The Queen of Everything

Chapter 404 - Reason

Chapter 404: Reason

Su Cha was surprised.

Although she was mentally prepared, she still found Shi Wei’s request ridiculous.

“Old sir, do you believe in your divinations so much that you’d hand over the so-called Star Alliance to a stranger like me? Do you know my background?”

Even the Heaven’s Secrets Sect could not believe his actions.

It was like a gamble, and Shi Wei was the crazy gambler.

How could he be sure that if he handed the Star Alliance to Su Cha, the result would be good?

Shi Wei sighed. “I’ve never made a mistake in my life about my predictions. When the Star Alliance is at its end, I saw a chance to turn things around. And Miss Su is the turning point. When you appeared, I knew that the Star Alliance has a chance.”

Ordinary people would think that Shi Wei was talking nonsense.

Although Su Cha believed him, it did not mean that she was willing to be involved. It was just that she had just saved Jin Duan. Not only would Bo Muyi find out about it, but he would also be afraid that she would be targeted.

After all, she was too eye-catching.

At the thought of this, Su Cha asked, “The person chasing after Jin Duan is the person who killed the Alliance Master?”

Jin Duan nodded. Now he understood what his master meant. Moreover, he did not hide the fact that Su Cha had saved them outside.

“Every sect is divided into several family clans and factions. Each faction chooses a different alliance, and those who betray the alliance have mostly entered the Killing Alliance. My senior brother also died in their hands. Their goal is to prevent the Martial Alliance and the Star Alliance from having peace so that they could take advantage of the situation and infiltrate. The person who died under your building last time was killed by a passing Tang Sect traitor. We don’t know why he killed this person, but there is no evidence. That traitor is also dead.”

At this point, Jin Duan’s expression suddenly changed. “Were you aware when that person died last time?”

Su Cha suddenly smiled without saying anything.

Seeing her expression, Jin Duan knew that he had made a mistake.

Not only did the person in front of him know, but she also knew very well.

He frowned.

From the information he’d gathered, Su Cha was just an ordinary person. She had no way to get in touch with the martial arts world. Where did she learn all her martial arts?

It was dark just now and he was too far away. He did not see how Su Cha had forced those people to retreat, but he knew that her martial arts was definitely not weak. Otherwise, she would not have shown such strength.

Of course, if Jin Duan knew what Su Cha had done, he would be dumbfounded.

Seeing Su Cha’s expression, Shi Wei sighed again. “If you don’t agree, I will not force you.”

Su Cha glanced at Shi Wei and Jin Duan thoughtfully.

Actually, regardless of whether she agreed or not, she was already in trouble.

Today’s incident was an accident. In time, Su Cha might be targeted by the people from the Killing Alliance.

At that time, she would be a celebrity. If she was too ambitious, someone might attack her.

Taking over the Star Alliance…

“Old sir, do you think many people in the Star Alliance are plotting against us?”

Shi Wei’s eyes flickered. In the end, he said helplessly, “It’s not that they want to rebel. It’s just that the people from the Killing Alliance have been coveting us for a long time. It’s hard to guarantee that the people after the Star Alliance would not be able to infiltrate it. If the Star Alliance does not have a successor this time, they will overturn my fate. If the people from the Killing Alliance were to rise to power, I can’t imagine what would happen.”

Shi Wei had no choice but to explain everything to Su Cha.

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