The Queen of Everything

Chapter 420 - Don't Look at the Violent Scene

Chapter 420: Don’t Look at the Violent Scene

An unfamiliar young man supported Zuo Zhici.

Zuo Zhici was blushing and seemed to be in a daze. The man helped her into a room.

Zuo Zhici resisted, “I’m a little dizzy, I don’t want to go in, I want to find my sister…”

Su Cha: “…”

Could this sister she was referring to be her?

“Zhici, you’re drunk. Since when did you have a sister?” The man coaxed her gently. “I know your head hurts. I’ll help you rub it when you go in.”

In this situation, even if Su Cha was stupid, she’d still be able to tell that Zuo Zhici was not willing.

Anyone could tell what this man was up to.

Zuo Zhici was only 17 years old. She might usually look like she was arrogant and willful, but she did not look like she was the type to fool around.

And her expression was abnormal.

Su Cha frowned and hid her aura. Since Zuo Zhici did not manage to dissuade him, she was pushed into the room.

She leaned against the wall and pondered for a few seconds.

She did not want to return to the Zuo family, and she did not like Zuo Zhici.

But if she was honest with herself, Zuo Zhici was still her biological sister.

It was fine if she did not see it today, but she did so…

She was not a kind person. She had learned to be cold and heartless in the palace, but it was different now.

While she was hesitating, Su Cha saw another man coming from the other side of the corridor. He walked straight to the room that Zuo Zhici and the other man had just entered.

What made Su Cha’s pupils shrink was that the man was holding a camera.

Why did he enter the room with his camera?

Su Cha was not stupid. She felt disgusted that Zuo Zhici was the one who went in just now.

She did not want to be nosy, but she could not ignore the fact that they were related by blood.

She walked over and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

The male voice in the room sounded cautious.

Su Cha cleared her throat and said, “Open the door, I’m looking for Zuo Zhici.”

It was obvious that he was panicking. Soon, a male voice continued, “What Zuo Zhici? There’s no Zuo Zhici here!”

Su Cha frowned. “Don’t play dumb. I saw Zuo Zhici coming in. Are you opening the door yourself or do you want me to kick both it and you away?”

Perhaps this threat was useful. Soon, the door was opened for her.

The young man in the suit looked fierce. “Do you want to die?”

When he saw Su Cha, he was stunned. “Who are you?”

Su Cha placed her hands behind her back and looked into the room.

The layout of the room was huge, and one could see Zuo Zhici lying on the bed with her clothes obviously in a mess. She was whispering something.

A man was standing by the bed holding a camera.

“What are you looking at? They are both my friends.”

The man who opened the door was obviously uncomfortable and a little guilty.

After all, the people who came to this cruise were either wealthy or influential. It was risky for them to do such a thing.

He wanted to stop Su Cha, but he did not expect Su Cha to reach out and push him. She did not use much strength, but the man felt that he could not help but step back and even hit the cabinet on his right.

“What are you doing?!”

He shouted, and the other man in the room turned around to stop Su Cha. Su Cha had already entered. With a wave of her hand, she covered Zuo Zhici with the quilt on the bed.

She was still underage. It was better for her not to look at the violent scene about to take place. After all, it could easily leave her traumatized.

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