The Queen of Everything

Chapter 424 - I Think I Said Something Wrong

Chapter 424: I Think I Said Something Wrong

Zuo Zhici flung her hand away and followed Su Cha.

She was wearing a bathrobe, which was a little inconvenient. When they bumped into a waiter, she asked the waiter to help her find clothes. She naturally could not follow Su Cha back to the main hall.

When Su Cha arrived at the banquet hall, the party was already at the highest peak.

Because the most important person had arrived.

Bo Muyi was the current head of the Bo family. He was the absolute authority in the entire Imperial Capital. His appearance was naturally what everyone was looking forward to, and they were pleasantly delighted.

The current leader of the Lian family had to treat Bo Muyi politely.

When Su Cha returned to the main hall, she saw that man, who was surrounded by people like stars surrounding the moon, but did not dare to get too close.

His eyes were cold and harsh, almost gloomy.

He had to be careful when allowing people to speak to him. In Su Cha’s memory, he had never shown such an expression to her.

Almost everyone was paying attention to him. He was the center of attention.

Only the few people from the Lian family were around him. Everyone in the room was all from the upper class, but those few were the most dazzling existences.

They seemed to be talking about something. The few people who were with him could be called godlike, but in front of him, their light seemed to dim.

Lian Chi was among them.

Su Cha waited for a while. She did not go over and just observed.

She did not want to attract too much attention for the time being.

However, when Bo Muyi turned around and saw her, Su Cha’s attention was attracted by Zuo Zhici, who had suddenly appeared.

She had already changed her clothes and had walked over angrily. She went straight to that group of people and said something to Lian Chi’s father. Su Cha’s expression changed slightly when she saw the people present.


Zuo Zhici was a real tiger.

In front of her was Bo Muyi.

After she finished speaking, Zuo Zhici realized that something was wrong with the situation. She glanced at Bo Muyi and took a step back as if she was very afraid of him.

Bo Muyi’s usually cold gaze was enough to make people shudder.

Due to Zuo Zhici’s actions, there was a commotion at the scene. No one understood what had happened. Lian Chi’s father apologized to Bo Muyi and had already led a few brothers to the back.

Now that such a person had appeared, as the organizers, they had no choice but to intervene.

Bo Muyi suddenly looked over.

Although they had left, he was still the center of attention.

Almost no one noticed that the originally cold and gloomy man seemed to have become soft when his gaze landed on Su Cha. Su Cha was about to walk over when Zuo Zhici bit her lips and saw her. She suddenly rushed over and blocked Su Cha’s path. “I think I said something wrong, but my parents are not here. I couldn’t find anyone to vent my anger to.”

Su Cha: “…”

Didn’t you feel a chill down your spine?

Zuo Zhici felt wronged.

After what had happened, she should have looked for her parents. However, she could not get through to them as they went out. She listened to Su Cha’s advice and complained to the hosts. She was willful, so she could not bear the injustice and had rushed to tell the Lian family.

Although her goal had been achieved, she noticed that there seemed to be an extraordinary man here.

Zuo Zhici did not know Bo Muyi. Although Bo Muyi’s appearance was confusing enough, Zuo Zhici was afraid at first.

In her panic, she walked towards Su Cha.

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