The Queen of Everything

Chapter 407 - Recognition

Chapter 407: Recognition

When she returned to the Lookout Pavilion, a servant came to report to her. The old lady was entertaining guests and hoped that Miss Su could make a trip there.

Although Su Cha did not know why she called her over, she had a good relationship with the old lady. Of course, she would invite her.

Just as she was about to go over, the secret guard’s words brought Su Cha back to reality. “Miss Su, the young master is on his way back. He will return to the Imperial Capital at around six o’clock tomorrow.”

Su Cha was stunned. “So soon? Has he finished his work overseas?”

She had spoken to Bo Muyi before the accident. After the incident last night, she had not told Bo Muyi because she did not want him to worry.

But now that he was coming back, he also did not inform Su Cha. Instead, he used the secret guard’s mouth. Su Cha knew that Bo Muyi was probably scared.

She had thought that it would take some time before Bo Muyi returned.

There was a warning in Su Cha’s heart. Why did he come back?

The secret guard glanced at her. This person was not one of the two people who followed her yesterday. But now, all the secret guards around Bo Muyi knew that the Miss Su they were protecting under the young master’s orders was better than them…

“Young Master knows about what happened last night and is worried about you.”

Su Cha expected it.

She rubbed her temples, which were aching. “Did you tell him about what happened to me last night?”

The secret guard remained silent.

Of course.

How could they not report such a big matter to the young master?

Naturally, they reported Su Cha’s every move.

She did not know what the young master’s reaction was, but she immediately got up and came back, knowing that this might affect her.

Su Cha knew that they were following orders. She bit her lips and thought about how to explain this matter.

She’d thought that she could keep it a secret for a while, but now she could not.

She was probably a weak little white flower in Bo Muyi’s eyes. Now that the little white flower had suddenly turned into a tyrannic flower, how should she explain it?

There was no explanation that could sound more ridiculous than her being reborn twice.

It was rare for Su Cha to feel irritated. She had been thinking about it even before.

When she reached the old lady’s courtyard, she saw a few unfamiliar people.

One of them was a familiar face.

The old lady’s granddaughter, Ye Jingwen.

A few elegant and noble people were chatting in the main hall. Other than Ye Jingwen, there were also middle-aged men and women who were older than her.

As soon as Su Cha entered, her attention was attracted by someone before her gaze could land on anyone else.

She paused when she saw the elegant woman sitting next to a few middle-aged men and women.

Tang Keruo.

Tang Keruo also saw Su Cha. Her eyes darkened a little at that moment, and her pupils seemed to be sizing her up. At that moment, Su Cha let her original self’s attitude resurface and looked at the old lady. As if she was afraid, she cautiously called out, “Hello, Grandma.”

The old lady: “…”

She gave Su Cha a serious look. For a moment, she could not tell if Su Cha was pretending or not.

She decided that Su Cha simply could not compose herself in time and waved at her with a smile. “There are a few uncles and aunties here today. They are all Muyi’s uncles and aunties, so I asked you to come and acknowledge them.”

Su Cha obediently walked to the old lady’s side. Seeing her, Ye Jingwen smiled. “Hello, Su Cha.”

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