The Queen of Everything

Chapter 426 - I'm Not Going Back

Chapter 426: I’m Not Going Back

After so many years, it was the first time that the Bo family head had admitted they had a girlfriend in public.

Not only that, but this was probably the first time anyone had heard that he had a girlfriend.

Lian Chi’s father, Lian Xiaofeng, had been through a lot, so he reacted in time. “Congratulations, Xiao Yi. You have such a beautiful and magnanimous girlfriend.”

Anyone could say beautiful words, so they could not take this seriously.

Everyone also came forward to congratulate her.

She did not care about their blessings at all. They were just taking the opportunity to talk to Bo Muyi.

However, Bo Muyi was indifferent to everyone’s blessings. With his status, he did not need to thank them.

Because of the interruption, even Lian Xiaofeng had almost forgotten everything.

Su Cha saw Lian Chi looking at her from among the crowd. His eyes had regained their calmness, and there was an inexplicable emotion in them. No matter how she looked at it, it was unfamiliar.

She held Bo Muyi’s hand and smiled, concealing her hatred for Lian Chi deep in her heart.

Bo Muyi’s announcement also meant that Su Cha was now associated with him.

She believed that when she went back, many other people would know about Su Cha immediately. She would not be able to hide the fact that she was the Zuo family’s daughter for long.

In the end, the banquet ended because of Zuo Zhici’s incident.

The Zuo family’s daughter almost got into trouble on the cruise. It was a scandal, especially since it was the Lian family’s home ground.

Zuo Shaoxin had always been a man of few words. The Lian family probably wanted to devour the two of them.

Lian Chi’s birthday banquet was not peaceful.

On their way home, the man asked casually, “Do you know him?”

Su Cha replied, “You mean Lian Chi?”

They must know each other. There was no need to hide it at this time. Su Cha said directly, “He was my old neighbor. He moved away when I was in high school. I thought he went somewhere, but I didn’t expect him to be here.”

As she spoke, her tone was calm as if she did not care.

“Don’t you want to catch up with him?” the man said calmly.

Su Cha frowned and looked at him. “What’s there to catch up on?”

She knew that Bo Muyi must be jealous, but she did not know what was so good about jealousy.

She and Lian Chi were destined to be impossible. They might even be life and death enemies. Even their last trace of kinship would be erased.

Although Su Cha spoke decisively, her tone was cold, which made Bo Muyi understand something else.

His eyes darkened as he hid his thoughts and clenched his fists tightly.

On the way back, the two of them did not speak much. In the end, Su Cha noticed it, but she was puzzled. “Are you angry?” she asked directly.

Bo Muyi remained silent and did not answer her.

Su Cha: “…”

Alright, he was just throwing a tantrum.

Although Su Cha liked to coax him, she would not spoil him, especially when he was being angry for no reason.

Even if it was because of Lian Chi, Su Cha did not think that there was anything between her and Lian Chi that Bo Muyi should worry about. Even if they were childhood sweethearts, she had already explained it clearly.

Bo Muyi had a temper, so why couldn’t she show hers?

At the entrance of the Lookout Pavilion, the driver opened the door for Bo Muyi. When the man was about to get out of the car with his long legs, Su Cha suddenly said, “I’m going to my friend’s place today, I’m not going back.”

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