The Queen of Everything

Chapter 419 - Untitled we ever

Chapter 419: Untitled we ever

Su Cha noticed that Lian Chi’s body was tense for a moment. He quickly said, “An old friend.”


How could she be considered a sister?

Su Cha remained silent.

The Lian family and Su Cha were not familiar with each other, but Lian Nuo was very handsome. He even looked like Tan Yezhu, but he appeared cold and heartless. It was hard to get along with him.

Su Cha noticed that the man was looking at her with some intensity, which displeased her.

She wanted to find an opportunity to beat him up.

“Second Brother…”

Lian Chi did not seem to want Lian Nuo to notice Su Cha. He quickly found an excuse to send Lian Nuo away, but when Lian Nuo left, he looked at Su Cha with an uncomfortable gaze.

“Ah, you really know how to attract people…”

Tan Yezhu had appeared behind Su Cha at some point in time. He covered his mouth and smiled as if she was a disaster. Su Cha’s smile was cold. “If you don’t know how to speak properly, do you want me to teach you?”

Tan Yezhu looked at Su Cha in fear. “Are you threatening me? I’m going to tell your boyfriend!”

Su Cha: “…”

So quick to put on an act!

Who knows who would get beaten up if he complained?

Tan Yezhu was originally smiling, but he suddenly moved closer to Su Cha’s ear and said directly, “These brothers of the Lian family are not to be messed with, but they are not as scary as Bo Muyi. Don’t play with fire.”

She suddenly felt that Tan Yezhu was being a little talkative.

It was within Su Cha’s expectations that she would meet Lian Chi today. But now, it seemed that she could not stop others from adding fuel to the fire.

Su Cha suddenly reached out and grabbed Tan Yezhu’s wrist. Although he was pretending to be a woman, his wrist obviously did not have the shape a woman’s should have. It was thick and strong. Tan Yezhu obviously did not expect Su Cha to do this and was stunned.

Su Cha whispered, “Guess who Muyi will kill first if he sees me touching your hand?”

Tan Yezhu’s expression darkened.

His eyes were full of complaints about Su Cha. He gritted his teeth and struggled to break free. He continued in a female voice, “You are really vicious!”

As he was too agitated, his voice broke and sounded a little deep.

Su Cha sneered. Tan Yezhu was a little agitated just now, but as soon as he calmed down, he looked at Su Cha with deep meaning. “Little White Rabbit is quite ruthless, remember this.”

After saying this, he turned around and left.

After he left, Su Cha looked at the time again. She could not help but want to call Bo Muyi. He said that he would come later, but Su Cha did not expect him to be so late.

The banquet had officially begun.

More and more people gathered, and the center of the room became a dance floor. Amid the soothing music, both men and women were dancing with each other. Perhaps it was because of Lian Chi’s actions just now, but no one bothered Su Cha.

Of course, Su Cha was not interested.

She recalled that Zuo Zhici came alone. Su Cha did not see Zuo Shaoxin and Ruan Yin.

Maybe it’d just be Zuo Zhici attending.

She had nothing to do here, so she kept drinking fruit juice. Finally, she felt bloated and wanted to go to the washroom.

She stood up immediately and asked a waiter for directions to the washroom before heading there.

Perhaps she was born with bad luck. As Su Cha came out of the washroom, she suddenly heard a movement.

Extending to both sides was the corridor of the cruise. There were rooms all around. Su Cha heard some movement and took a few steps forward. When she turned her head, she saw something unexpected.

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