The Queen of Everything

Chapter 417 - Goodbye

Chapter 417: Goodbye

Tan Yezhu smiled and said understandingly, “It’s okay.”

He was probably quite smart. When he was dressed in a male outfit, he appeared to be very promiscuous. When he was dressed in a female outfit, he was gentle and dignified, but he also looked very understanding.

He was really a goddess of contradictions.

The corner of Su Cha’s lips curled up, but she did not say the complaints in her heart. She only listened as Tan Yezhu said, “Does Zhici know Miss Su?”

Zuo Zhici glanced at him in surprise and then at Su Cha. “How does Sister Yeluo know her?”

She was reluctant to reveal Su Cha’s true identity, but she did not expect Su Cha to know the famous Tan Yeluo.

“I met her by chance.”

Tan Yezhu did not say anything more. Zuo Zhici glanced at Su Cha, then at Tan Yeluo. She pursed her lips and said unwillingly, “She is my sister. My parents had her before…”


Tan Yezhu’s exaggerated performance looked a little surprised. “Really? Miss Su?”

He looked at Su Cha, who rolled her eyes at him.

He must have known but was still acting.

Could someone who could become Bo Muyi’s brother not know these things?

Su Cha’s rude behavior made Tan Yezhu cover his mouth and laugh. “I didn’t expect something so fateful.”

Zuo Zhici did not know what to say when she saw that Su Cha was not willing to answer her at all. She could not let go of her dignity as a Missy and stay somewhere she’s unwelcome. She just casually spoke with Yezhu and left.

Su Cha could not help but ask, “Do you want Muyi to see you like this when he arrives later?”

Tan Yezhu looked at Su Cha with his eyes wide open as if he was innocent.


She really hoped that Bo Muyi could give justice for her.

Tan Yezhu was not really idle. Not long after he sat down, someone came again to greet him. She could tell that they were discussing work matters. Although she did not know why he liked to dress up as a woman, she saw that he did not hesitate to talk about work. Soon, he left after talking to someone else.

Su Cha sat alone.

She looked at the time. The banquet was about to begin. When would Bo Muyi come?

While she was thinking, the guests suddenly spoke louder. She looked at the crowd and saw a few men in black suits walking out.

The leader was mature and generous, comparable to Zuo Shaoxin. Behind him were three handsome men.

The appearance of these people attracted everyone’s attention.

Su Cha quickly fixed her gaze on one of them.

Lian Chi.

Just like what Su Cha saw last time, he had become even more outstanding.

There was a perfect smile on his face. His eyes seemed to have magic. As long as he looked at them, the deep light could make people lose control of their thoughts.

It was so confusing.

This was Lian Chi.

The other two men were probably his brothers.

He was originally smiling, but he looked distracted. Looking at the crowd, he could tell the deeper meaning behind everyone’s smile. Soon, he found it boring and inconsequential.

When his eyes were about to fall, he saw a familiar shadow in the crowd.

He paused and looked up again. He saw the girl sitting on the sofa in a white dress. It was a familiar face, but it was also unfamiliar.

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