The Queen of Everything

Chapter 406 - Unexpected Person

Chapter 406: Unexpected Person

Su Cha smiled gently. “Old sir, don’t hold too much hope for me. I don’t know how far I can go with it.”

“I believe in fate. If fate says that you are destined, I will believe that you are destined,” Shi Wei said solemnly.

Even if it sounded ridiculous.

Su Cha lifted her eyelids slightly.

Taking over the Star Alliance was equivalent to taking over the families behind her. However, Su Cha knew very well that if she took over, not many people would be convinced.

If she wanted to truly control it, she had to prove it with her own strength.

However, she could suppress these martial artists in the past. Why not now?

Of course, she knew her goal very well. She was not a kind person. She definitely had her own agenda for taking over the Star Alliance. She definitely did not want to be their savior.

Shi Wei knew this very well.

It was because he knew that he had to hand the Star Alliance to Su Cha.

He had calculated it several times. No matter what the result was, the final result would always be Su Cha.

He only hoped to contribute to the Star Alliance before his death.

Su Cha lowered her eyes. Although her tone was slow, she sounded very firm. “Okay.”

Jin Mou felt much better when she woke up in the morning.

She looked around her room but did not see Su Cha.

She got up and walked around the villa, only to see her brother’s master watering the flowers in the courtyard.

Compared to the stern look from a few days ago, the master at present looked much more relaxed and happy. It was as if he had removed the burden in his heart and was feeling happy.

Jin Mou did not find Jin Duan, nor did he find Su Cha. She did not forget what happened last night, so she gestured at Shi Wei to ask him where they went.

Shi Wei said in a relaxed tone, “Jin Mou, you’ve been living here for so long. There are some things I haven’t told you about. Your brother’s mission has been completed. Now, it’s your turn.”

Jin Mou’s eyes widened.

What mission?

Why couldn’t she understand the master’s words?

When Su Cha returned to the Lookout Pavilion, she was holding a box in her hand.

In the box was the symbol of the Star Alliance, the jade ring that represented power. Its name was the Star Ring.

It had a unique appearance and was priceless. For hundreds of years, it had been the inheritance of every leader of the Star Alliance.

Moreover, it was a top-notch craft when it was made.

As long as one had the Star Ring, martial artists would instantly know that its owner was the current Alliance Master.

Only the Alliance Master could wear this ring.

Shi Wei also told Su Cha that the old Alliance Master had passed away, but he did not dare to tell anyone about it. He was afraid of causing trouble, so he’d told others that he had disappeared.

Now that the Star Ring had been handed over, he would get rid of all the troubles in his heart. However, he respected Su Cha’s opinions. Now, he would only announce that the new Alliance Master of the Star Alliance had been born, but he would not announce to anyone who the new Alliance Master was.

It was just for two months. When the time came, the Martial Alliance had to decide on the Alliance Master Selection. As an Alliance Master, she had to appear.

But that was in the future. Su Cha would not reveal her identity for the time being.

At least before she was exposed, she had to ensure that she was strong enough.

But after returning to the Lookout Pavilion, Su Cha met some people who were surprised.

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