The Queen of Everything

Chapter 416 - Tan Luo

Chapter 416: Tan Luo

Since the drama queen wanted to act, Su Cha went along and smiled at Tan Yezhu. “I was in a hurry last time. I didn’t catch Miss Tan’s name.”

“My name is Yeluo.”

Su Cha: “…”

If she had not already heard the truth from Bo Muyi, Su Cha would really have believed that Yezhu had a younger sister.

But it was obvious that others did not know.

Su Cha glanced around and noticed that some men’s infatuated gazes were on Tan Yezhu.

Su Cha shivered and tried to calm herself down. “Miss Tan’s name is so nice.”

Tan Yezhu smiled enchantingly. “I think Miss Su’s name is nice too.”

After an awkward conversation, Su Cha glanced at Tan Yezhu. “Why didn’t Miss Tan’s brother come?”

“My brother is very busy. Not everyone comes to banquets.”


Su Cha felt a little uncomfortable, as if a knot was stuck in her throat.

As Tan Yezhu spoke on, he forgot to rein in his subconscious behavior. Soon, he began to relax as he sat on the sofa. Like the last time they met, he spread his arms over the armrests. This action seemed a little out of place for such a woman. Tan Yezhu noticed that Su Cha’s gaze was too intense, so he quickly pursed his lips and smiled. He straightened up as if nothing had happened and sat down with his legs crossed.

Su Cha’s eyelids twitched.

“Why are you here?”

All of a sudden, Su Cha heard a surprised voice. She turned around and saw Zuo Zhici standing there in a pink evening gown with a train. The exquisite girl was exuding a youthful aura. She’d inherited Mrs. Zuo’s perfect appearance, making Zuo Zhici an impeccable beauty.

She was still in disbelief after spotting Su Cha. She dragged her dress and walked over quickly. She did not hide her surprise. “Why are you here?”

Since Su Cha had not returned to the Zuo family, she should not be able to enter such an occasion.

Su Cha smiled and leaned back on the sofa. “Do I need to tell you why I’m here?”

Her casual attitude did not make Zuo Zhici feel uncomfortable.

She had always felt that this big sister who had been separated from her parents for many years was strange. According to their investigation, she had been raised in an ordinary family since she was young, but Zuo Zhici could sense that she was not raised by an ordinary family.

This strange feeling puzzled her.

Of course, Su Cha’s attitude towards her made her a little unhappy. “I’m just asking you. It’s fine if you don’t answer. Do you have to be like this?”

Zuo Zhici rolled her eyes. To many people, this was impolite.

But Zuo Zhici had been spoiled since she was young.

Besides, Su Cha rolled her eyes at her last time!

“Does Miss Zuo know Miss Su?”

Tan Yezhu, who had been silent all this while, suddenly smiled. Zuo Zhici was stunned when she saw Tan Yezhu. Then she called out slowly, “Sister Yeluo, you’re here too. Sorry, I didn’t notice…”

She’d subconsciously ignored Tan Yezhu because she was too surprised.

Su Cha could not help but give Tan Yezhu a thumbs up.

She did not expect that this person’s female guise was in the public eyes so much that even Zuo Zhici knew him.

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