The Queen of Everything

Chapter 401 - I Beg Miss Su to Save the Star Alliance from Danger

Chapter 401: I Beg Miss Su to Save the Star Alliance from Danger

When she got into the taxi, Su Cha leaned against the car window, looking a little sleepy.

It was not because she was sleepy, but because she was in low spirits.

Just now, she’d had to force herself to use her inner force to attack. It was a little difficult, and her body had been drained.

Hence, she seemed to be down.

After all, her inner force was not strong enough.

If it were otherwise, such a sneak attack would not have stopped there.

Jin Mou was shocked. Everything that had happened tonight was beyond her imagination, although she did not see any other way to explain it.

She lay in Jin Duan’s arms while Jin Duan kept his eyes on Su Cha.

The man’s thin lips were slightly pale. Seeing Su Cha’s pale face, he asked hoarsely, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just need to rest.”

Su Cha knew what he was thinking. “You better not ask anything.”

Jin Duan: “…”

The taxi driver looked at Su Cha and Jin Duan in surprise through the rearview mirror, as well as at Jin Mou, who was sitting between them.

He must be imagining that a long drama had gone down.

When they arrived at the villa, Jin Duan brought Jin Mou in. Although he was very grateful to Su Cha, his sister was currently in shock. He wanted to comfort Jin Mou first, so he said to Su Cha, “I’ll bring Jin Mou back to the room first and call the master. You can sit here and rest. Don’t worry, it’s very safe here. Those people won’t dare to come.”

Su Cha did not look as exhausted as before. She just lowered her eyes and sat down, rubbing her temples. “I’m not worried about them. It’s you who need to worry.”


Jin Duan glanced at her worriedly and eventually brought Jin Mou with him.

After entering the room, although Jin Mou was still flustered, she had recovered a lot. She looked at Jin Duan nervously and pointed outside. Jin Duan immediately said gently, “Don’t worry, she should be fine. I will look after her.”

Jin Mou nodded.

Jin Duan went out of the room and knocked on another door.

He opened the door and saw that the master was not asleep.

He’d lit a candle and was sitting in meditation.

Although the scene was a little scary, it also exuded a sense of desolation for no reason. The candlelight contrasted with Jin Duan’s pale face. “Master, they still made a move. Jin Mou and I were attacked.”

The old man opened his eyes. There was no panic on his face. Instead, he said calmly, “I’ve calculated that the fact that you can come back today proves that something has happened.”

As he spoke, he stood up. “Let’s go. The one who really must be welcomed this time is your benefactor!”

As soon as he walked out, Jin Duan followed him.

When he arrived downstairs, he saw the view of someone’s beautiful back sitting in the living room. He was not surprised at all. A faint smile finally appeared on his aged face. “Miss Su, I’m sorry for not welcoming you.”

Su Cha turned around and saw him. She stood up and nodded at Shi Wei. “Hello, old sir.”

“Please have a seat.”

Su Cha sensed that Shi Wei was much more polite than before.

Perhaps Jin Duan had already told him about what happened.

Jin Duan followed behind Shi Wei. Seeing this scene, he did not say anything, but because he had not recovered from what had just happened, his face was more tense than usual.

After Shi Wei finished laughing, he suddenly said to Su Cha with a sad expression, “Miss Su, I know that this is out of the blue, but I beg you to save the Star Alliance from danger.”

Su Cha was stunned.

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