The Queen of Everything

Chapter 402 - The Sect Master of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect

Chapter 402: The Sect Master of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect

Jin Duan was surprised.

After a long while, Su Cha finally smiled and forced out, “Old sir, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“Miss Su, I’ve already predicted what has happened today. If my disciple and his sister could return alive, it means that the person they are destined to meet has really appeared. Given that, why else would Miss Su appear here?”

Su Cha raised her eyebrows, “Old sir, it’s now the 21st century. Why are you still talking about feudal superstition? What kind of noble person are you speaking of?”

Although she was smiling calmly, she was obviously pushing back at him.

Shi Wei sighed. “Miss Su, the first time I met you, I knew you were not an ordinary person. We can also speak openly. If you really refuse to agree, I will not force you. I will just take it that our Star Alliance has run out of time.”


Su Cha fell silent.

Star Alliance.

She was not unfamiliar with it. She had occasionally heard Bo Muyi’s conversations.

There were also two other associations, the Killing Alliance and the Martial Alliance.

Su Cha did not know what they were.

Seeing her silence, Shi Wei knew that she was not just being flippant.

He smiled slowly and sat down. He looked as amiable as an ordinary old man. “Miss Su has watched TV before. You must be familiar with the martial arts world, right? Have you heard of the martial arts world, the Tang Sect, and the Shaolin?”

Su Cha nodded and smiled. “That was all done on TV. It’s the 21st century now.”

“Isn’t Miss Su very familiar about such knowledge?”

Shi Wei was confident and started to speak without shying away. “In fact, in the hundreds of years since the rise of the martial arts world, our heritage has never been broken. But in the end, too much time has passed. The ancient martial arts manuals and legends left behind by our ancestors from ancient times have mostly been lost. As Miss Su has said, the world has begun to develop rapidly. Technology is the future of mankind. Our traditional martial arts schools in China have also begun to decline. Among the few major sects, only the Shaolin, the Wudang, the Tang Sect, the Beggar Sect, and the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, which is where we are, still have their inheritance. Most of the other sects have already ceased to exist. In order to continue our lineage and legacy, we have to build our own hidden clans, enter the countryside, and work with the dust. Only then could we maintain our current situation.”

Su Cha was speechless.

She really did not expect that what she had thought was in the past really still existed.

Seeing that she was silent, Shi Wei continued, “Our Star Union has been created by different factions in various sects over the years. In order to consolidate and repair the decline of the current Pugilistic World, there are only two such associations. One is the Star Union and the other is the Martial Union. They have been established during the Ming dynasty and have been continuing to this day. In the existing sects, different families have chosen to attend different alliance meetings. Every thirty years, the Union will hold a martial arts assembly and select the most capable people to become the leader of the Union.”

Hearing his words, Jin Duan seemed a little agitated. “Master…”

Shi Wei waved his hand and looked at Su Cha with a pair of amiable eyes. “Our Star Alliance is different from the Martial Alliance. The candidate to be the Alliance Master of the Star Alliance has always been the Sect Master of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. The Sect Master uses a divination technique to find the most suitable candidate for the position of Alliance Master. As for me, I am the Sect Master of this generation.”

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