The Queen of Everything

Chapter 422 - See It

Chapter 422: See It

Su Cha returned to the room and looked at the two men on the ground.

She was deep in thought as she waited for Zuo Zhici to come out after changing into the bathrobe. There were still some tears in her eyes as she looked at her aggrievedly like she was a punching bag.

Su Cha found it amusing. This person had always been arrogant in front of her. How did she become like this?

“You know them?”

Su Cha pointed to the ground. Zuo Zhici nodded when she saw the two unconscious men. She gritted her teeth and scolded, “We usually have fun together. Who knew that these two scumbags would do this to me!”

It was worse when she saw the camera in the room. Zuo Zhici was naive but not stupid. If this had been recorded, her reputation would have been ruined.

She went over to pick up the camera and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that nothing got recorded. However, she did not calm down. She picked up the triangular frame and slammed it heavily over the two unconscious people on the ground.

It was obvious that she was not appeased. Zuo Zhici stomped her feet. “I want to ask my father to teach them a lesson!”

Logically speaking, she should not have recovered so quickly after she was drugged, but Su Cha’s inner force had already cleared a portion of the drug from her system. And since she also had cold water splashed over her head, she was now much more awake. She was still a little dizzy and her face was unnaturally hot, but it was on the verge of normal.

After venting, she looked at Su Cha awkwardly.

No one expected this to happen, but she expected even less that Su Cha would save her.

And when she saw the two men who had fainted on the ground, Zuo Zhici recalled that she could vaguely hear them scream earlier. She was scared…

Why does this sister look so fierce…?

Su Cha sneered, “Aren’t you going to call your parents now?”

Zuo Zhici touched her body and looked around the room. She found her bag, took out her phone, and called them to complain.

Due to her amazing hearing, Su Cha heard footsteps outside the door.

There was a carpeted corridor outside the door. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be much noise when they walked. However, as they approached, Su Cha could hear them clearly.

As she heard the sound of them approaching the door, she saw that the sensor light in front of the door handle had lit up, indicating that someone had opened the door from outside.

Su Cha narrowed her eyes and thought quickly.

How could they open the door of a guest without permission on such a cruise?

Or… was it an appointment?

As she pondered, the door opened. There were a few men and women standing outside. When they saw Su Cha standing at the door, they were stunned.

Su Cha crossed her arms and smiled coldly. “Is anything the matter?”

She spoke naturally, but the two men lying on the ground were exceptionally eye-catching.

Zuo Zhici, who was still calling her parents in a bathrobe, was stunned when she saw them.

“How… how did Ning Qi and Meng Zhiyu end up on the ground…?”

The group of people were completely dumbfounded. Zuo Zhici was even more confused than them. “Jiao Jiao, why are you here?”

The girl who was addressed by Zuo Zhici was the girl who’d spoken while looking a little surprised. When she heard Zuo Zhici’s words, a trace of panic flashed past her eyes, then she calmed down. “I saw Ning Qi and Meng Zhiyu coming with you…”

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