The Queen of Everything

Chapter 425 - My Girlfriend, Su Cha

Chapter 425: My Girlfriend, Su Cha

Su Cha opened her mouth and was about to say something when she saw Bo Muyi walking over with a sullen face.

He was the center of attention, and everything he did attracted everyone’s eyes. He walked straight towards them, his aura so cold that it made people shudder.

“Get out of the way!”

As expected, he did not stand on ceremony when he came behind Zuo Zhici. His gloomy tone was shocking.

Zuo Zhici turned around in shock and shivered when she saw Bo Muyi’s expression.

The others were also stunned by Bo Muyi’s reaction.

The young lady of the Zuo family had offended Bo Muyi?

Everyone sympathized with Zuo Zhici.

Everyone knew who the head of the Bo family was, but they did not care who anyone else was. If they offended him, what would happen to them in the future?

Su Cha pulled Zuo Zhici to the side and smiled at Bo Muyi. “It’s someone else’s birthday party. Don’t be gloomy. Be happy.”

Bo Muyi: “…”

Although she could not express her happiness, her aura was still gentler.

Su Cha grabbed his wrist and leaned against him.

The man finally calmed down.

Those who were still watching were dumbfounded.

They looked at the girl who was holding Bo Muyi’s wrist and gasped in disbelief.

Zuo Zhici was also stunned. Although she was shocked by Bo Muyi, she asked in shock, “Is he your boyfriend?”

Su Cha nodded naturally. “Yes.”

Her admission delighted Bo Muyi.

In front of so many people, Cha Cha admitted that she was his girlfriend.

It was such a happy thing to announce his sovereignty. Even if they did not like nor dislike those who were invited.

Everyone exploded when she nodded.

The Bo family head had a girlfriend! A girlfriend!

How unbelievable!

Many girls who still had hopes for Bo Muyi were heartbroken. After all, Bo Muyi was one of the best men in the world. It was a disappointing thing for him to now have a girlfriend.

They could not help but size up Su Cha. Everyone was confident in themselves. Naturally, they felt that there was nothing special about this girlfriend.

Zuo Zhici was a little surprised, but she also felt that it was not an easy thing to accept. Just then, the people from the Lian family who went to the back came out again.

They came out to look for Zuo Zhici, but when they saw Bo Muyi and Su Cha holding hands, they were stunned.

Lian Chi’s pupils constricted the moment he saw Su Cha and Bo Muyi.

Outwardly, there were very few changes. He was trying his best to hide his emotions. He clenched his fists tightly and his gaze turned cold the moment he looked at Su Cha.

Perhaps it was a special feeling between men, but Bo Muyi felt this coldness. The way he looked at Lian Chi also became gloomy and ruthless, but at the same time, the corner of his lips slowly curved into an unnoticeable smile.

Sensing Bo Muyi’s change, Su Cha looked at him in confusion.

Bo Muyi swept his eyes across the room and took the initiative to speak. “Uncle Lian, let me introduce my girlfriend, Su Cha.”


His admission was a heavy blow!

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