer’s letter or a court pass.

Su Cha sued Yu Chuai based on all the solid evidence Bai Kun provided.

The commotion subsided within a short day. The production crew was dumbfounded by Su Cha’s series of tricks.

No, why would Su Cha have a public relations team?

How did she know about those who spread the rumors?

It was fine if she did not respond, but once she responded, all the programs followed her as she directly sued the rumormongers. Her swift and vigorous actions made people dumbfounded.

Of course, the lawyer also represented the Imperial Mu Group, so Su Cha did not have to bother facing Yu Chuai in court.

After she was sentenced, Yu Chuai would have to pay a price. She would not go to jail, but she would have to pay a heavy price for the rest of her life.

However, after the matter was clarified, many people became curious about her “first love.”

Who would Su Cha’s first love be?

Naturally, it was Zhai Yao.

Su Cha did not deny his existence. In the midst of clarifying, she gave off a certain sense of mystique. She wanted the netizens to develop a sense of immersion and stand on her side.

If her words were too intense at the beginning, it would make people feel unhappy. Moreover, Su Cha had said that she broke up with him peacefully.

At least, she thought so.

However, some people were not happy.

When Bai Kun saw Su Cha’s clarification, he skipped the denial of the rumors and read the things about her first love. Bai Kun realized that he was going to suffer.

The young master had not given Bai Kun his phone yet and was still paying attention to Su Cha’s matter. How could he not see Su Cha’s clear statement?

As expected, not long after Bai Kun saw Su Cha’s statement, he entered Bo Muyi’s office and saw him holding his phone. Although his expression was calm, the coldness around him made it clear that he was very angry.

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