The Queen of Everything

Chapter 408 - Change of Face

Chapter 408: Change of Face

Su Cha was like a startled quail. “Hello, Miss Ye.”

Ye Jingwen: “…”

For a moment, she thought that she had somehow bullied Su Cha.

The last time they met, this girl gave off a cold and imposing aura. Why did she become so…

White lotus?

Ye Jingwen controlled herself to not complain.

The old lady glanced at Su Cha in surprise. Su Cha was still timid.

The people who were originally looking at Su Cha frowned slightly.

How could such a petty existence appear in the Lookout Pavilion?

The old lady seemed to have understood something. Without asking, she held Su Cha’s hand and patted it. “This child just came back. She’s a little afraid of strangers.”

The audience looked at each other.

No matter how afraid she was of strangers, it shouldn’t be hard for her to present herself well.

Someone smiled and said, “Old Madam, may I know who this is?”

“Muyi’s little girlfriend.”

Her words were filled with adoration.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The old lady ignored their expressions and said to Su Cha, “Come, these are Muyi’s uncles and aunties. You can acknowledge them.”

Her attitude was quite good. She held Su Cha’s hand and led her over, causing the others to look at her with slight disdain.

They came from wealthy families and were born to be high and mighty. Naturally, they could not bear to see such timid behavior. However, due to their good upbringing, they would not say anything openly. They pretended to smile politely at Su Cha.

What a waste of a good-looking face. How could such a person be liked by Bo Muyi?

It was already incredible that the King of Hell had a girlfriend. How could she be so… difficult to explain?

The old lady introduced them one by one, and Su Cha greeted them one by one. When it was Tang Keruo’s turn, it was not the old lady who introduced them but a middle-aged woman, her distant niece.

Su Cha looked at Tang Keruo and lowered her eyes as if she did not dare to look at her. Ye Jingwen found it strange.

It was as if Tang Keruo had bullied her.

Su Cha’s attitude was easily misunderstood by others. Tang Keruo forced a smile. “Miss Su, we just met. Don’t tell me you don’t remember?”

“Of course I remember.”

Su Cha’s soft voice sounded pitiful.

Tang Keruo felt that something was wrong, but she could not tell what.

The middle-aged woman looked at Tang Keruo with a slight change in expression. “Keruo, how do you know Miss Su?”

She sounded a little reproachful and worried.

After all, this person was Bo Muyi’s girlfriend. Why did it seem like Tang Keruo had bullied her?

Tang Keruo’s smile froze. “I met her briefly last time.”

Su Cha did not explain further.

After seeing her, the old lady said, “Just say hello for now. If you have something on, go back first.”

Su Cha nodded and bade everyone farewell cautiously. Although those people smiled at her, no one responded.

They were obviously looking down on her.

After waiting for Su Cha to leave, Ye Jingwen glanced at her and said directly, “Grandma, I’ll go out for a while.”

The old lady’s expression changed. Before she could stop her, Ye Jingwen had already stood up and left.

When Ye Jingwen arrived outside the door, she saw Su Cha walking ahead of her. She was no longer as timid as before. Her walking aura was extraordinary.

She paused and called, “Su Cha.”

Su Cha turned her head and asked, “Miss Ye, what’s the matter?”

Ye Jingwen: “…”

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