The Queen of Everything

Chapter 418 - Lian Family

Chapter 418: Lian Family

The man did not expect to see Su Cha here.

Su Cha could clearly see the surprise in his eyes. She paused and thought about what she should feel the moment she saw him.

Heartache, shock, disbelief?

In the end, she could only show a little surprise.

It was as if she had never thought that she would meet someone she had always wanted to see.

And then?

Su Cha put a hand under her dress and pinched herself hard.

She wanted to drown herself in pain. She must not show any murderous intent.

His mind seemed to be in a mess. Su Cha saw that the man who was probably his father was saying a few words to welcome everyone to this birthday banquet. When Lian Chi went on stage, his reaction was obviously slower.

At this moment, the smile on Lian Chi’s father’s face stiffened.

Lian Chi took over the speech from his father and quickly calmed himself down. He spoke to the guests present in a dignified manner.

He was so familiar with the words that he seemed to have just memorized them all.

It also showed that he was out of sorts today.

Lian Chi’s two brothers could tell that something was wrong with him.

They glanced at each other and saw their father’s pale face.

Lian Nuo whispered to his father, “Father, Lian Chi might be tired today.”

His father sneered and did not say anything. Soon, he called for the others.

After Lian Chi finished speaking, Lian Nuo reached out to grab him. But when he saw him walking straight ahead, his face stiffened.

They looked in the direction he went. In a corner of the crowd, there was a girl sitting quietly. She gave off a very pure feeling, which showed that she was alienated from these people.

Lian Chi walked over and stood there quietly looking at Su Cha. The girl also stared at him with her eyes open. Neither of them spoke, as if it was a silent tug-of-war.

This surprised Lian Nuo and his brother. Who was that girl?

In the end, Lian Chi sighed softly and relaxed his body. He was defeated and sat in front of Su Cha. “Why are you here?”

Unlike Zuo Zhici’s questioning, his question was obviously helpless.

Su Cha’s lips curled up slowly as if she was facing a stranger. “Are you asking me? Xiao Chi?”

Lian Chi’s previous name was Xiao Chi.

When he heard this name, Lian Chi’s pupils constricted slightly. “Xiao Cha…”

“Just call me Su Cha.”

Her voice was cold. “We are not close.”

Her attitude was sincere, but to Lian Chi, Su Cha looked like she was just throwing a tantrum because she was too angry.

After all, it had been so many years since they last met, and he did leave without saying goodbye.

Besides, he knew that Su Cha had not been living well all these years.

But he could not say that he knew.

Lian Chi was the main character of today’s banquet. His behavior was equivalent to him putting all his attention on Su Cha. Before he could say anything, his second brother walked over and looked at Su Cha with deep meaning. “Third Brother, who is this? Aren’t you going to introduce her to us?”

To make his third brother, who had been perfect since he came back, behave abnormally, this girl must be extraordinary.

Lian Nuo did not have to speculate.

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