The Queen of Everything

Chapter 405 - Which Side Does the Bo Family Belong to?

Chapter 405: Which Side Does the Bo Family Belong to?

Su Cha squinted her eyes.

According to her observations of the secret guards and the group of people who had just retreated, many ancient martial artists had weakened even now.

It was basically impossible to see anyone with inner force. Su Cha could practice such martial arts and so had a huge advantage.

She was not afraid of taking over, but she did not know if it would be a problem for her.

Su Cha thought for a while. “Then why did this affect Jin Mou?”

If the people from the Killing Alliance wanted to deal with Jin Duan, how could they attack Jin Duan’s sister, Jin Mou?

“Because Jin Mou is the successor chosen by Master.”

Jin Duan’s words raised Su Cha’s eyebrows.

Shi Wei did not hide it anymore. “Jin Mou has great talent in predicting fate. I have already internally chosen her as my successor. However, she doesn’t know about it yet. The Heaven’s Secrets Sect has taken on the role of finding the Alliance Master of the Star Alliance. Every generation’s Alliance Master has been divined by the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. The Alliance Master and the Heaven’s Secrets Sect rely on each other. If we lose any one of the two, we will fall into chaos. In recent years, the Heaven’s Secrets Chapter has been declining due to the difficulty of finding a successor, not to mention the fact that there are people from the Killing Alliance eyeing it.”

Su Cha thought that Jin Duan was just Shi Wei’s disciple, but she did not expect the real successor to be Jin Mou.

“Jin Mou doesn’t know?”

Shi Wei nodded. “Jin Mou is different from being in the martial arts world since she was young. She has great talent, and my mantle can be passed down to her at any time. We just didn’t want to expose her existence, but it’s already too late. I don’t know who leaked the news. If I have to guess, the people of the Killing Alliance have most likely suspected it, which is why they attacked Jin Mou. Once the successor of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect is no longer around, I don’t know how long it will take for me to find another suitable successor. Therefore, I really can’t hold on for long.”

Su Cha finally understood that Shi Wei was at the end of the road.

Jin Mou had to be kept a secret. There was no successor in the Star Alliance. There were indeed internal and external troubles.

Finding Su Cha was his last hope.

Destiny had always been unpredictable. Su Cha did not ask why it was her. She was just hesitating whether she should take over.

She was not afraid of trouble. She was actually very interested in the martial arts world.

Moreover, this matter seemed to have something to do with Bo Muyi.

After much thought, she asked, “Which side does the Bo family belong to?”

Hearing her mention the Bo family, Jin Duan and Shi Wei were slightly surprised. Then, Jin Duan answered, “Strictly speaking, the Bo family does not belong to any side. It can only be said that it has a deep relationship with the Martial Alliance. There is no sect backing it up, and it is a relatively neutral family. As the Bo family head is in control of the situation on the surface, Master is worried about the safety of the Star Alliance. We have no connection with these families now, and they hold power and wealth on the surface world. Many people are watching, which is why the people from the Killing Alliance are trying their best to get the Star and Martial Alliances.”

Su Cha instantly understood.

The current martial arts Imperial Court was different from the past.

Hence, these sects and families were involved. The wealth and power of these families were the wealth and power of these associations.

They had already intertwined with each other.

If anything happened, the foundation of several families might get involved.

Seeing her hesitation, Shi Wei was filled with hope. “I am very sincere. If Miss Su is willing to take over the Star Alliance, I will not let Miss Su suffer.”

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