The Queen of Everything

Chapter 421 - Are You Sober?

Chapter 421: Are You Sober?

Su Cha could easily deal with the two of them.

Although the two young masters looked like they often trained, it was useless to just exercise their bodies. They were beaten up by Su Cha in no time.

Moreover, Su Cha had closed the door before hitting anyone. The soundproofing effect was excellent. At least, it was rare for people to move around here, and the noise could not be heard.

After knocking both of them unconscious, Su Cha heard Zuo Zhici suddenly cry.

She lifted the quilt and saw that Zuo Zhici’s face was scarily red. Her legs rubbed against each other. She could not take it anymore and started crying.

She was flustered and scared. When she opened her eyes and saw that it was Su Cha, her eyes had already lost focus.

How could Su Cha not tell that someone who had been drugged would end up like this?


As she cried, she tried to pounce on Su Cha.

Blue veins popped out on Su Cha’s forehead. She pushed Zuo Zhici away a little, grabbed her wrist, and transferred some inner force into her body.

The extremely cool breath entered Zuo Zhici’s body, making her feel much better. However, she still did not regain her senses. She kept yelling, “I’m so uncomfortable, I’m so uncomfortable…”

“Bear with it.”

Su Cha showed no mercy. She hugged Zuo Zhici’s body with one hand and pressed her down to prevent her from climbing onto herself. Then, she entered the bathroom in the room.

She threw Zuo Zhici into the bathtub and turned on the tap. She turned the shower head on and poured cold water on Zuo Zhici.


Zuo Zhici screamed. Even though it was summer, the air-conditioning in the room was still on. The temperature was not high to begin with, and the only reason she felt hot was because she had been drugged. Now that Su Cha had used her inner force and poured cold water on her, she sobered up immediately.

She screamed as she struggled. “Cold, cold! Stop the water! Stop the water!”

Although she felt uncomfortable, Su Cha’s inner power was extraordinary. She regained her senses and roughly understood what had just happened.

The drug only made it difficult for her to control herself. It was not as if she had no memories of the events.

She naturally remembered what had happened. Su Cha was the one who poured water on her with the shower head. She was shy and anxious, but she could not struggle.

“Are you sober now?”

Su Cha was extremely domineering, and her voice was even colder. “Zuo Zhici, didn’t your parents tell you not to get close to those who are up to no good?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Zuo Zhici was so angry that she almost cried. “I didn’t drink. I drank water. I didn’t know that there was medicine in the water… I want to tell my parents, sob sob sob…”

She was probably ashamed, but she cried in the end.

She felt wronged.

She had never experienced something like this in her life. Besides, almost everyone on the cruise knew her.

She was nearly drenched. If she stayed in the water any longer, she would catch a cold. Su Cha stopped the water, leaving Zuo Zhici drenched. She coughed a few times in the bathtub.

The dress she was wearing today was made from a clingy fabric. After it got wet, it stuck to her body. Su Cha took one look before taking a bathrobe from the room and throwing it to her. “Change into it after you get up. You can’t stay in that dress. I’ll get someone to bring your clothes over.”

Zuo Zhici took the robe and dared not speak.

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